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Description of Word Mocha

If you love Coffee and Puzzle Word Games then this anagram game is a must try!

Super smooth word puzzles and tremendous brain challenging fun! Get your word addict caffeine boost from solving these fun word puzzles.

Never experience a dull moment once you have this new anagram game!

► Do you know your coffee drinks? See how many coffee drinks you can uncover in this addicting word hunt game

► Find your favorite coffee shot

► Over 1,800 bold and robust word jumble puzzles to solve!

► Watch out! These word scramble puzzles start easy and become challenging quickly - how far will you get before being stumped?

Word Mocha is a word unscramble game from the makers of the popular word find games Wordscapes, Word Stacks, Wordscapes in Bloom, and Word Chums.

Terms of service: https://www.peoplefun.com/terms

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More Information Of Word Mocha

lable: Word - Games Current Version:1.2.0 Publish Date:2021-03-04 Developer:PeopleFun

User Reviews


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Kaylyn Kuntz 2018-12-03

Was nice at first but then there was an issue with the graphics. The cup of coffee would get so steamy/foggy that it because extremely difficult to see the letters. I\'ve tried force stopping the app but it didn\'t help. I\'m afraid to uninstall because I don\'t want to lose my progress. I hope this gets fixed soon.
Peggy Schmidt 2019-03-26

Very easy word game. Words are listed in alphabetical order, with few plurals. The only complaints I have are the ad frequency and that the letters don\'t always want to stay linked when forming words. Very commonly-used words and bonuses make it easy to play, and I don\'t even drink coffee, lol.
A Google user 2020-05-07

Much better with less \'steam\'.... thanks!
Ellel Bee 2018-12-20

Pretty decent anagram game. Its sole fault is that complex and difficult sublevels may occur anywhere within the overarching level. I\'m currently playing ear the 550th level. While I can say that first level is always easier than the tenth, I can say also that the 5th or6th level has somtimes been more difficult.
Leanne Hickman 2019-06-28

Great app. Never glitches. And I\'m stimulating my brain. The only problem is the ads. At first they popped up once in a while, but they increased to the point that there are multiple ads between every single game, even if the game only lasts one or two minutes. I think I\'m going to have to pay the $3.99 for no ads. If I play Word Mocha a lot, I guess it will be worth it.
Wild Bill Wiederhold 2019-01-06

I have played many other apps by PeopleFun and have been enjoyed them very much. To the point I\'ve played there other games all the way through to the end and I contacted them and they suggested maybe I try this game. At first I wasn\'t overly excited, but then I figured out how it works alphabetically. Once I had that done I was pretty happy, yet it\'s still quite a challenge at times. I\'ve finished all the games, really hoping they add more!
Cynthia Ladybughugs Pulsifer 2018-11-27

Exactly what i was looking for. Bunch of letters and you make up words You get a bonus for words not on the board,but that are real... Something I have not seen in any other game. Nice touch. Here is hoping going ad free will not ruin the game. Keep it up! Ps. Now i want coffee. Sigh lol.
Shekat Hearl 2019-02-04

I gave it a 5 but not anymore. I like it, it\'s challenging yet doable BUT I am tired of putting in a word over and over. It tells me that\'s not correct. Then I have to get a hint or 2 or 3 only for it to change it\'s mind and the words I had been trying to use are correct. FRUSTRATING AS ALL HELL!!! I am not worried about how many points I have or anything else. I just want to solve puzzles without getting so damn frustrated over it!
Merrilee Lobos 2020-04-04

This game is a unique word challenge. Just when you think you have it ----- bam ------ you don\'t, try again! That\'s the unique part about it, it can be fun and simple in ways and then there it is again! That Unique Word Challenge! Go for it, I highly recommend it, usually I recommend restaurants, but games are on my list too! Give it a try. You won\'t know where the time flew!
A Google user 2018-11-02

Love this game, it\'s a great brain workout, but some words are too obscure and the hint cost is too high. I have an excellent vocabulary, but there are words accepted here that I can\'t find in my old Oxford. Would love to see some background changes as the levels progress. Upshot: having a great time and that\'s what matters. 4 & 1/2 out of 5 stars.