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Description of WebComics

WebComics app is one of the most popular comic-reading platforms for American youths! Lots of exclusive legitimate comics are only here. Creators are creating captivating comics every day from everywhere for each of you. Don't hesitate to join us! Read comics and chat with 8000k comic enthusiasts!

Unique highlights of WebComics

• Signed sole contract with many world-renowned creators from America, Europe, Asia, etc, to provide you with exclusive captivating comics!

• With high definition and full color! With excellent panels, ups and downs of the plots! We promise, you can't help reading them!

• Share your opinions anytime and discuss the stories with millions of readers! Moreover, communicating intimately with your favorite creators is not a dream!

• The fastest update speed! More than 1,000 new chapters are released daily!

• Free comics released every day! Reading free comics with WebComics is happy and easy!

• New Comics section. New comics coming out every day! Come experience the new plots with the new characters! Find out who is your idol character!

• Download comics for offline reading: Your mobile data savior.

Community of Interests

Explore your interests, tell your story and find your people on WebComics community. You can communicate and make friends with people from all over the world. Join us and you will explore new stories and discover new interests. We have various communities here: comic community, anime community, memes, stupid pics, cosplay, fanfiction, wallpapers, boys love and girls love community. You can create any community you are interested in!

Top Comics/manga in 2020

•「Sweet Escape」#Romance: In their first meeting, there are two person. When they meet again, there are three. This time, I want not only you and our babe, but also your futures.

•「A World Ruled By Cats」#Fantasy: This is a fantastic world ruled by cats, let's witness the love story about a girl and a cat youth!•「She's a Keeper」#Girls' Love: She protects her from getting hurt physically, will she be able to protect her from getting hurt emotionally?

•「Equipoise」#Boys' Love: As a boy who keeps a certain distance from everyone, he actually meets the one that he wants to make every effort to help.

•「Zombie Breakers」 #Thriller: A sudden wave of zombies swept across campus. Human nature, life, future, everything is crumbling.

•「School Beauty's Personal Bodyguard」#Action: Based on a novel with over 100 million click-through rate. After being enrolled into a school, let's see how he fights bad guys a with Chinese Kung fu and protect beauties!

•「Principles of Heavens」#Fantasy: A fantasy comic based on a well-known fantasy novel! He's the male lead from a different realm, fighting against his enemies one after another, and finally becomes a god!

Tips: English, Indonesian, Thai, and Chinese are supported. The default language of our comics is consistent with that of your mobile. You can select the language in the settings.

Get to know the latest comics and interact with your favorite creators.

Follow us

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WebComicsOfficial/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Webcomics_app

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/webcomics_official/

Website: http://www.webcomicsapp.com

If you are a comic creator or you want to be a comic creator, please let us know.

Email: comiceditor@webcomicsapp.com

Customer Service Email: Webcomics@sidewalkgroup.com

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More Information Of WebComics

lable: Comics - Apps Current Version:2.0.85 Publish Date:2021-11-23 Developer:WEBCOMICS HOLDINGS HK LIMITED

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Giulia Moraschetti 2021-02-24

I once left 5 stars for this app, when we only needed coins to read. Now a lot of stories need gems that you have to buy. I get it, but they just switched from coins to gems without warnings. But what made me give only 2 stars is the fact that most of the stories I was reading went on hiatus or were dropped, just like that, no announcements, no explanations. And a lot of stories. I\'m still reading one story, if that stops too, I\'ll probably delete the app.
Tasmia Ferdous 2020-11-25

(Edit: i love the new update, showing how much time i have left.) I have been using this app for a long long time. I saved up a lot of coins to read the comics but then now the ones i like can only be opened with gems. And i tried doing the free gems but i dnt get any link to play the games. So i am stuck. I love this app so much, it has so many good comics. I know the authors work really hard. But shouldnt the \"can be opened with gems as well as coins\" option be there for all the comics?
Lizzy Morris 2021-01-23

I can\'t finish any sorry anymore because of needing gems unless I get the free days I hate that I read so much use your app so much and can\'t ever finish stories even some that I\'m so far on it making me not want to use it anymore
Sidney Wang 2020-11-23

Very interesting comics! However, after the update, the app became very frustrating. Whenever there is a new comic, it will ALWAYS be locked with gems. The novels are always locked with gems too. I know that the app includes a feature to earn gems by playing games, but that just didn\'t work for me. In addition, I have a tiny problem. Can you add a feature where we can log in with an account, so we don\'t lose our progress when reading on a different device?🙏
DiO BrAnDo 2020-11-26

I used to love this app, well I still do. I don\'t like it because suddenly people expect those blue crystals. I\'m not able to afford it, so now I can\'t read good novels I looked forward to reading. There\'s not even possible to watch an ad anymore.. I\'m disappointed, but of course, good job.. Other than the blue crystals, I like the app, I just want other options to unlock them WITHOUT spending REAL money. Please.
Prissha Bajpai 2020-11-27

I really really love this app, I\'ve been using it for a pretty long time and have saved up many coins. Yet, I cannot use them anymore as most of the books I like need gems and although there are quite a few ways to earn them, they aren\'t very convenient... It would be good if we could read books for both gems and coins or some way to trade my coins in exchange for gems. Overall, this is a really great app and I recommend using it. There are a variety of good comics.
Chuukii Fluff 2021-01-08

Too many webtoons need gems to unlock, which is the paid currency. It would have been far better to continue to use coins instead, which can be earned through watching ads. And the app is still heavily supported by ads. The price of gems for one chapter is also pretty high. The translation quality for some is also very bad and cutting out vital scenes (for \"censoring\"?) was also seen, making some webtoons very confusing to read.
Random Person 2021-01-16

I have nothing to say about the comics requiring gems because I get that those are the creators\' choice. But for coins, please don\'t make it so that I can only get a measly 30 coins for each day, and sometimes only 10 coins for spinning the wheel. This is especially because your ads DON\'T WORK. This has been a problem for months now, it keeps loading for minutes on end until I have to give up. I could ask for some support from administrators, but I dare say this is a common problem for everyone.
Adrita Bera 2020-11-05

It\'s really an amazing app but the problem is it asks for gems which can only be obtained by paying real money .I would suggest you to arrange for some daily free gems so that everyone can get a chance to read the comics they like. I hope the number of readers will increase if you do like this. I hope you will consider my suggestion. All the best for your updates!! 👍👍
甜甜圈 2020-12-06

I would have rated this 5 stars but now almost every comic needs gems I have 55000 coins and they can\'t be used. To read all the gem comics I would have spun the wheel to get the 1 day free or 3 days free in the past but now when I try to spin the wheel nowadays, it would say loading. at first I thought it was just my internet or my phone but i used another phone and left it there for 2 hours but it still didn\'t load. Same with all the other ads, they just wouldn\'t load. I hope this can be fixed