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Description of Webex

The all new Webex App brings everyone together to do exceptional work: One, easy-to-use and secure app to meet, message, and make calls. Engaging, intelligent, and inclusive experiences makes working together distinctly better, in real-time or anytime.

Meet: Real-time translation of over 100+ languages, personalized meeting layouts, and background noise removal ensure everyone can been seen and heard, regardless of where they are joining from.

Message: Real-time messaging connects you before, during and after meetings. Easily collaborate through 1:1 and group messaging, and securely and easily share files with internal teams and external colleagues using just an email address.

Call: With your favorite calling features built into the app, you have the power of your business phone anytime, anywhere. Instantly start impromptu conversations, access visual voicemail, and more.

To learn more about the Webex App and explore our new features, visit webex.com

By downloading the Webex App, you agree to the Webex App terms of service available at www.cisco.com.go/eula, the Cisco Online Privacy Statement, and the Webex privacy data sheets available at https://trustportal.cisco.com/c/r/ctp/trust-portal.html?doctype=Privacy

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2021-11-15 Developer:Cisco Systems, Inc.

User Reviews


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Finn Alan 2021-01-14

The latest update means im not getting notifications pop up even though my settings are switched to notifications on, also it has stopped showing who is online :/ also, although not an important aspect, you can no longer send or receive GIFs on the mobile app and only on the desktop version. On both mobile and desktop versions, can no longer \'react\' to a message.
Ryan Ream 2020-04-11

i\'m the only person on my work team that cannot access via my phone (Pixel 3XL). every time i try and join the meeting, it freezes the app and tells me i need to set a Lock Screen to continue using Webex. It takes me into my general phone settings, and I can\'t go anywhere except there and the app, and I have to force quit the app to exit. This app is garbagr!
Slurpeedrink 2020-08-31

Overall, I haven\'t had a problem with this app before, but after the last update, any notification from this app causes my phone to be in \"Call\" mode This causes my volume buttons to only be able to change \"In-call\" volume and won\'t let me have media volume controls even when I\'m not in a meeting. The way to resolve this is to open the app and then close the app process. This never happened before so I have no idea why this is a problem now. Very, very inconvenient.
Vaibhav Patil 2021-01-21

Dumb app.. I have to use this app on my laptop too as we are using it in organisation. It\'s working fine on laptop but mobile version is useless. It\'s not working on my mobile. Asking me for email id and password. Even entering so It\'s showing it is not correct. Headache.
Rich C. 2021-02-11

Latest Feb 2021 update has messed this app up. Audio is now flaky and my old chats and groups are not showing up properly. How do I go back to previous version on Android? .. .. Update: uninstalling and reinstalling and signing back in fixed the syncing of spaces and chats. Hopefully audio is better now too.
sana khan 2020-12-05

Unable to login. Getting error while logging \"Social Login Exception\". I can login on desktop teams using the same credentials and account. Android is not working.
Cole Heffron 2020-03-10

This app is so frustrating. Everytime I scroll up, it jumps back about 2 days worth of feed and have to scroll all the way back down. Sometimes when I open it, it will tell me that I have no active chats, force close or just not work. I have installed the most recent update, so I know it\'s just the app itself. Wouldn\'t use it if I didn\'t have to for work.
Kevin B 2020-08-07

Update 8/20. Still a bad video calling app. Added one star for adding speakerphone, but still only 3 stars because it\'s buggy and only sometimes works. Cisco has been scrambling over the last few months to get this up to speed, but it\'s embarrassing and unacceptable that it was so broken to begin with and they need to rush updates out to catch up to the demand work from home.
Leo Iheb Mejri 2020-10-08

I dont like that it break my volume control on a samsung s9+. Have to force stop the app each time I want to use my volume keys to control media volume. Kind of annoying. This app also causes the phone to sometimes still act like it\'s in a call, so Ive been missing alarms as a result. Aside from a few other bugs, its mostly a good port of the application. Would rate it 4 stars if not for the usability flaw mentioned above. As promised, you can now fix this by closing the app. Thank you devs!
Morgan Upton 2021-02-09

Been using this for the kids schooling. Every update seems to delete the app and information from my computer. Always a struggle trying to get it back up and running. I have no choice but to suffer through it for the kids.