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Description of Word Planet

Everyone is hooked to this new travel-themed Free Word Connect game. Download & Play like millions of others.

Discover the world like never before through this word search game.

Scenic levels and simple straight-forward spelling-based puzzles make Word Planet the perfect game for a moment of exploration.

The game has a unique progression to ensure the learning never stops. Designed to offer a meditative exercise for the brain, Word Planet guarantees discovery and surprises all along the way.

This Earth-themed word game comes packed with fun facts on unique locations, landscapes, and life on the planet, making this a great way to spend quality time with friends and family.


The rules are simple. Search and swipe the letters on the plate to guess the hidden words.


- FREE TO PLAY – Get this game for FREE and put your word game skills to the test.

- PLAY WHEREVER, WHENEVER - Why solve the words with friends when you can do it all by yourself offline, without Wifi or the Internet !!

- "EASY TO LEARN" HARD TO MASTER – This easy gameplay gets you going from the first-word search anagram puzzle and keeps your brain engaged for hours. However, the game gets trickier as you progress with more complicated words and tougher levels.

- CHALLENGING PUZZLES – Free anagram puzzles range from 2 letters to 7 letters. It starts easy and gets challenging quickly as you progress further.

- BOOST YOUR VOCABULARY – Flex your brain muscles in your free time and go on a word-finding spree and raise your vocabulary game

- SYNC YOUR GAME PROGRESS – You can log in with your Facebook account to sync your game progress across various devices.

- DAILY CHALLENGES – Solve the Daily Puzzle to collect and discover amazing facts about the Planet!

So, why wait? Play the game now and start guessing the hidden words!

- 250 free coins to get you started!

- Regular and FREE Update!

- More than 100s of levels with thousands of anagram puzzles.


- Enjoy the game with various devices (Phones and Tablets).

- "Word Planet" contains ads like banners, interstitials, and videos.

- "Word Planet" is free to play, but you can purchase in-app items like an ad-free account and attractive packages.

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More Information Of Word Planet

lable: Word - Games Current Version:1.38.0 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:PlaySimple Games

User Reviews


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Caroline Edwards 2020-08-01

One of the better word games. Ads that don\'t take over, but are available if you need coins, also easy to clear if you don\'t want to watch. And at least the ads aren\'t the same ones repeated over & over. Good, challenging games. Swiping the letters is easier than word nut too. I don\'t get the spin bit at the top. All I seem to get are free spins so I ignore that part of the game. It\'s giving me hours of fun 👍
Zendall007 2020-10-05

It\'s a good game with nice graphics but there\'s way too many ads, just like all their games. Play 1 or 2 games, have to watch a 30 second ad. It\'s pretty standard with them & I know this which is why I\'m only dinging them 1 star. It would be nice if they eased up on this, it\'s annoying & makes them look greedy. I either play offline or plan on closing the game when the ad pops up. I\'d actually watch the ads if they were shorter & less frequent. When you have to watch an ad that\'s longer than your game time something\'s not right. Stop being so greedy!!
Debra Theresa Rappoport 2020-05-21

I would have given this game a higher rating but...... there should be a section for beginners, advanced, master or experts . The game needs to be more challenging for me. Does anyone else feel the same way??? The graphics are awesome!!!!! And colorful!!!! Now it\'s time for me to give an upgrade to my rating of this game now that I finished the first set of chapters. From a 3 star rating it now went to 5 star rating!!!!!
Frank Parriott 2020-07-06

I\'ve used different word games and this and the other Playsimple games are the best. It\'s small things like the dictionary function, the % tracker, and giving credit for words not in the puzzle. Everything about the game makes sense and it makes for a more enjoyable experience where the other games left me feeling frustrated because I didn\'t know why it worked the way it did.
Rebecca Udrow 2020-06-05

Only started playing today. Have played around 50 rounds and only 1 ad so far. I love that compared to another word game that had ads every round. So far so good. (P.s. spoke to soon. As soon as I posted my review ads started popping up like crazy. To bad. Seems like they were waiting for the review to start them. Tsk,tsk.) Part 3 of my review. Ads have really calmed down since I posted my P.S.

Easier than the others. But overall, the further you progress, becomes challenging. But in a good way! Should add a feature where player can include words that exist, into their dictionary. Confirmed by an online dictionary, of course. There are other ideas too. Like if a certain word is recognized as wrong by the program, this should be verified, and maybe the players can then add those words that actually do exist. Other than that, addictive game.
Deb Lombardi 2020-11-11

I have been playing word trip for five years. This game appears to be from the same company except it is in crossword style. I hope it gets harder as I get to higher levels, but the best part is the bonus points accumulate easily so they are there when you need them. So easy to just swipe letter to letter to make words. I am a fan.
Sharon Nowak 2020-01-19

Enjoyablle thinking game which may seem to keep you wanting to go and go and on .Yes it can be quite addictive,BUT,for me it calms me after a long day.Challenges me and I really enjoy it. I feel this game is geared to keep the mind sharp . Compared to the other games out there with violence or just plain adventure games. Personally,I feel games like #WordPlanet keeps your mind sharp.
Shirley Aljaafreh 2020-08-02

Game is awesome!! But advertisement is so noisy, It startles you, and if at work, or in bed, you need to hustle to get it off. They think you will notice their ad better, when actually you don\'t even notice what it is because you are hurrying up to get it off. Almost uninstall my game, it\'s frustrating.
Mitch Rush 2020-12-29

I\'d give it 5 stars, but apparently I\'ve hit the end of the milestones. I realize I\'m at .23% of the players, but it would be nice to continue forward. The daily challenge stopped paying any gold as well, long before i reached the end of the line. Love the game, don\'t really want to start over.