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Description of WebMD: Check Symptoms, Rx Savings, & Find Doctors

** Coronavirus / COVID-19 Outbreak: Tap the card on our home screen for the latest updates on the 2020 coronavirus outbreak. **

From WebMD, the one healthcare app you need to check symptoms; learn about conditions and drugs; research treatments and diagnoses; find doctors and specialists in your area; get prescription drug savings at your local pharmacy; and set medication reminders.

Key Features:

• Symptom Checker – Choose your symptoms, learn about potential conditions or issues, and lookup treatment and care options.

• Doctor Directory – Find the closest doctors and specialists based on your current location or search by city, state or zip.

• WebMD Rx – We partner with major pharmacy chains to find the lowest prescription drug prices, which often beat insurance co-pays. It’s 100% free to use. No registration required.

• Medication Reminders – Never miss a dose. You’ll receive reminders when it’s time to take your medications. View daily prescription schedules and instructions, plus pill images with dosage and timing information for each drug.

• Conditions – Find medically-reviewed information about conditions relevant to you and learn more about causes, treatments, and related symptoms.

• Customization and Saving Functionality – Save your conditions, drugs, doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and healthy living articles for secure, easy access and reference.

• Drug Interaction Checker – Find and identify potentially harmful and unsafe combinations of prescription medications by entering two or more drugs in question.


WebMD Health Corp. (Nasdaq: WBMD) is the leading provider of health information services, serving consumers, physicians, healthcare professionals, employers, and health plans through our public and private online portals, mobile platforms and health-focused publications. More than 95 million unique visitors access the WebMD Health Network each month.

If you are a California resident, California law may provide you with certain rights regarding our use of your personal information. For more information relevant to our users who are California residents, please review the "California Residents" section of our Privacy Policy linked on this download page or within our app.

The WebMD Health Network includes WebMD Health, Medscape, MedicineNet, emedicineHealth, RxList, theheart.org, drugs.com and Medscape Education.

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WebMD. Better Information. Better Health.

WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on the WebMD mobile application.

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User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Jim Shank 2020-11-09

I used to like the WebMD app before its main screen changed so drastically. It\'s confusing and not as helpful. Those junk news articles belong in a subcategory, not on the main screen. Not impressed. Please change it back to the old one.
Toni Higgs 2019-08-20

I get notifications from this app even though I have them turned off. Don\'t want news articles clogging up main screen preferred the older, simplified version. It\'s not user friendly anymore.
Amanda Thomas 2020-07-12

I do like this app because I also went to the website on my computer. I do wish that they would bring back the old symptom checker rather than the new one cuz I do not like the new interface with it it\'s a lot harder to navigate than when you could just click on the body parts and then click on the subcategories and go from there
Natasha Steele 2020-04-20

I love having this app at my disposal. I dont use it often, fortunately Im pretty educates in medicine, but its great to have an immediate answer, research, education, facts, articles, even someonw live to assiat you! Plus the notifications are great! They constantly keep you in the medical loop with the latest news, explorations, diagnostics, current events with certain crisis\' or even tips on how to stay healthier. I wish they had this when I was a child but its here now!
Fraser Cross 2019-12-22

Used to be great, but it\'s recently started spamming me with news stories.
Michelle Credille McKay 2019-12-17

Ever since my daughter told me about WebMD. I use it often to help me with everything I need to know. And it\'s great for when someone else has questions also.
MARY 2020-07-25

It gives good explanations I can understand. Its not medical advice per-say, its more like an educational tool that helps me make better decisions with my health issues plus if I require a doctor visit I know enough to ask the right questions. For me, educating myself enough gives me the knowledge to know I\'m being referred to the right specialist. Saves time and less money wasted on copays
Viki Philippi 2020-02-22

So much good, reliable info. I was a nurse for many years, and I can\'t say enough how many times I used this app in the last ten years. Its amazing!!
jean bryan 2020-02-21

At 86 years old I like to have current dependable medical information at my fingertips. I believe WebMD provides this. 4 stars because of my email shutting down when I read what WebMD sends to me. Began shutting down this week. Always send feedback to my email as requested.
Hunter Rose 2019-10-15

It will not let me save articles – gives the \"request failed\" error every single time – then I\'m not able to find or search the article later. Really irritating.