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Description of Word Connect - Fun Word Puzzle

Fun and challenging Word Connect Game.

Challenge your brain and learn new words with this word puzzle game.

Word Connect Games is an fun and incredible crossword puzzle game that improves your vocabulary and spelling skills.

This crossword puzzle is easy to get started and becomes more challenging as you play!

Play this word search and crossword word game while inspiring your word level.


- Slide letter blocks to find correct word.

- Collect extra words to get bonus coins.

- Find all words and fill in the crossword blank space.


★ Fun and addictive word search game!

★ Completely free to play word games!

★ Free 500 gold coins for the crossword puzzle.

★ Amazing spelling word search games for all ages!

★ No time limit for playing offline games at any time.

★ Reward free gold coins daily for the best word game.

★ More than 3000 well-designed challenge levels in word puzzle.

Now start your wonderful word connection journey with word puzzle game.

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More Information Of Word Connect - Fun Word Puzzle

lable: Word - Games Current Version:1.1.8 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Magic Puzzle Games

User Reviews


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Sheri D 2020-10-22

The game is very addictive; however, I was well into \"Skillful\" when I discovered I\'d somehow dropped back 2 levels! I wrote to ask about a fix but never got a reply. Pretty disappointing but I\'m working my way back up! It\'s also too bad so many correctly spelled words do not count as extra points, OR a word may count in 1 puzzle but not another. Why?? If you have a decent vocabulary it would be nice to use it. 🙂
Sue Dickey 2020-05-23

Love this game! Fun and easy to play yet challenging for the brain. There are very few ads and even when they pop up you can back out of them quickly. Much better game than Wordscapes which was similar but riddled with ads that were annoyingly time-consuming to back out of. Thank you to the creators of this game! Please don\'t change a thing!
Igor Z 2020-12-19

Yes it\'s a decent game, for what is a very simple idea. What annoys me extremely, is that it refuses to recognise lots of words. I get that it forces you to think of specific words it wants you to find, to count towards your progress, but there are so many words it doesn\'t even count towards your \"extra words\" reward. Don\'t the developers have access to a thesaurus?! Also the same word will be recognised in one game and then not the next.
Lycrecia Scott 2020-07-12

I find this game to be interesting,challenging,as well as a great way to relax!I enjoy it,and will continue to play whenever I have a chance!As a matter of fact,I am playing right now! Well,this is really infuriating.I opened my Word Connect game this morning-to my shock,it was showing it had reset to ZERO!I only had about 4 levels (I think) to go before Ib would be all the way through the entire game!Now,I am angry,and would like to know why it set back to ZERO!
Sam K 2020-08-03

I\'ve decided to rate this game 5 stars not because it\'s perfect (as others have pointed out there are some words that should count but don\'t, and that\'s frustrating) but because of the way this game handles ads. Unlike so many other free/ad sponsored games, Word Connect has the least intrusive ads I\'ve seen. Plus the game is a lot of fun to play. (I\'m amazed that the hardest words sometimes are the little 3 letter words.) With regard to the ads, I actually find myself purposefully watching ads sometimes so I can rack up more credits. That\'s the way EVERY game should behave. I can\'t even count the number of games I\'ve uninstalled because the ads were just too annoying. Kudos to the developer for the way this game is set up. And by way of comparison I installed the \"Original\" word scape game, and uninstalled it 15 minutes later. The ads were so obnoxious I couldn\'t stand it. The one criticism I have, and it becomes more annoying the more I play, is that the dictionary used is woefully inadequate. So many words that should be there, for which players should receive credit when they\'re not used in a puzzle (which they can\'t since according to the dictionary they don\'t exist) are M.I.A. It really needs to be addressed. (I would also point out that word play at the Newbie level seems a lot harder than the Newbie title would suggest.)
JM 2020-10-10

I love this game! There are hardly any ads and when there are they are only 5 seconds long. Also, the hints are only 25 coins and easy to get, when other games are 200 and they make it almost impossible to get coins, and when you win a game they only give you 10 coins, some word games are very stingy. This one is great! 😘❤💕🌸
Liz Cresswell 2020-06-17

Frustrated with this game. The game reverts back to the Newbie level each time I made it to level 4. All my points disappear and padlocks prevent my access to levels I have previously completed. This is the 2nd time this has happened to me. Otherwise I really enjoyed this Word Connect game. Unlike many similar games, this game does not flood you with adverts. The adverts you do get are no more than 30 seconds long.
Kenneth Greenwell 2021-01-26

This game delivers what it promises! A relaxing experience, and you may learn new words, as well! I\'m 41 years old, and I can tell you \"never stop learning\" is the best goal I\'ve found. No ad overload. Not steady trying to get you to upgrade. Just relax, have fun, and learn. It gets ten stars for accomplishing just that!!! You MUST download this app, if the afformentioned goals are what you desire!
Marija Frazi 2020-09-07

Great app! It is very great for vocabulary. It is also low MB, so it does not take much space. It made me very good at spelling and grammar! Also, it does not have any ads so no ads pop up and annoy the gameplay. Would definitely recommend this app!
Darren Dwyer 2020-09-20

would get 5 stars but there are far too many words that it does not recognise. everything else is great. ads only 5 seconds and are not excessive at all. fix up this issue and this will hands down be best word game of all time. I\'m at 3828 of \"intelligence\" and plenty further to go but could not be bothered as it is annoying