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Description of Word King: Word Games & Puzzle

Word King - Word Connect & word search game - Best “no wifi” free word games with lots of adventures - made for the best brains!

This brilliant new free word puzzle game takes word connect & word search games to a new level of word trip by combining word scapes and crossword puzzle solving!

Enjoy modern word puzzles with word searching, anagrams, and crosswords! Word King combines the most breathtaking visuals and fun of game of words and puzzles.

Word King is a free word connect brain game which tests your vocabulary, spelling, word skills and puzzle solving skills. Search, find words and get a fun brain exercise in your free time and improve your vocabulary. You also get to take a word trip across the different kingdoms and build your game of words with it.

How To Play:

- Find words from compass and connect them in the correct order to create a word

- Completing word puzzle, unlocks higher levels and word kingdoms

Special Features

► FREE TO PLAY GAME - Play this free word games without wifi

► KEEPS YOUR BRAIN ACTIVE - Highly entertaining word games for adults and kids!

► LOTS OF LEVELS - Word hunt on with over 4,000 crossword puzzles!

► DAILY REWARDS & HINTS - Words start simply but ramp up fast! Use hints

► IMPROVE YOUR VOCABULARY - Find hidden words and learn new words. Flex your brain muscles and spelling skills

So, Why wait? Play Word King the Free Word Games Now!

Play through different kingdoms from history and explore maps, while you word scrabble through ADDICTIVE & ENTERTAINING word games levels.

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More Information Of Word King: Word Games & Puzzle

lable: Word - Games Current Version:1.8 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:Koco Games

User Reviews


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Rebecca Strange 2021-02-02

I was looking forward to playing this game, however, at the start screen it gives you the option to either play or login to Facebook... The play button does not work at all. If I click on the Facebook button, it brings up a banner at the top stating that the game is still in development and cannot login to Facebook unless I have permission from the game administrator. So...now what do I do??
Eva Srenkelova 2020-12-06

Great game! I could play for hours. I got to rank 163 (Viking empire) but it seems stuck. Crossword is patchy, the words don\'t go in the grid, so can\'t finish the game. Shame 😢
janelleke wine-ants 2021-02-17

Ive been playing this for few months and everyday lots of times. But today it got crushed and i couldnt play anymore. I uninstalled and install ir again but its just the same. And thats pity! So make sure you will not give time so much because its just all nothing when it crushed and couldnt play at all. Time to forget this gme
Julie Jones 2021-01-19

I really love this game. However, I am seriously stuck on the last word in a game. I can only find 1 word that fits. I\'ve tried looking it up but other sites get the same word as me. I have no free letters so I bought a starter pack but it hasn\'t given me extra letters. I don\'t actually know what I\'ve paid for, so I\'m stuck & won\'t be able to play any more!
Kathy Keating 2020-12-31

The game was ok at first, but then the rating request popped up on the screen, and I tapped it to rate the game, and then it froze and stalled and would not allow me to play any more puzzles....uninstalled
Margaret Lake 2021-01-30

Brilliant game , by far the best one I\'ve found. Sadly I have reached the end so am waiting for new updates.
kishan dev t. 2020-12-01

A beautiful and tricky mind challenging game. Had a lot of fun playing it. One of the best games in the recent times.
Jackie Wain 2021-01-18

This was my favourite game until you get to level 832 and there are no letters and no grid.whats going on please fix so l can reinstall
Y2K Creation\'s 2020-11-30

Fantastic smart brain game especially for kids who devoloping their words skills! Congrats for the devolopers, expecting more Games like these... 10/10 👍👍
Bianca V. 2021-03-20

Update: 19th March. Unless I sign in, this game does not load and freezes! Enjoyed it before the last update, now have to uninstall. Reviewed in February: Really good game but one very enjoying point is the clue button! I unintentionally pressed it two different times and lost thousands of points. Updated review 4th March: Since the last Update EVERY time I want to start this game it forces to download Google play which I do not want!