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WirePusher - Web API to Push Notifications



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Description of WirePusher - Web API to Push Notifications

WirePusher allows you to send push notifications right to your device using a simple API web call. This web call can come from an application, server, web browser, you decide! And you don't have to worry about developing and publishing a mobile application or a complex notification system.

You can define different types of notifications and customize the ringtone, icon and vibration pattern so you can easily identify where it's coming from.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:2.1 Publish Date:2022-03-26 Developer:Iv4n

User Reviews


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Constantin Teodorescu 2019-03-03

Perfect for anyone need a simple and useful notification that can be automatically send by server scripts.
A Google user 2018-12-14

Exactly what I were looking for. Perfection. No bloat or ads.
Sourav Ghosh 2020-02-28

The best FREE app for pushing notifications via API. Thank you developer. I have only one feature request. image_url parameter is showing the image twice. Once inline with the message and again below the message. I like the inline one very much. The second one is distored because of the display resolution. In pushover terminology, the inline one is called the application icon and it is created in the API dashboard and the second one is called attachment. Can you also make two parameters?
Lavneet Puri 2020-07-24

Just what I looking for! Clean and elegant interface a big plus. Well done!
Jayme Sellars 2020-01-08

Great, for me... Works like a charm for me, notifications everytime without much (if any) of a delay... however, my partner doesn\'t seem to get any notifications unless the application is in the foreground, tried all the usual settings but nothing works... she has an Huawei.
Lev Shamilov 2020-02-08

Excellent app. Very simple, clean and does exactly what supposed to. 5 stars from me, even though I can\'t figure out where the image_url suppose to be visible. I can see my image link in the notification message and if I click on it - I see my image in the browser, but I don\'t get it where in the app it should be visible. I was expecting to see it in the notification box as an icon or background. What is it and is there any restrictions on the type and/or dimensions or a file size?
Kevin Gater 2019-07-15

I\'ve been looking for a simple way to send push notification for my motion, doorbell and other iot\'s. After wasting a day setting up and trying different apps with varied results, I found WirePusher 10 min latter up and working with quick notification on my android. simple quick, no frills just works. Thank you Just missing Donate button ;-)
Mark Stuart 2019-10-08

Exactly what I needed. I was using gmail for a notification system, got sick of cleaning up emails. This app is so simple to setup and does exactly what I wanted. Thanks!
029 Devanshu Goyal 2020-07-30

Nice Suggestions- Add more parameters like buttons, permanent notifications...
Ash Ahsam 2018-12-10

Great app for Arduino projects.