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Description of Word Relax - Free Word Games & Puzzles

Dream Studio brings you a brand new word puzzle game Word Relax, which allows you to travel around the world within doors, enjoy word games, explore world attractions, and exercise your brain.

Word Relax includes beautiful scenes of the world into a word puzzle game. Beautiful Landscape & Reality-based effects deliver an immersive feeling.

classic game rules

➤ Newly designed Scrabble mode! A lot of levels, infinite mission, brain training! Become a word master!

➤ Train your memory! This game mode can effectively train your memory.

➤ Extra words system! Rewards are also ready even for non-target words! All of them are for more rewards.

➤ Daily rewards! Daily login will be rewarded.

➤ More game rules are coming soon!

Charm of Word Relax

➤ Challenge yourself at levels with varying degrees of difficulty!

➤ No network limitation. You can play anytime, anywhere.

➤ An abundance of levels to exercise your brain and enlarge your vocabulary.

Word Relax is a free game. Start your word world tour right now!

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More Information Of Word Relax - Free Word Games & Puzzles

lable: Word - Games Current Version:1.0.73 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:Dream Word Games

User Reviews


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ruthie wallace 2020-02-04

Great game, it really pays, play the game for the game and after a while $ builds up and u have $100. It takes a bunch of weeks to get there but again, play it for the game itself & u will be rewarded !!! Yes there are ads, but big deal, if ur sitting around playing on ur phone, obviously u have time, plus it\'s worth the $100 to get paid for playing.
Victoria Gilo 2020-04-07

We at first really liked this game. We actually do like the game, it is the payout that is so wrong. You need to get at least $20 to cashout. Well in the begining of playing you get payouts that are good. We know we have to go through a lot of ads, but we didn\'t expect to get paid only $0.01 then have to go 189 levels to get a penny. And do you lnow why? We are $0.30 shy of a payout. Good thing we like the game anyway. We do enjoy playing togethdr as a couple. Have to work on giving more than 1
Anne Leabo 2020-03-12

I like the game but it\'s payouts drop dramatically after a few solutions. After a certain number of levels you have to watch an ad after completing the puzzle AND when you need to power up. Who wants to play a game that you\'re watching more ads than playing the game? I am currently at level 509. I have $17.53 in my bank but need $20 to cash out. That averages out to $.03444 per puzzle. To hit the $20 mark I would statistically need to win 72 more. Not going to waste any more time.
Amanda Weed 2020-04-05

Fun game. In the beginning you earn money quick, but I think after you reach $10 it slows down on how quick you get it. I\'m on level 80 and I\'m not even at $15. I had to do 16 levels just to get .42 cents.. you have to reach $20 to get it sent to pay pal or amazon.. after I get my $20 I wont be playing this game anymore. But it is fun and interesting makes you think. At level 130 and I just now made it to $15
Pat Leake 2020-01-22

The puzzles are fun but after a very short while the pay out is one penny per game to reach $20. I\'ve been playing for 3 days and have accumulated $6 but it\'s not worth continuing for a penny a puzzle. Plus the ads are the same games advertising over and over again! You also only get 5 games before you have to watch a video for one more puzzle. Way too many ads for me, I\'m installing today.
Connie Sexton 2020-04-12

Game is fun, but if you are looking to make the $20 so you can cash out quickly, it will take forever! It starts off really fast and you get $10 within a few rounds. Then it slows WAY down after that! I just passed my last round, I got .15 cents. I have 185 levels to go until my next bonus...lol! I\'ve literally have been playing for weeks and I do several levels each day. If u need $20, it would be quicker to look for pennies on the ground in a parking lot...lol! FYI, I\'m on level 972!
Redd Caldwell 2020-01-23

Liking this game so far. Played so many like this. However this game is the only one that I\'ve played that\'s been pretty straight forward. I also like that they dont reward you with mere cents but they give actual dollar amounts like $5, $10 and so forth. I highly refer this game to all.
Andrew James 2020-05-17

Positives: It\'s a great word game, and I like the various graphics - they give the game a good feel. Negatives: Lots of ads, but of course, that\'s how prizes are funded - you don\'t get something for nothing. If you\'re looking to make money quickly this isn\'t the app for you - I\'ve played nearly 3100 levels but not yet earned enough to cash out - I just played 99 levels and earned a single cent. I\'m on $19.73, so at that rate I\'ll need to play another 2673 levels to get to $20 and cash out.
Iris Wilson 2020-02-06

This game is a good word game only! It is a bait and switch. I am on level 82, 3300+ left in coins but it is almost impossible to earn enough money to cash out. Also, the higher the level the more ads you are required to watch and the less money you get. Someone is getting a lot of money off all these ads, it\'s just not me. I finally hit $14 @ level 70 and at level 82, a mandatory ad to watch after each level plus extra ads, and I am only at $14.56 - < $0.0037/ad. Player beware!
Mrs. Synopsis 2020-03-21

Takes too long to earn money... I\'ve had this app for almost 4 months & I have 17.96. Not cool...The app won\'t let you log out & it drains my battery. A lot of ads equals alot of money for the developers of this app & you can\'t cash out until 20.00 is earned. I have been so patient with this app & sad to say that I have been mislead & robbed. If it did not drain my battery & the ads were a little less frequent I would\'ve given it 4 stars.