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Description of What's that flower?

Have you ever wondered what is the name of a beautiful flower you have just seen in the park? What's that flower? will help you to find it out. Choose flower's color, habitat and number of petals and your options are narrowed from more than 1000 to couple of dozens. Then scroll the list and choose the right one. Read about it and enjoy power of knowledge. Be the wise one.

Internet connection is required to run this application!

In app purchase:

- search by photo

- observations

- offline mode

- custom filter - change order or number of filters.

- search in English or Latin names or in taxonomy

- remove ads

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:7.1.6 Publish Date:2022-05-13 Developer:Benko, Adrian

User Reviews


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Chelsea Nolan 2017-07-12

I like this app! Reading some reviews, it seems some ppl are not aware of the fact that this app is for identifying *not as known* flowers, so ofcourse it\'s not going to have a massive amount of a bunch of well known flowers. I think it\'s great the wildflowers that otherwise would be quite difficult the identify without this guide. Also, people should read more thoroughly. The app has never once claimed to take a picture to identify your picture. Also, the developer(s) replies are great. Thank you so much for providing this free of charge. It\'s sad how some people can\'t even begin to be gracious that you offer you\'re work on this app for free. Why some people act so ungrateful? Anyway, thank you!
Alison Souter 2020-06-26

Fantastic, helpful, fun! Love it! This app is just what I need, in my garden at home or out and about. It\'s worth paying to add a camera feature & remove ads. The info is excellent & detailed. Highly recommended if you, like me, love to learn about wild flowers ♥️
Sara Sumpter 2020-05-05

Added the search function, which was extremely reasonably priced, and now use this app on a daily basis in the garden and out on walks. Love it!
Linda Helms 2017-05-30

This app made it easy to find the name of a wildflower. Thank you. I will recommend it to my friends
Rosalind Pyne 2020-06-25

I\'ve found this app invaluable when out walking. I\'ve always been interested in wild flowers but never could identify them. But now I can, thanks to this app. And I get constant updates of new flowers that gave been added to the app.
A Google user 2017-08-07

Helpful, easy to use app for ID\'ing WILD FLOWERS by answering questions, NOT by having you upload a picture. I like that it doesn\'t take a lot of space on my phone and it teaches my kids logic skills!
John McLaughlin 2019-05-11

This App is a good tool for when i\'m walking around, trying to identify wildflower species.
William Murray 2016-08-26

For the team App isn\'t bad. My time with it is limited. I\'m just impressed with some of the responses from the developers. Thank you for the entertainment at the expense of the mooching ungrateful single star people. Cheers.
Karla Plevova 2019-05-11

The app is generally useful, I appreciate regular updates and improvements. That\'s why I decided to upgrade it. What I don\'t like is that when you purchase an upgrade you get only one freature. This is quite unfair because on the app webpage, there are only two versions advertised - \"free\" and \"plus\". I would expect that if I buy a more expensive feature, I\'ll get the cheaper ones included. But this is not the case and it\'s misleading. Either make it clearer or change the way of charging.
Michael Levy 2020-05-08

99.99% SUCCESS - so easy to use when you\'re out and want a logical user friendly way of working out what that flower you keep seeing is.