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Description of Word Games

The following free word games, quiz games and number games are currently included in the app:

Word Search

Picture Quiz (find the word for an animal, a logo, food and many more)

Crossword: Four different styles of crossword, GB-style, Arroword, Barred & American

Word Fit


Word Jigsaw

Number Fit

The word lists, clues and answers are all in English, or you can play in 26 other languages.

Other features include:

• Each new game is created by the app automatically

• Very configurable game generator. You decide the grid size, difficulty and many other things

• It is suitable for all screen sizes

• Each game has several hints to help for find the right answers

• You can play in portrait or landscape formats

• Choose from different kinds of backgrounds to make the games more colorful and fun

You can play our word games in the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Russian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Croatian, Greek, Indonesian, Romanian, Serbian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovak, Slovene, Turkish, Ukrainian

More details on each of our word games:

1) Word Search: The popular word game where you need to find a list of words in a grid of letters. Different difficulty levels allow grid sizes from 5x5 to really tricky 20x20

2) Pic Quiz: Find the word behind the picture in the classic picture/word game. A picture is slowly revealed and you need to guess the word of the image you see. Images could be a animal, a company logo or brand, food, a country on a map, daily or household items, scientific terms, items from history and many more. So we offer a logo quiz and other image quizzes.

3-6) Crosswords, 4 different kinds of crosswords, where you find the words in the grids based on straight clues (synonyms and definitions) and general knowledge clues

(a) British-style, traditional black and white grids with limited cross-overs

(b) Arrow Crosswords, the clue is embedded into the grid, easier to play, typically shorter word answers

(c) Barred Crosswords, no black squares, the answers are separated by lines, giving more compact grids and more words to find compared to the same sized grids in traditional crosswords

(d) US Style Crosswords, grids where every square is a crossover square. More words to find, but easier than traditional crosswords due to the larger number of crossovers

7) Word Fit puzzles, also known as fill in words. Fit words into a crossword style grid. A large range of difficulty levels makes fitting the words either fairly easy or extremely challenging

8) Codewords: a grid filled with 26 different numbers. Each number represents a different letter in the alphabet. Decode the Codeword be working out which letter corresponds to which number, so that the grid forms normal English words

9) Word Jigsaw: Form a valid crossword out of pieces. Like all our games, different difficult levels make this game range from fairly easy to VERY difficult

10) Number Fit: Similar to word fits, but instead you fill in number sequences, or sequences based on fun images, like pets or fruit. More challenging too, since there are only 10 different kinds of symbols

Note that Barred Crosswords, US Style Crosswords, Number Fit and Word Jigsaw are all available to be unlocked after you reach certain levels of game play. No purchases necessary, all 4 games can be earned through purely game play.

You can play all our word games offline, no permanent internet connection required

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More Information Of Word Games

lable: Word - Games Current Version:3.1 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Havos Word Games

User Reviews


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Solitaire Burton 2020-08-26

Lots of variety, easy controls. Cost of some games expensive when you have just started. Have a great variety of games. Crosswords, codewords, arrow words. Nice to have so much variety in one spot. Checking accuracy of answers was confusing at 1st, but get used to it. You can check for mistakes and validate letters. These checks cost, but most costs easily cover by watching a video. I like having the variety. Pls add an \"already done\" option to ratings menu. No, never, later not enough
Spaghetto 2020-03-26

Great controls, normal graphics which is okay; but if you want people to have an all-in-one app for all their word games there should be a lot of them, not 4 or 5. I\'m sure there are lots of word games you guys can incorporate so keep it up! I liked this app but I\'ll be waiting for more stuff. Can you put multi-player waord games if possible?
Neen Long 2020-05-21

Fantastic choices. Different difficulties. You do not have to spend any real money to enjoy the games although for a very small amount it opens the entire selection of them. The word games are all the ones we are familiar with and even a few that we didn\'t realise we needed in out lives lol. Really enjoying it, treated myself to the unlocked version - that costs less than a coffee - and play it everyday. I really recommend it to those who enjoy a good puzzle book! Fantastic 😁
Bruce Scheiman 2020-04-26

OH WOW!! I absolutely love this game!! Where do I start? The fact that they have so many different games, is obviously a huge bonus! You can build up points, to be able to play them! You can also use the points, for hints! I would rate this a 10, if I could! Overall it\'s a wonderful game!! They are all, loads of fun!!
Benjamin Orozco 2020-06-12

I like the variety of word games and I can\'t stop playing! The only thing is that some of the answers for the picture word game, is that the subjects are British items (i.e. food) and I\'m not familiar with those, but it\'s ok, because I earn enough coins to \"pay\" for revealing a letter or the answer. LOL
Michelle Bernaldez 2019-12-11

This game is very interesting to play it helps to relax your mind it\'s easy to play also.
Lou Ann Brown 2020-02-10

I really enjoy having word games all together in one place, giving me options when I open your app. I have only played the first two games cuz I am familiar with them but I am going to try the others soon.
Amber McDowell 2020-10-18

The game is very enjoyable!! However, when I try to purchase different packs, or play the countries pack in pic quiz, it tells me it failed to load. I\'ve only been able to complete the animals and kitchen puzzle packs.
Emalyn Delgado 2019-12-10

Very good games i like it.. Thank you...
Charlotte Bray 2020-10-05

Great collection of word games plus a number and a picture game too. I started off with just the code words and enjoyed that so thought I\'d purchase without adds and was given the option of the collection so got this. I like it so much I play the games daily, a great little brain-training boredom-buster. I also like the different difficulty levels instead of just easy, medium and hard you have 10 levels to choose from meaning it suits all IQ levels. Definitely recommend.