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Description of WeedPro: Cannabis Strain Guide

WeedPro is your go-to app for cannabis strain information. You can search through thousands of strains and save personalized notes and favorite strains all in one place for easy reference later. The app includes full strain descriptions, history, and reviews from cannabis experts and real users.

You can easily find information on cannabis strains including:

Flavor of the strains

Best cannabis strains for specific medical conditions

Strains to help with symptoms

THC content

Flower type

Harvest information

Full descriptions and history

Genetic breakdown

Some unique features of the app includes:

Tailored strain suggestion dashboard based on your saved strains

Rate your strains

Save the strains you want to reference all in one place

Clean and simple user interface for quick strain reference anytime

Easy search features

WeedPro contains current cannabis applications, including information about the latest cannabis politics, ailments and corresponding cannabinoids, and health benefits of cannabis.

Are you new to the medical and/or recreational use of marijuana? This app is perfect for you! Save notes on strains you try at your dispensary so you can keep track which strains are most suitable for your leafy needs.

Use the flavor section to find exactly what strain to use for specific smoke aroma and cooking flavor.

If you would like to add a new strain to our list, please email us at cannabisstrainguide@gmail.com with the strain name, image, and general information of the strain.

Note: This app is meant to be used as a reference only. Please consult with your doctor before starting any cannabis treatments. Check with your state and city laws for legality of cannabis. By downloading this app you agree that you are 18+ and over.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:2.2 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Denovo Studios LLC

User Reviews


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Richard A. Washer Sr. 2020-08-26

Works great, simple interface. Missing a few new strains. I have emailed the developer as instructed in the app store. Let\'s see if they can get it done. Otherwise I like the App. Lots of info per Strain. Update... Still haven\'t added the strains I use. I want my money back. Uninstalled.
The PfoneGuy 2019-05-01

The app is borderline useless. Good thing the entire thing is just an ad to get you to pay 2 dollars for the app everyone thought they were downloading. Total scam.
ken davey 2020-04-24

very confused as to where to start as a new patient, this app was very user freindly and helps me track what strans are close to what i need based on symptoms so i dont waist my money finding what works, i used my chrome book and it constantly kicks me to rate the app is the only reason i rate it at 3 stars. otherwise 4
Jj Acker 2020-09-14

Can\'t use this app because NO strain at my medical dispensary is listed in this app. Recommendations: A. Ability to add your own strain (if not listed in catalog). B. Divide \'My Strains\' into 3 categories: currently using; tried/used; wish list. C. Ability to filter \'My Strains\' like you can for the general strain catalog. The catalog is missing waaay too many strains for this app to be useful.
M. Allen Johnson 2020-04-02

I first off will say that I enjoyed the simplicity and ease of use of this app, so I paid to have it unlocked, that way I can use it as a journal and reference point. That being said it does have some small bugs. The request to rate pop up can crash your work on notes, making you lose minutes of valuable thoughts that will aid my medical needs. I think for paid users the ads and rating request should be removed. And the option to add strain and picture and edit info would make it perfect.
James R. 2018-11-25

First 3 strains I looked up are not listed. I know all I need to know about this app from that level of failure alone.
David John 2021-01-15

The app unfortunately crashes routinely on my S10+. Having tried to use the app for a while, mostly unsuccesfully, i would caution against purchasing the app. It does not work as it should and is thus a waste of your time and money. I am deleting the app. No good.
Frank Tank 2020-06-16

This is an amazing app with lots of description and a photo of all the different types of herb from around the world. You can even click on a photo to give you a full screen shot even save as a wallpaper, this app made me happy 👌👍😎
anthony saur 2020-07-05

Good app but it doesn\'t give you the ability to add your own strains. I have some from my shop that are raspberry crosses and I have to assign my note to a close strain. Give the ability to add my own (even just locally on my device) and I\'ll give 5 stars
Aquaticspastic P 2020-09-14

So far so good, really handy app thats got a tonne of strains new and old and also have a decent amount of info for each of them strains. pity there isn\'t a scratch and sniff version of this app