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Description of WinStar Online Casino & eGames

Experience the excitement of WinStar from home with the WinStar Online Gaming app!

Play over 40 free eGames and eTables including Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker and so much more.

We give you 5,000 chips when you join, at least 500 more chips every day you play as well as bonus chips from the Fortune Wheel which you can spin every 4 hours!

That’s before we’ve even got to the amazing offers and promotions!

Link you WinStar Club Passport and you’ll get 10,000 chips added instantly and the chance to get amazing rewards including;

• Gift cards

• Tickets to shows

• Spa credits

• Golf benefits

• Meals in restaurants

Our free eGames include authentic casino classics which you’re bound to love! Just some of our casino eGames include:

• China Shores

• Roaming Reels

• African Diamond

• Starry Night

• Savannah Storm

There’s also a wide range of casino eTables including Blackjack, Roulette, Bingo, Keno and Video Poker!

If you ever have any questions or require any assistance please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at customerservice@winstaronlinegaming.com

Copyright © 2017 WinStar World Casino and Resort.

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More Information Of WinStar Online Casino & eGames

lable: Casino - Games Current Version:2.4.2 Publish Date:2021-07-25 Developer:GameAccount Network plc

User Reviews


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ericka Caraway 2020-05-16

Wow!!! What a HUGE disappointment. I thought you would be able to earn real life rewards Like hotel stays, money, Concert tickets discounts at restaurants. You can but the only way to earn that is to purchase chips. The math does not add up and it\'s not worth it. The cheapest packages is 29.99 that earns you 1 point. You need 25 points to buy a $25 gift card. (The cheapest prize they have) So you spend 750.00 to \"win\" 25.00 in free play. Do you think I\'m that stupid!? DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!
Cynthia Stanley 2020-05-27

I really enjoy this app other than the slow start up of games and the your account is already linked to this account notification upon opening. When its time for a free spin all it ever gives me every four hours is 100 coins most of the time. It upsets me when there is only 1 100 on the wheel amongst all the bigger numbers. With some time on the app it performance has improved. Other than the low fortune wheel every 4 hour bonus chips . I enjoy this app and recommend to all who enjoy playing
Mallory Mccrea 2020-12-21

I absolutely love winstar casino and Hotel always a great experience when I go! But this app is very disappointing I did enjoy the games my first week...I was winning free chips it was entertaining...Second week I ran out of chips and decided to purchase chips with my own money! Horrible choice the pricing is very bad and now I very rarely win anything plus on my daily wheel I have never received over 1k on my spin I usually hit 100 or 200 only! Dont waste your money on this joke of a app
Angela Cunningham 2019-09-10

The last few days, when you log in, and you\'re supposed to get daily points, it scrolls and scrolls says error and you don\'t get any points !! It happened at least 6 times the last 2 weeks. I\'m getting really tired of messing with it. What really pisses me off, is when it says error then doesn\'t recognize that you\'re logging in, and goes back to day 1 of log in\'s.
Alicia Smith 2020-03-13

I constantly have to uninstall and reinstall this game!! Always get the \"Error\" code that this game has \"already been linked\" and it just keeps popping up when you hit the \"Ok\" bar,,, so I have to uninstall and reinstall!! And then,, half the time, when I click on a slot, it won\'t come up, so I have to go back and retry 2 or 5 times!! And NOW,,, some of the slots are coming up so BIG that it makes it impossible to see or play!!! AAAAARRRGGGHHH!!!! SOMETHING needs to be done to SOLVE these ISSUES
J. D. 2020-12-10

Game was going smoothly then it started losing connection in mid spin and I have now on multiple occasions lost the bet of connection loss and when I get connected right back while not exiting off the game bet amount is changed and I lost the next bet before I do anything... Not to impressed now... update the app is running smoothly and I am giving it 5 stars
Darla Corgey 2020-09-17

App is standard for a casino game, but not exciting - Low amount for spin bonus is expected, as more than 500 is a rarity. All games\\machines are tight, making winning a low probability - Graphics are decent, but boring. They are also undependable, glitching out (seeing only portions of necessary images\\buttons) on a regular basis. The only way I\'ve found to fix issue is by deleting & reinstalling app, which gets old fast - Could be fun, but other better apps available.
Lawrence Wilson 2020-05-17

It is a casino for over 18s that you put money in and don\'t have any option to withdraw!!!! Its like putting money in a casino to win without the ability to withdraw!!!! I saw something about putting £499 in for a bonus!!! Why if you can\'t withdraw any wins? I don\'t understand what anyone would put money into this for honestly I would rather have the ability to withdraw money. This app is one of many where its the exact same as gambling without the ability to withdraw!!! Pointless needs reported
Donald WinWin 2020-07-16

Hey 😉 who has used it, what’s the reason that it\'s such a hassle with the standing freeze up? 😭 The spin game is quite okay, as I caught, this is an unfinished imitation of the popular website winrespin ✅ com, only this site has a huge winning percentage, gives free spins for new players and also a number of gifts 🔝🎰. Just on a lark give it a shot, play and entertain yourself 🔝🎮! If you liked it, then leave a like! 👍👍
Jo Pa 2019-12-12

I\'m very disappointed in this app. The games don\'t work, you get very little free rewards, and they consistently bug you to purchase coins.