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Meet Word Trip, the perfect word game that will relax your mind while you form word after word and go on an unstoppable word streak!

Word Trip is the game for you because it combines the most breathtaking backgrounds with the best words you can think of. Swipe your way to a fantastic word game journey that will keep you going on and on! Each word you solve takes you closer to your next destination.

This free word game makes learning new words fun. Connect the letters, find the words, and sharpen your word skills as you go. If you love word puzzles, this game is sure to get you excited. Word Trip is also the perfect game to keep your brain active and working hard.

Starting off easy, this word game will keep you immersed in pure word bliss. With unlimited tries, you can go on and on, taking your word wisdom to new heights!

➤ With over 5000 puzzles and counting, your word trip will never end!

➤ Play through fantastic destinations that will soothe your mind!

➤ Win exciting rewards daily and compete with others on spectacular word quests!

So what are you waiting for? Get the word game everyone is going crazy about!

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lable: Word - Games Current Version:1.444.0 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:PlaySimple Games

User Reviews


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Allicia C 2021-01-10

Okay, I\'ve been playing Word Trip for almost a year. I\'ve noticed some \"glitches\" that I could describe as unfair play. 1. Bonus Puzzles. There are at least two bonus puzzles available where if you complete them, you will receive coins and other game freebies. The way it works, is when you solve a word on the puzzle, you can win a tiny puzzle piece or fortune cookie . If you collect enough fortune cookies or puzzle pieces, you will win bonus items such a free hints or coins. The way the app is written, as soon as you approach winning a final piece to win the bonus, the game ceases giving you anymore puzzle pieces or fortune cookies. I think it\'s really petty on behalf of the developers. If you don\'t want to give free hints or coins, why have the little bonus games. It doesn\'t make sense really. 2. The Treasure Hunt. Also, inside the game is a treasure hunt and if you get the highest score, you can win free coins. Do you think this is a quick way to win additional bonus coins? Forget it! You\'ll never win. I can be playing for a hour or so and rank in 2nd place. And suddenly someone will pass me and I\'m bumped to 6th place. I don\'t believe there are any real competitors. The app is programmed to make certain you\'ll never win anything. I would pay the subscription to remove the ads, but how can I be certain I won\'t be scammed further.
Britney Payne 2021-01-09

Good brain teaser game... starts off really easy but only downfall is how long it takes to progress to the more challenging levels, of course that is my personal opinion but still yet it\'s a good game. I also like the fact that it seems like the levels are endless and there are a couple side games within the game itself that allows you to make extra coins and wisdom points to buy things like hints & avatars for your profile picture. Good job!
Linda Bush 2021-02-12

At first you play fine through several letter sets, then the ads begin....they obviously rely heavily on ads. After. Every. Single. Set. Of. Letters. This is worse than any other game I\'ve played....it\'s practically become painful. I\'ve got lots of other things I could be doing, so as soon as I get to the end of this \"journey\" I\'m on, this game will be history.
Donna Harvill 2021-02-05

I really enjoy this game as it seems to challange me a bit at times! Then there are times I will just breese right through some of these Ive had it lock up me a couple of timrs and just today was the first time I wasnt rewarded for watching a video! As a rule I dont take the time to comment on things but this game has been hard for me to put down! Thanks so much and Please don\'t ruin this app in the future by: Trying to fix what isnt broken! Thats a big problem with you techs! So keep it great!
Joan Hamilton 2021-01-24

I\'m addicted to this game! I must add, however, that I got stuck on finding a word, and was told to \"Complete Level 77 in Candy Crush Saga...\" and I would get over 3000 points, but after completing said level in Candy Crush Saga, and returned to the level (I think it\'s either 265, or 266) on Word Trip, no points was added. For your info., I had far past Level 77 in CCS, and reach over Level 1000+, so I never had to return to it. Please rectify this. Your word should be your bond. Thank you.
Amethyst Davis 2021-02-16

I like/despise this game. I just hate when it has to scold me about no 2 letter words when my finger accidentally swipes over 2 letters. I\'m smart enough to have made it through hundreds of puzzles, yet it still makes me feel like it\'s calling me stupid, like I can\'t count the boxes and see that there are no 2 letter words! I also hate effing HATE the no 3 letter words ones, they\'re stupid! It\'s annoying to my OCD. And no matter how much you beg, I\'m not paying real world money for hints.
Renee A 2021-01-20

I really like this app! I find the combination of the gameplay, scenery and music to be relaxing and enjoyable. The puzzles are generally quite easy. But I do find myself scratching my head occasionally trying to \"see\" a word.🤔 When I finally figure it out, I\'m like \"DUH! I can\'t believe it took me so long to get that!\"🤭 There are a lot of different challenges along the way to keep it interesting so I\'ve not been bored with it. There are many badges to earn too. Download it and give it a try!
Vivian L. Herold 2021-03-10

The game found me! It showed up as a pop up of Backgammon. I almost went past it but for some weird reason, I checked it out. I liked what I saw. This is actually quite a bit of good fun! It\'s non intrusive as you play. It\'s quiet. The graphics, or... Pics? Are non intrusive, too. They are crisp, clear, clean. It\'s simple and very well done!
chelle harris 2021-01-14

I just downloaded this game yesterday because it was an ad on another game but after downloading it, it wasn\'t the same as what was advertised. A little disappointed because of the false advertisement and it\'s just like the games I already have installed. Overall, it\'s a good day just hate the false advertisement.
Veronica Mehr 2021-01-09

Something\'s are going wrong now. Not receiving my 10 point hourly videos ANYMORE 😭😿💔,or my free spins 1 day the game deleted itself, I was VERY far along, an I had to start over otherwise, I am totally addicted to this game. You have to USE your brain. FINALLY, STARTED right NOW to get the videos AGAIN. See how LONG it lasts