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Description of Word Trek - Word Brain streak - hand made puzzles

Word Trek - Word Brain streak: Hand-made puzzles, designed to tickle your brain cells!

Are you a fan of word games and puzzle challenges? Try the most addictive free brain game on the Play Store and get hooked! Find and swipe your way through hundreds of word puzzles, spread across different difficulty levels and find out if you are a Word Genius and Master Puzzle Solver! Meant for casual brain exercise, join millions of puzzle solvers and trek your way to word glory!

Start this intriguing word search journey as a tiny Amoeba and evolve into an Alien wordsmith! And then, solve your way across the universe, clearing puzzles on different planets!

Stuck with a Puzzle? Don’t worry, all grids are double-checked to make sure they are solvable! Just keep trying, or use a few hints to reveal some letters!

Connect to Facebook! Invite friends, earn coins for each referral, send more coin requests, and use them to get more hints! Also, get to see who has a better way with words!

--Why should you choose Word Trek?--

+ A lot of Challenging Puzzles!

+ Exquisite Game Interface!

+ Cool Alien Mystery Adventure!

+ Download for Free!

+ Applicable to Any Ages!

+ Applies to All Android Devices or Google Play Users!

+ Any time at Any Place, Play Offline!

+ Daily New Levels!

+ Themed Puzzles during Holidays!

As a bonus, train your brain with the Daily Quest feature! Brand new puzzles every day with cool rewards!

Download the most popular word search and puzzle game now, and play for free!

Follow us on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/wordupgame

Note: Use of this application requires you to grant it permission to access the external storage for downloading daily puzzle content.

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lable: Word - Games Current Version:1.4.24 Publish Date:2022-05-28 Developer:PlaySimple Games

User Reviews


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Rob Galbraith 2019-02-25

THIEVES! I purchased some spins and did not receive them. I have opened FOUR (4) tickets regarding this issue. Tickets says I should be contacted \"within 24hrs\", yet after THREE WEEKS, I still have not received my spins or ANY response from these guys! They have stolen my money and ignored my multiple requests to resolve this issue. Be very careful with this shady app and the people who run it.
Neil Baldry 2019-08-10

not clue as to what the words have in common, hints are WAY TOO COSTLY, ive been playing for a few years now on and off (im pretty far in rhe rhe levels) but it\'s just so unbearable at times, i go months/a year without playing it due to frustration.. hints should be 5 or 10 *\'s not 25 *\'s and have a clue as to what the link is between the words to at least make it playable
Vivek Antony 2019-04-30

I had the worst experience with this game. Coins r taken away overnight. Had some 100 odd coins and when i look now it says 15. How come ?? And when i tried to connect to facebook, i lost all my progress- twice. Disappointed. I would rather look for a free word puzzle game than giving in to ur tricks to pay for ur coins. P.S : i just matched some grids and got the word \'fraud\'. Irony ??
Marcus Gehrmann 2021-01-02

I\'ve had this game for many years and played with friends, exchanging gifts etc. Over time I experienced various problems that I brought to the attention of the developers, which they fixed. However, a long time ago several game functions stopped. e.g. The word of the day is stuck on \'Paragon\' and the ability to share gifts broke. Sam\'s puzzles became extinct. UPDATE: It\'s now Jan 2021, and the daily puzzle has broken! I suggest that if the game isn\'t fixed by March then ALL USERS UNINSTALL it!
Penny Harper 2019-10-12

Really stimulates your brain. Stays interesting and challenging. Improves vocabulary and spelling. Uses common words. And yes it can be addicting. It\'s really fun. Good for crossword puzzle lovers too.
Katherine Bryan 2019-06-17

very good game and very fun to play wish it had more hints in the game thow and smaller words I can\'t spell very good and I am having trouble with the spelling the words to the game and my mother Ellen bush got me to play the game can u fix it to help people that can\'t spell very good and I am neading help with the one I am on I will still try to play the game if u cood fix it for me that will be very helpful and thanks u for the fun game to i hope you can help make it work for me to learn read
Susan Greene 2020-09-21

Updated 9/20/2020 - game is obviously no longer being supported. ‐----------------- Very frustrated with this game right now. Special \"Sam\" game has disappeared. Daily Quest has gotten very stingy with stars & spins. Same Word of the Day for weeks. 😥 Updated 1/16/2020 - huge payouts for Daily Quest are back but still no Sam and Word of the day is still \"paragon\". Changed rating from 1 star to 3 stars.
BlackMoon2 2019-04-15

ill give you five stars for this one. english as a hard language should be the course and your spelling app ia not only challenging it makes a language barrier difference. Thank You.
Heather Green 2019-03-05

challenging at first I thought it might just be for kids. but then as I got up there in levels it was for sure a challenge
T D 2020-07-01

I love this game! There\'s some issue with it now though. I no longer get the additional challenges, there\'s always the same daily word & now the screen is just blank. I hate to uninstall it, but it looks like I have to. ☹