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Description of Word Calm - Relax Puzzle Game

Do you love the excitement of classic word games? Search and connect the letter the right way to create a word. DOWNLOAD Word Calm for FREE! Come challenge now.

Word Calm is a crossword puzzle game, search and connect the right letters to get the correct word, clear each level to win awesome rewards and coins, help you to clear levels. This is the best crossword puzzle and learning word game you can ask for!

When you start playing you will be deeply attracted by it. Word Calm can help you escape the boring time, all while exercising your brain and learning new words. The best pick for exercising and having fun at the same time. Word Calm is a free game for adults and kids, which can challenge skill of words with friends.

-Tons of words to expand your vocabulary!

-Amazing graphics to give you the best visual experience!

-Over 1000+ puzzles to complete.

-No time limit, no need to rush!

-Multiple coins and items to help you clear the level!

How to play?

Search and connect the letter blocks and build the correct words unto it is all fill out.

If you have any suggestion or advice feel free to contact us, hope Word Calm can give you better gaming experience each day.

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lable: Word - Games Current Version:2.4.3 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:Word Calm

User Reviews


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Terri Marler Lawlor 2020-01-04

I really love this app I am totally addicted to it keeps my mind active I am 65 years old and I am so happy that I have this app it is so much fun and teaches you so many words that you didn\'t know existed.!!! I recommend this app to anybody who loves word games it is so special and no commercials if one pops up it gets deleted quickly.I LOVE YOU WORD CALM!!!!!+!
Paula St. Jean 2020-10-24

Not as advertised. Shows picking from multiple choice words for correct spelling. It is like 5 others I installed and uninstalled today because that is what I want. I\'m not interested in how many words I can make out of a bunch of letters. on my way to uninstall ...
caroline newton 2020-04-03

I like the platform of this type game and have played many from to time. This is the best that I have found. Some others have a few more bells and whistles. This one is challenging, but not full of distractions. The instructions for a new player were clear and concise. You have a new patron. Me, and thanks. Do not change or upgrade without permission of those of us who love word games without the cannons and firecrackers. It is JUST fine. Cally
Sandy Russ 2020-02-13

The ads in this game are ridiculous!! All of them 30 seconds long. The game itself is great, but the ads ruin the enjoyment of it! Not sure why it is called \"word calm\" because it is anything but calming, after you get bombarded with ad after ad. If it weren\'t for all of the ads, I would give this word game a 5 star. Uninstalling
Forbidden Fallacy 2020-01-19

I like playing the game itself and that\'s it. Even though after a few seconds you can close them, there\'s WAY TOO MANY ADS!!! There is literally an ad after you complete each and every board. There\'s also no way to back out of the game to close it, you literally have to go to your phones app menu and close it that way. Oh, and there\'s alot of missing words that\'s should be accepted for extra coins and they\'re not. There\'s nothing \"CALM\" about this game. Probably will uninstall.
Rachella Bowers 2020-07-13

I just started playing, but so far, so good! I\'m enjoying it quite a bit. There aren\'t too many ads - thankfully you don\'t have to suffer thru an ad after every puzzle! - and after a few seconds you can fast forward to the end, so not too annoying. If you like this type of game you should enjoy this one. Have a wonderful day everyone!
Sherry Gibson 2020-01-25

Game plays smoothly on my tablet. No freezing in the middle of my game. Over all I\'ve had no problem. The game goes very quickly and this one thing I always look for. Quick play game with enough of a challange to hold my interest.
Claire Slater 2020-10-25

Awful now it\'s been updated. I don\'t want the home decor game. It\'s meant to be word calm not home decor. Please get rid of it. Before that came on my family had the same daily puzzles as me but now mine\'s different. I\'m uninstalling. The end. Not happy.
Gale Murphy 2020-01-09

Giving up at completion of Level 121 as this game does not recognise an enormous number of common english words. In some levels words are recognised and in other\'s they are not. Extremely inconsistent and points are not gained as a result. The intrusiveness of adverts between every single level also makes the game tiresome. I\'ve had enough and won\'t be back.
Charli Stubbs 2020-02-19

It was a great game until no change in the daily puzzle. I\'ve written to them no less than six times about this with no luck. Hopefully this will get. The regular games are great. It just aggravates me but they can\'t or won\'t fix this glitch I\'ve been complaining over 10 days about the daily puzzle that stays exactly the same. They don\'t care. I don\'t know what else to do