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Description of Wild Castle TD - Grow Empire

New addicting casual tower defense game in 2021 with tower defense (TD) and epic heroes (RPG). Gear up and plan your defenses!

Collect and level up over 60 heroes! Combine their unique skills to perfect your strategy.

Use Auto-battle to earn rewards while relaxing!

Play with people around the world and compete on the global leaderboard!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wildcastle3d/

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More Information Of Wild Castle TD - Grow Empire

lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:1.9.3 Publish Date:2022-05-11 Developer:Funovus

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Sean Hasten 2020-11-20

If only dev\'s listened to the fanbase. Your most recently update has literally changed the mana received per castle upgrade, as well as the mana used by each class. Replaying a level, using all my heroes, I could survive at wave 25,000 (top 6) and have about half of my mana remaining. After the update, I now consume all my mana halfway through the fight and can barely replay a stage now, utterly halting my progress now in the game. It\'s usually a good thing to listen to the people that play your game most, however I\'ve never seen any activity on your own subreddit that you created. This update is bogus, the upgrades that you now offer are so abysmal. If you play this game for more than a week, it gets extremely boring and the developers apparently actively discourage playing for long periods, or just want them to throw money at them for IAP. That is NOT how you make a video game. As a developer myself, I cannot fathom your reasoning for the changes to this game that you make. You clear do not do enough play testing, or don\'t think that your players put as much thought as they do into the game.
atom bee 2021-01-05

I\'ve grown weary of TD games that start out ok, then suddenly turn stupidly impossible at a certain level. So, this game caught my eye. User reviews made it clear that, while repetitive, you could advance and grow if you\'re willing to grind and watch some advertising. On this front, yes -- Wild Castle indeed is a game you can keep playing and playing, and I\'d like to thank the developers for this. If you\'re looking for a frustration-free TD game, go ahead and install it. But what needs to happen now is for the game to evolve so that there\'s more to do. In the game right now, with all the loot you earn from the perpetual grinding, you can upgrade your heroes, upgrade your turrets, and/or invest in various perks so that you can... uh you guessed it … keep grinding. The game is in desperate need for more ways to benefit from the work you put into it. How about more ways to design and develop your town, how about some adventures and campaigns, how about some events where you choose certain heroes to got toe-to-toe with certain villains, how about puzzles that we can solve for special rewards, how about the ability to occupy new castles and expand one\'s kingdom. Just anything to break the monotony. The opportunity is there, but right now, the game is just a repetitive dead-end, good for about a week or two of engagement.
Jason Persilver 2020-11-03

Loved it at first. It progresses really well at first. I even threw a few bucks at it, support the devs and all. But then I noticed it comes to a grind and the miners apparently don\'t mine while the game is closed. Kinda defeats their whole purpose. Which brings me to my second point, how do you grind for money/levels? You can\'t go to previous levels and there is no auto grind for the previous one. There\'s plenty of purchase options though. Yeah... I\'ll just uninstall.
Brian Donnell 2020-11-10

This game doesn\'t know what it is. It\'s not a TD game because there\'s no real strategy to where towers are placed. It\'s not an idle game because there is no offline progression or gold generation, even from the mine. This game is a copy of things done before, with a fresh coat of paint. But it\'s also a hot mess tossing ads and microtransactions at you nonstop.
No 2020-03-14

Great concept, much like grow castle. I know you guys are a small team. So I have some suggestions: 1. Make the graphics better, I mean its good, but the characters should change appearance in the promotion menu, like put more details as they get promoted. 2. More sound effects and music 3. Optimize the game for smoother animations. Overall, the game is great. A little tweaks could also help it, I hope you can implement some improvements in the future. I support your game :)
Sorin Tarnovschi 2020-12-06

Inconsistent... There\'s so much inconsistency between upgrades, items. Some are too good, many are useless. What\'s the point? Mockingly monotone... Wouldn\'t have a problem with repetition, but when it prolonges for so long, it becomes a big issue. I read someone saying \"level 30k\". Are you kidding me? I have to watch the same thing for 30 x 30k = 900k seconds??? Or, if not, I have to pay? + 1 star for the fact that it\'s not invasive or abusive, when it comes to add and \"special\" offers.
El C 2020-04-12

Some games seem to actively nerf the player and block their progress to force purchases. This doesn\'t seem to be one of them as I was able to break into the top 10 without any purchase of gems. I don\'t feel like going further up the ladder but the point is, if I can do it then anyone can. 5 stars for what appears to be an honest playing field. (Update: Finishing all colonies/challenges may leave only the ladder which gets repetitive. Perhaps more town upgrades with infinite levels? )
Joshua Reuben Leonares Leonares 2020-12-24

Love the game. But it\'s getting boring as you really have to stay grinding to gain all pf those gold with how expensive the upgrades are. Please make the mining feature of the game idle instead of making it active only when we are online? I might change my rating for it. The game is overall great. But how we gain the resources seems to be kind of slow.
ramaker8 2020-04-22

Love the game. Favorite mobile game I have played. The endless wave clearing style is my favorite type of game and this is the best one. Unique to all others, progression is very linear. I have yet to hit a wall where progression becomes impossible. No paywall either though it does help with autoplay. Thanks and keep up the fantastic work! Oh.. also there are very frequent updates right now. It\'s great. - Savage
Salomo Stevanooz 2021-01-04

It is a good game to waste your time. But it\'s geting boring. All the world and game is repetitive and is not an idle game. The gold worker only work when you active, you still have to active the special attack for repeat level and is hard to level up in the later game because the money is little and the upgrade is expensive. No matter what hero you use, there is no different strategy only different power. Ads not bother at all, but you will watch it a lot to get little money to spend.