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Description of Word Blitz

Who can find more words? Challenge your friends and test your vocabulary!

Warning: Risk of getting addicted! Word Blitz is an action-packed word game where you can face off against your friends and other players.

Form words from letters randomly arranged on the playing field. Play every word you can find and get the most points! Don’t forget the bonus fields to step your points up a notch!

Word Blitz is easy: Swipe to link adjacent letters. Play as many words as you want, in every direction: left, right, up, down or diagonal!

But don’t wait too long – you’re racing against the clock. What are you waiting for? The countdown has begun! Find the best words and WIN!


• Exciting multiplayer fun. Challenge friends and family and find more words than them!

• Thrilling duels. Play against random opponents any time! Millions of players are waiting for you!

• Varied word hunt. Countless words are waiting to be discovered on ever changing playing fields!

• You against the whole country. Seize the daily opportunity to compete against the rest of your country!

• Completely in English. Word Blitz is available free-of-charge in 16 languages!

Excited yet?

Get going, your friends are waiting!

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lable: Word - Games Current Version:5.78.0 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:LOTUM one GmbH

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Maria Simmons 2020-03-19

I am extremely new to \"Word Blitz.\" However, I am really enjoying the game. I\'m a real \'Wordy\' and I\'m constantly looking for new challenging \'Word\' games. So far this game ticks all the right boxes. So thumbs up to the developmental team. I really like the interface of the game & the fast pace. It\'s great for the old gray matter. So I would definitely recommend this game. Be kind to one another, especially in these really testing times. #Love is the answer. (Missjamm/UK)
Dianna Boyce 2020-04-23

I downloaded the app so I didn\'t have to go through FB messenger all the time and it won\'t link with my already playing games even though I selected for it to at setup. Not very happy with that. Other than that I love it. It challenges you to think quickly. Good brain exercise. Just frustrated that it won\'t sync
A Google user 2021-02-13

I love this game but am concerned about the adult nature of the ads that come up between rounds.... This is an age 4+ rated game, yet there are some adult topics that are shown in the \'Chapters\' adverts. One in particular relates to bondage! Please advise that this situation will be resolved, as I hate to think of children playing, being subjected to this inappropriate advertising. Edit: I have contacted the developers and this ad is still showing up. I will take this further.
Saran Ekambaram 2020-07-10

This game has potential but is so lazy. For starters, say too many ads, with no option to remove. Second, I\'m 99% certain every opponent is a bot. No matter what you score, they always seem to miraculously get within a few points of your score. Lastly, there\'s no incentive to play. You get trophies, which do nothing. Can\'t spend em, can\'t see your rank, nothing. It also constantly hassles you to login via Facebook. Good idea for a game, terrible execution.
CA C 2020-12-25

It\'s good, but ads each and every time you play is a bit much, at least they are short. One drawback though. If you switch between two languages you won\'t know in which language you\'re being challenged, unless you remember the them. Should have a flag or something. Also I had the daily challenge in ENG, changed to swedish, now the challenge have a US flag, but the challenge is on SWE. Very confusing.
elynorah 2021-02-09

I have been playing this game for a while and recently an advert about bondage from an interactive story game keeps coming up. I tried to find a way to report it but nothing, so here we are. As I\'ve said before, I\'d pay a reasonable fee to have NO adverts. This game will be uninstalled if it continues. Update: Feb 7. 9 in the morning on a Sunday and I\'ve had to see a bondage advert again. Uninstalled.
Sharon Williamson 2020-03-26

This game is very challenging and one I enjoy very much it fill in all the spots when I\'m waiting in the doctors office or a restaurant. I play at different times of the day. And I love it when other people compete against me. It so fun and keeps you on your toes spelling your words right. Just a very good game!
Sandi Murphy 2020-04-10

well to be honest I love the game always have I was up to 1198 trophies and the game just stopped and they started a new version or something I lost everything all my players list friends everythingI mean we lost our hearts and everything we have to start all over again and that\'s not nice because it took a while to build up a players list of friends you knowI guess they just had to change some things and I guess we just have to deal with
Scarlette Castle 2020-04-15

I thought this version of word blitz would be superior compared to the Facebook app counterpart, because that version constantly crashes and doesnt have a viable single player mode. I wish i could say better of this but I haven\'t gotten as far to even know if it crashes because after my first random match it only plays via invite. Sad practice for an otherwise best word game.
Eloise Scott 2020-04-10

I love word games, but this on is more challenging, #1 your playing an opponent, #2 your your on a time limit anh l love the challenge. This ga really stimulates my brain and l can\'t believe that me shugaplum haven beat so many people\' because of a major brain surgery l had in 1998. I\'m really in awe! Thank you fot this amazing game which Ilove dearly.💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝