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Description of Word Search - crossword puzzle

Find the words, build up your vocabulary, and have fun! Thousands of words to explore. Install to start now!

Begin your word trip! Just try to connect the letters in between and collect the words concealed in the puzzle! What could be easier or more fun?

What you get:

* Hours of play to challenge your brain.

* Daily Challenges and unique trophies.

* Hints to power up your progress.

* Thousands of levels and words to seek.

* Easy and attractive gameplay.

* New game from a top developer.

* No Internet connection needed for your word hunt.

How to play:

* Search and swipe letters to create words horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

* Click the Hint button if you get stuck and want to receive tips.

* Find all hidden words to strike and rise to new levels.

* Unlock new levels with even more challenging letter soup word puzzles.

* Note: words may be hidden in word stacks. One letter may be a part of several words.

For all mind game lovers, this word scramble is just what you are looking for. Word Search is an addictive puzzle game suitable for adults of all ages. Word Search is ideal for teaching word search solver skills and improving the imagination of word scapes. Whether you are planning to find words with friends or doing it alone, you can enjoy hours of intellectual pastime and brain training.

You'll never get tired of this crossword game! Infinite word search has tons of levels! Try to solve free crossword puzzles right away!

Have fun with our new free Word Search game!

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lable: Word - Games Current Version:1.30.0 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:Easybrain

User Reviews


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Judith Bolder 2020-10-08

Word Search is fun and great for keeping your mind young. It starts easy and as you go up levels it adds more words. I love Word Search because it allows one to find all the words at ones own pace which some games do not. Give it a go. I believe you will have fun and it passes the time when waiting for an appointment💕
Stewart Fritts Sr 2021-01-06

Initially gave a negative review because of issues with ads after paying to have them removed. I feel like it was an honest mistake on the past of the developers and I was being unfair. The issue has since resolved and not returned. The game is a good way to kill time and has helped me get through some stressful afternoons. It\'s pleasing to look at and while the levels aren\'t the hardest, some of them are challenging enough to keep your attention. Glad I bought it.
Norma Jean Passey 2020-12-13

Light winnable i have played word search type games since the seventies. This is looking like the best. You don\'t get exhausted or a headache. The colors are great. I have never place a comment for a game; not one, ever.
MaLinda Robinson 2020-11-23

I like the game but there are to many ads. Everytime you finish a level before you can get to the next one...there is a ad. I am about ready to uninstall it which is more than likely what I will do. I\'m not paying $5 to remove ads and they still pop-up as other reviews have stated.
Ace Face 2020-12-26

This game is so great for your mind, and you get to have fun while searching for words! I\'m just kinda bummed that we can\'t do all words not just including the ones we are supposed to find. It\'s not like there is an add after every level, it\'s about every three so I feel this is a great game.
Anime_ Becca 2021-01-23

This game isn\'t just fun it\'s educational and really good for children\'s learning environment, I recommend this game to all those mothers and fathers in need of help with home schooling due to this petrifying time, over all this game is fun, educational, exciting and bubbly!! You could even challenge your friend or family members to this!!! And I love the fact that on each level it gets harder and harder as if you want to keep going!!👍✨
Danger_Scoops 2020-11-11

I feel really sad for rating this app 3 stars because it is fun, but it has some problems. 1st one is the difficulty, it is way to easy and there is no penalty for just blindly guessing. 2nd is the ads an ad plays after every puzzle wich you can do in 3 minutes because the puzzles are so easy! Also, don\'t just use random words, combine them into a theme. Otherwise its fun and I like the colors.
Tiffany Scott 2020-11-03

I love this game so much. I would give you 5 stars but I dropped the stars amount to 3 due to the constant ads and the freezing in the middle of it. Edit: After updating the app, the issue has gone. Thank you for a response. Your app is amazing. Would recommend this app 100%. Thank you for an amazing app experience.
E Bradlea 2020-12-20

I came for word searches and I got word searches, so this app is great. It\'s amazing how there\'s multiple ways to play. If you want a word search app, get this one. Genuine review btw.
Elizabeth 2020-10-27

It\'s a good game, overall I like it, but there are a few things I wish were different. First, I really like puzzles, and sometimes I find words that aren\'t supposes to be there, and I kind of wish that I could get points for them or something? And get a prize depending on how many I find? Also, the words are random. I don\'t like that. They should be related to the theme, like states under the name \'states\'. I don\'t know. I like it though.