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Description of Word Wars - Word Game

Word Wars is the ultimate word game to test your word power and find out whether you are better than all your friends! Are you smart enough to spot the hidden words?

The more words you make, the bigger your word arsenal becomes! And if you use the bonus tiles smartly, no one can beat you!

This unique online game is designed for avid word game lovers and new players alike. Time to rediscover your favorite childhood word game!

Strapped for time? Try the mini-board for quick word battles with friends. What’s more? You will learn new words every day and in no time, you will become a word master.

Never get tired of waiting on your opponents to play their turn! Play as many matches as you want at the same time and keep the fun going!

Learn new words on the go and make your opponents scramble for words!

➤ CLASSIC MULTIPLAYER EXPERIENCE - Enjoy the evergreen classic board game in a beautiful new avatar!

➤ PLAY WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY - Login with Facebook and start dueling with friends!

➤ FIND YOUR MATCH - Get matched with other players based on your skill level and unleash your word wizardry!

➤ BROADCAST CHALLENGES - Throw down the gauntlet to other players and see how many are up for your word game challenge!

➤ WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS - Compete in tournaments every week and win grand prizes!

➤ UNIQUE POWER-UPS - Make use of fantastic power-ups that will help you take your word game skills to the next level!

➤ CHAT WITH FRIENDS - Stay connected with your friends and make new ones!

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste time on run-of-the-mill games. Get Word Wars now and get your word game journey started!

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lable: Word - Games Current Version:1.520 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:PlaySimple Games

User Reviews


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Rhiannyn Newport 2020-12-31

The overall game is very fun! There are a lot of ads but that\'s common now. My main concern is the inability to report people. There where a couple people who kept asking where I lived and for personal information. I understand you have the option to chat or to mute someone but I wanted to report somebody in hopes that a younger player wouldn\'t give out too much information and get hurt.
Nikki Lynn 2020-12-30

I love this game! I would definitely give it 5 stars, but it lags, it crashes, it has way too many ads, and it has a lot of bugs. The Word of the Day should be like a game too, have us play that word and get a prize or something. And on The Leaderboards, although they are fun, the prize is lame. Lol.. Sorry. I still play this game all the time, so please fix the glitches!
Megan Bowman 2019-11-28

I actually love this game, BUT I gave one star so developers would see that the chat feature needs to go. Countless female players are complaining about men hitting on them and refusing to play if they aren\'t interested, and this is a real issue. I had one harrass me demanding my phone number and email, then refused to finish the game when I politely refused to give him my info. That was 4 or 5 days ago, I\'m in the lead, and he should be forced to resign by now. Get rid of chat, PLEASE!
\'Tunji Alao 2020-07-01

I have been playing Word Wars since early 2018 and I enjoyed it. However, today I got the new update that got me heartbroken. Why on earth will you add so many colours and make the tiles smaller? Now I have to force myself to finish 10 ongoing games and I will reject any game invite. Whoever approved this new graphics did a poor job. Best bet is to revert to the old design, why fix what\'s not broken?
April Sinkfield 2020-06-12

Originally gave the game 5 stars, however since the last upgrade there is a delay on opening the game and on each play. Now i can\'t play rapidly between each individual game. The graphics look like a cartoon version of the original game. In the messaging section, unless you send a message you\'re stuck there. I had to close the game and reopen it. Ive been trying to upset my picture, it wont change. The game was so perfect before.... the upgrade is definitely a down grade. 😟
Johnson Oteri 2020-12-15

Great app for sharpnenig your vocabulary and English skills. Meeting people from different backgrounds with diverse skills and even making new friends. Really educating and addictive. \'Good addiction anyway\'. Am still enjoying playing with people from all over the world, losing some and winning some. All the same, its been a great experience. My best online game so far. I can\'t stop enjoying it.
Jan Hebisen 2020-05-03

I\'m over all ur glitches! I can\'t take them anymore! I\'m constantly kicked off, especially after viewing a video to receive coins/points, yet never receive them! Trying to watch a video is impossible, it takes at least 20 times to watch one and you\'re not guaranteed to get any points after watching 10 to 20 videos! Ur app says \"word wars\" not responding, and u have to close the game, this happens 4 to 5 times per session, if not more! I NOW play Words with Friends, they have no glitches! Sorry!
Michelle G 2020-01-10

Just started playing but loving it!.. update one month later--,back to add the 5th star!! I love this game....havent touched another since I\'ve started playing this one. When you find ppl.who are around your level, it\'s really fun as each person gets stronger at playing the game. Nice to use some of that higher level of vocabulary that I know but dont use in everyday conversations.
Lyn Campbell 2020-06-18

A month ago I loved it, but that last update ruined it, not just the dreadful colours, but now its glitchy, hard to move the tiles, 3 times having used the swap on my tiles it would not let me play the word (yes it was a word) then froze and went back to the original set, it freezes when you zoom, and half the players seem to think its just some pick up joint... so sorry it BiBi from me.
Valerie Edelmann 2020-03-08

Great socializing! Boring graphics! Many of the men tend to try to pick up women who will chat offline.( Even an old 70 yr old, happily married great grandma like me.) You can only block so many people. Then, you have to unblock someone to block the new troll. The game itself is great! Just need to be able to block more obnoxious people.