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Description of Winn-Dixie

The Winn-Dixie app is here to help you score Winns for Your Wallet!

Buying groceries without rewards or coupons is fine. That’s how our grandparents did it and they turned out alright. But if you have an app that can help you earn points toward free groceries just for shopping…why shop anywhere else?

We are empowering our shoppers and all you need is your mobile device. It’s true, we’re making grocery shopping even easier both at home and in our stores. Skip the hassle of dealing with any other grocery app, they are hard to navigate and don’t even compare. The proof is right there on your receipt!

It’s time to add the best mobile grocery application to your home screen. Not convinced? Here are some great reasons to download our grocery app!


We’re placing Deal of the Week, our weekly ad and even customized deals for you based on your shopping history directly at your fingertips. Score even bigger on your favorite products with these personalized offers.

We’ve also got all those coupons you’re looking for featured on the Savings tab. There’s even a Coupon filter included to make your experience even easier. Did we mention the BOGO’s? Oh yeah, we’ve got plenty! Check out the Weekly Ad for your specific store and add your favorite BOGO offer to your shopping list! It’s a Buy One Get One frenzy!

You can also scan products with the barcode scanner in the store to easily discover extra deals & savings!

When your all done shopping, easily swipe up the Wallet feature from the bottom to view all your clipped coupons and how much each coupon has saved you! Scan your app with the cashier and checkout knowing you’re a true winner!


Your road to rewards is now even easier! Our app stores your rewards card, so you can easily scan it on every grocery trip. You can also track your points in the app and decide when to spend them on future grocery purchases!

Tap on the BOOSTERS tab in the navigation bar to reveal bonus challenges that maximize your rewards experience. Score BIG by activating a Booster or Mystery Bonus and watching your rewards points climb sky high.


We’re making your next shopping trip hassle-free by bringing back the highly anticipated Shopping List feature. You can create multiple lists, search for items, and share with your friends!


Downloading our app makes you eligible for special offers like Free Items and exclusive Mystery Bonuses. You could be multiplying your points when you shop or bringing home a Free Item! Watch out for notifications from us, they could lead to exclusive savings that grow your savings to the max.

We look forward to seeing you on your next grocery trip!

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More Information Of Winn-Dixie

lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:6.1.9 Publish Date:2022-05-28 Developer:Southeastern Grocers LLC

User Reviews


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Debbi Sewell 2020-11-26

I hate, hate, hate this app...UPDATE: They have finally made a list function & now the app keeps shutting down PLEASE PLEASE, PLEASE hire new programmers. Find out who does the app for Publix and fire those who keep making your app worse and more useless with EVERY update!! Wake up SEGrocers!!
Debra Williams 2020-03-26

This app is too hard to navigate, crashes frequently, Doesn\'t keep a good shopping list, cannot search a product very well. Frustrates me everytime I try to use it. Is not user friendly. I have many apps and many grocery store apps, I would rate this one last on the list. Please make it more user friendly. Don\'t have 10 different flavors of the same thing listed as you go down the list, too many, I get tired of looking because the list is too long and in no particular order. Thanks
Michael Prentice 2019-12-27

Weekly ads, coupons \"for you\", and bogos haven\'t loaded in a couple of months. They are just always empty. App is slow to start. No search option when looking at coupons. Back button doesn\'t behave like an Android app, usually just closes the app instead of going back. Shopping list feature is gone.
Allen 2020-11-18

A giant step in the right direction. Glad to see this newest update. I am so glad we got the grocery list back. I understand it\'s new so it does have a few bugs to work out. I noticed some items when I tried to add to the grocery list did not show up even though it said it was added. But I\'m sure y\'all will get this worked out soon.
Steve Brown 2020-07-01

Some of the updates show progress. Some of them take one step forward and two steps back. The current version is nearly useless. The ad view doesn\'t allow one to select an item. One can view it, but not select it to add it to one\'s list. And there is no longer an item view in the weekly ad. I hope this can be fixed. The app has gotten better but this version is no bueno! UPDATE - What use is the app if a customer can\'t add an item to their list?
Dianne Lee-Bennett 2019-07-19

best app yet since the plenti venture. I can see my coupons. i would like to see a sorter for my clipped coupons. 6 simple catergories being breakfast, dairy, general grocery, household supplies, personal, pet. There are so many cereal and yogart coupons hence the needing of indepentdent filing. I am 50 years old and have always been a stay at home mom. I fancy myself a professional grocery shopper. This born and breed southern gal loves Winn Dixie!!! give me a sorter and you get 5 gold stars.
gary homan 2019-11-03

Easy to use. Love the digital coupons and reward points
Superhiway 2021-03-15

UPDATE: I see that there have been some updates. So I\'ll go from 2 stars to 4, simply on good faith. But I\'ll be back! Reviewed 4.15.20 > Really horrible coding! Take a look at the Publix app. That one works to the customers advantage. Where is ”Search\"? And why list 20 different flavors of the same product, making us scroll through a 4000 item list that doesn\'t scroll that well to begin with? This app isn\'t even worth the time I\'ve spent writing this review. Start over Devs... FROM SCRATCH!
Rob F 2020-02-28

It\'s just somewhat functional. Sometimes digital coupons advertised in store and in the local ad aren\'t available in the app. There\'s NO search functionality, weekly ads often don\'t appear at all, so if there\'s a particular item you\'re looking for... just scroll and hope for the best. Worse, no one seems interested in making this app any better.
Kristen Clermont 2020-09-19

I just downloaded the app for the first time as a coupon app. The grocery list feature that people are saying they are missing sounds cool, but I have no idea whether it would make the app take a lot more space. Cool idea though. If the developers are looking for feedback, when I click on a the scizor icon to clip a coupon often I accidently click on the link instead. My natural response was to click further to the right. I finally realized it was possible to click too far to the right.