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If you love to find words, try word search games designed to help relieve stress, expand your vocabulary, and bring serenity to your day! Word Search Inspiration is the perfect way to relax while improving your mind with addictive word puzzles. Every puzzle you complete will help you find inspiration and relax!

Find words on the board & connect letters to solve tons of puzzles. Relaxation is easy! Simply find words, solve puzzles & refresh your mind! Enjoy beautiful nature backgrounds and calming music. Take each puzzle one step at a time, and confidently overcome each challenge in the game.


• EASY GAME PLAY! Just swipe letters to find words!

• CLUES FOR EVERY PUZZLE! Use clues to help you search for & find all the words!



• Search for and find all the words! The word search puzzles may seem easy, but they get challenging!


If you like to relax with a crossword puzzle or scrabble, you’ll love Word Search Inspiration! These puzzle games may seem easy, but they can be surprisingly challenging! Join the makers of Word Cookies for a brand new crossword game!


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Come relax with the best word search games & puzzles! Inspiration & serenity await!

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lable: Word - Games Current Version:21.1203.09 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:BitMango

User Reviews


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Alison Savill 2019-12-26

Disappointed, Not what is advertised. I downloaded because the advent suggested you find as many words as you can whilst the word search moves instead it\'s a traditional word search where you find the words in a grid. Now uninstalling due to false advertisement. I would personally give 0 stars if I could.
Sidra Begum 2019-12-24

even though that the advert was totally different to what the game actually was, the game is absolutely fantastic to play and has been one of my best favourite games in a long time so I think that everyone should download word search inspiration for a game they would like to play whenever they are bored or have nothing to do because it is really good! AND ADDICTIVE!!!
sheila 2020-09-12

Another game with false advertisement! I\'m deleting every one of them... why do they all show a scrolling crossword puzzle where you try to find the words as it\'s scrolling? I\'ve deleted so many games for false advertisement! I don\'t get it... why not create the game that you\'re advertising?
Anne Marie 2020-03-06

The amount of ads is really unnecessary. Every 2 games there is 1 ad (25 seconds each). Also, your app should allow the player to skip the game where they\'re stuck in & move on to the next. Offering only the option to buy tokens so we can get out of it or be given extra tokens to get a hint with the first letter, isn\'t that appealing. I\'m deleting your app. Lost interest. Quite boring & not very optional.
Carla Banks-Williams 2021-01-21

Level 506 was VERY sexist and mysoginistic. I am frustrated because TWICE I was ripped off 200 coins (for a total of 400) because my hand was CLOSE to the wand power-up. I think we should have the option of confirming that we meant to do that. Like a pop-up question, \"do you want to spend 200 coins on the wan\" or \"75 coins on the letter hint\" or whatever.
Alexandra Lexe Boettner 2019-12-13

Not at all what was advertised. Advertising shows you a game where you have to quickly find words while the letters continue to move down... I installed it and it\'s just a boring \"find the word game\"
Barbra Moeller 2020-03-31

This is a simple game, which I really need during such a stressful time😀 This is a happy little game, gentle music adds to the \"simple and easy\" break in my day I was hoping to find. Thank you for making something so kind and gentle, a rare treat. Too many games are \"out for blood\", but this game feels like a soft breeze on a Summer day.
Grumplestiltskin 2020-12-01

I downloaded this based on an ad. In the ad, the word sheet was scrolling and you had to find the words before the page left the screen. It seemed like a fun challenge. This game is nothing like the advertisement and is a very simplistic, very boring word search. No challenge at all if you have a basic vocabulary. Do not recommend.
keto Calling 2019-12-01

Very addictive, it could do with a shuffle option thars free andI do feel that the hints are a bit expensive for the coins you receive. That\'s why only 4 stars. Otherwise love it. Xxx
ian legg 2020-03-22

Falsely advertised. It\'s nothing like the advert. The advert implies a scrolling screen and words to find. This however is a static grid and an ordinary word search. The game in the advert is not what you\'re getting. Don\'t download and be deceived. Should really be reported for such false advertising.