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Description of Whil: Behavioral Health

Whil behavioral health training is available to professionals through their employer. It is not currently available directly to individuals.

Whil is the first and only enterprise app to holistically address the personal wellbeing, parental success and professional resilience of busy professionals. Whil’s evidence-based,digital-enabled services help employees and their families be happier and healthier and more engaged in life.

With 30+ training areas, 370+ mini-courses and 9,500+ daily sessions, tips and exercises, Whil offers the largest training library for mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Whil is used in more than 100 countries to help adults and teens learn instant and repeatable techniques to manage stress and improve performance in their personal, parenting and professional lives - including live consultations with in-house, board-certified parenting experts. We feature over 85 of the world’s leading MDs, PhDs and certified experts.

In millions of member surveys, 96% report that “Whil helped me meet my goals.”

Sign up with your employer, educator, or organization and sign-in to the app to begin your journey to a healthier and happier life. Content available to members is determined by their organization’s subscriptions.

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:4.3.21 Publish Date:2022-05-15 Developer:Whil Concepts, Inc.

User Reviews


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M Belanger 2018-11-25

You should know before downloading this app that in order to become a user, your employer/company needs to partner with this app and sponsor you as an employee. This sadly doesn\'t appear to be available to the general public. Disappointing.
Jacquelin Morris 2020-04-02

The sessions are very helpful. The topics are suitable for the present situation. They helped me find peace and acceptance about this unprecedented phase of life. At times when i am axious and the sessions bring me calm. I find myself thinking that tomorrow wiill bet ter. The sessions are very relaxing. I enjoyed them
Denise Hicks 2020-04-09

I love this app. It is helpful every day. Better than other apps I\'ve tried. Thank you.
Nishit Patel 2019-07-09

The app needs to cache data. Even moving between tabs puts it repeatedly into long cycles of loading with \"Take a deep breath\". If you expect people who have 15 minutes to spare to use your app don\'t make them wait for 5 minutes to load the content every time they tap a button.
Nate Reiners 2019-09-24

You need a work sponsor to access this app but the content is excellent.
Lyndsey Nations 2020-05-07

Quick daily meditations to help you center your day and focus on the task at hand! I feel more productive after these sessions!
Jovanna Tyree 2020-11-05

Great mindfulness practices. It would be nice if you could access without having to go through your work or HR. It also would be nice if all the courses were open. I only have access to the introductory courses. But all in all this great to have access to these mindfulness techniques. I will watch the 14 lessons I have over and over again.
Dametres Hutchinson 2017-01-13

Sponsor? Im trying to join and it says i need to check with my sponsor.... who is that?
Amanda Bruce 2019-03-15

The Mindfulness 101 program was pretty good. I was looking forward to trying a program to help with insomnia. I expected there to be one, since this app claims to have over 200 programs available. Too bad there are only 3 programs, none of which deal with insomnia. Either the app is broken and unable to access the whole database, or there is some flagrant false advertising going on here.
Jan Lang 2019-12-07

Unfortunately this application stop working. Not able to access via Virgine Pulse