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Word Farm Adventure: Word Game

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Description of Word Farm Adventure: Word Game

Save the farm animals on this Free word scrabble puzzle game!

In our new challenging and super fun word game for adults and kids, you will word swipe your way into becoming the beloved hero of the farm.

Word Farm Adventure is not just about solving crossword puzzles for free - it is also about enjoying a great story while fighting the evil forces that want to destroy the farm.

So let’s get going, fast - the animals need you at your best!

In this free challenging word game, you will:

🧩 Solve Word Puzzles! 🧩

Solve crossword puzzles, word find challenges, word scramble missions, word swipe scrabble quests, and more challenges for your brain.

🦸 Become the Farm's Hero! 🦸

Unveil the story of Perry the Parrot, Rex the Dog, and the other farm heroes on their adventure in this awesome word puzzle game!

🧱 Renovate and Design! 🧱

Fix, build, paint and design your farm just like on other games - but with a twist…

💡Solve Wordle puzzles💡

Play Wordle puzzles! and come back for a new challenge.

Guess a word and use the tile colors to guide your next decision. You get up to get six attempts to guess the correct word.

🌟 Game Highlights 🌟

It's time to skip those ordinary scrabble games and crossword puzzles. Join us on the farm! The Word Farm Adventure game offers so much more than a word search!

To solve each level, you need to complete a word puzzle by connecting the letters and spelling words that fit perfectly into the crossword puzzle blocks.

After you solve each puzzle of words, you'll be rewarded with coins and shovels to help you complete missions and restore the farm to its glory days. Once you help the animals rebuild the farm and prove to uncle Jeff that it's worth saving, you'll venture on to the county fair.

Long ago, the animals built the fair to prove to uncle Jeff that the farm could turn a profit. The fair was once a place filled with fun and laughter, but it's been neglected. It's up to you to redesign and renovate the fairgrounds so everyone can come back and enjoy the atmosphere.

Now, like any farm, there's always more work to be done! The once extravagant farmhouse is in complete disrepair, but it doesn't have to stay that way. Keep solving word puzzles and earning shovels so you can redesign the farmhouse and make it beautiful again! Continue playing and you’ll keep discovering more of the story and additional areas of the farm that need your help.

Every level of this exciting free word game is more challenging than the last so get ready for hours of fun with your new farm animal friends.

If you're ever having trouble solving a word puzzle, tap on the fireworks or hammer to reveal puzzle letters, or blast away an entire word with dynamite. Don't forget that the magic wand is also only a tap away.

Visit the farm for daily puzzles. Don't miss out on each month's special event because you'll never experience the same one twice! This brings a whole new challenge to puzzle word games!

If you enjoy word search games, crossword puzzles, or scrabble, you'll love playing Word Farm Adventure.

Download and play our word game today!


Word Farm Adventure is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device's Restrictions menu.

More content coming in each update

The farm needs a hero, and you are that hero. So join our puzzle adventure now, and get ready to save the farm!

Questions? Contact our Tech Support by sending an email to:


Want to enjoy exclusive bonuses, meet other word puzzle enthusiasts, and dive deeper into the Van Der Farm story? Let’s connect!

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lable: Word - Games Current Version:5.22.1 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Brain Games Ltd.

User Reviews


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Patricia Richards 2021-01-06

This game started out good but as I got higher in levels that is where the problems began and the game became totally irritating and annoying! Not only did it not let me make choices in some of the game play, the game would just close during game play. It did it constantly! The higher the level the more often it did it. DO NOT blame this on my device or something I myself may or may not have done. It didn\'t do it early in the game, just later in the game. This game is not worth your time!
Tricia W 2021-02-16

Starts off ok, as long as you want to learn a new language. You have to re-learn the English language and except abbreviations of normal words. They give you daily \'gift\'s\' and prizes, but when you get as far as renovating the farmhouse it almost stops. I went almost 5 day\'s of not being able to play as you have to wait for the game to update before the next thing is opened. The problem is that by then, if like me, you end up with over 180 shovel\'s and nowhere to use them. Uninstalling now.
kristi jensen 2021-01-29

I was having fun playing this game. Now, I can only do puzzles. I try and do tasks and it said its downloading new tasks. Then tells me I have poor internet connection and to try again. My connection is excellent and my other games are working fine. Update: After contacting tech support, my game worked for about 3 days, then the same thing happened. Not worth the time. Uninstalling
Nova 2021-02-07

Update: New update did not fix problems previously mentioned in my review. They are so annoying that I will have to uninstall. Cannot enjoy playing game anymore. This game used to be fun until you stuck the two useless buttons in game. The shaking piggy bank interferes with the ability to connect the letters during in-game play. Also I keep hitting the multiplayer button at the bottom. Both of these features are extremely annoying!! They\'re making me want to uninstall the game for good.
Regina Bradshaw 2020-11-18

I liked it at first. Don\'t understand the pig. Know tons of words but all go to the pig... I don\'t know what I\'m suppose to do to empty the PIG! Im not spending money on a game I have no clue what stuff is. And it cost way to much! Some of the remarks are not good. My granddaughter is to young for this game. It\'s more for teens or adults. And spending that kind of money for this seems to me ridiculous...
Stacy H. 2020-11-12

Challenging levels, but not too hard with a great bank feature for words you can create but they did not use. Characters are adorable, and have personality plus. There is not too many puzzles required for each task, and the options are all equally nice, with something for everyone\'s taste in decorating the farm. I love how the pig has the \"Animal Farm\"-esque character qualities, at least so far. A perfect casual game for those that prefer word games to match-3 style play. Great casual game!
Linda Templeton 2020-12-04

Simply put a fun game. A complete story about family and friends coming together to rebuild memories of the past so that others can enjoy the fun for today. Of course there seems to always have bumps and interfere from someone along the line; which makes this game one of my go- to -games to relax and enjoy. Please complete the next 2-locked doors. I am waiting. Thank you for the game thus far. L.T.
Kyana Davis 2021-02-14

Games is awesome. I love the option to skip the drawn out character dialogue. The problem? The last 2 updates. The first caused the girl randomly shutdown and now it\'s complaint about weak connection and never gets past the loading screen. I\'m sure I\'m connected to a strong wifi network, so that\'s definitely not the problem. Please fix so I can go back to my Darling 🥺
Jan Lotz 2020-12-24

Updated. I 💕 like this game more than any other game I have done. There are a lot of challenges in Word Farm Scapes! In a long term care facility in lockdown so there is 24 hours a day downtime. Did the Christmas 🎄 decorating inside and out the barn. Now stuck in a continuous cycle of word games. Nothing else. On 481. The decorations were overkill. Couldn\'t use the sidewalk to walk in the barn if you wanted to. Gifts sitting in the middle of the rug.
Hep Cat 2021-01-10

That bird is freaking me out, It always staring at me and its so judgemental. It\'s a fun game, the animation is good and the story is okay. It\'s pretty simple so probably wouldn\'t recommend for adults. There\'s no incentive to find as many words as possible, so fill in the blanks and move on. It recognizes more words than other word finders, but SUP is not a word and a few other partial slang words that have to be found to solve. A good 4 star app for kids, 3½ for difficulty and 5 for animation.