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Description of Word Wow Around the World

Word Wow AROUND THE WORLD – The worm is back with a fun new word game! Puzzle your way around the globe with your word making skills.

Word Wow word games have been downloaded over 5 million times! – THANK YOU!

New double sized boards, fun boosters and worm holes will challenge even the best game players. A NEW timer-free option is available for those who want relaxing game play. Book your ticket and travel with the worm!

Use your word making skills to help navigate the worm down towers of letters, but watch out for the new double ice traps! Puzzle your way down and around obstacles, before time runs out.

Collect special boosters along the way to help you through brain busting levels! Find hidden gems to unlock bonus puzzles where you can really rack up the points!

Word Wow AROUND THE WORLD will sharpen your brain and become your new go-to word game!


🔶Timer-free mode.

🔶DOUBLE sized puzzle boards = more word game fun!

🔶Over 600 levels to hone your skills and challenge your brain.

🔶Adorable character and bright, colorful graphics transport you around the world!

🔶Plenty of hidden bonus levels for dedicated word game fans.

🔶Tons of new boosters and rewards!

🔶Compete against your Facebook friends or puzzle your brain solo.

🔶Find out how you measure up with local and worldwide record book rankings!

🔶Free daily bonuses to help you when you need it.

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More Information Of Word Wow Around the World

lable: Word - Games Current Version:1.3.12 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:DonkeySoft Inc.

User Reviews


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Randy Alvarez 2019-02-17

Pass on this app. This is a extremely ad aggressive application. Even to the exclusion of the game itself. This app will ramp up the difficulty level hard as it will make you watch another ad by time or by ending your current game, which doesn\'t accept nouns as words??? Very intrusive, even into your storage. Hard Pass!!!
Lynn Rung 2020-03-26

Love this game have been playing it for about 3 years! All of a sudden the last couple of weeks it constantly freezes up you cannot get on it, or in the middle of the game it freezes. Really really sucks! Used to be 5 stars now I give it one.
Pe Bu 2020-08-24

Love this game but please check obtaining the 3rd gold star in #703 in Kenya. What is the secret to obtaining the 3rd star? Seems impossible since the worm has to go further down than the level of the star. Otherwise, these games are excellent! Yay! Thanks for fixing!
Nur Adreanna 2021-01-30

Loving every single second I spend in this game. Its like improving my vocabulary everyday without failing. Love the game.. Love the graphics... Love the theme. Do add in more country to this game.. The more the merrier.
Charlotte Schmidt 2020-08-05

A nice easy little game that passes the time. My only complaint is why do you not have a \"Qu\" title. The q does no good without the u, and it is frustrating to have to use a flipper or a bomb to clear a blockage because I dont have the u.
Shelley K 2020-05-07

Bestest Word Game Ever!! It\'s so hard to stop playing! The game is quite challenging, to pass each level, and to improve your score. It\'s not about shock and awe, but about having simple fun and seriously expanding your vocabulary and thinking quickly. There are different games in the same vein from this wonderful, small company, and I love all that I\'ve tried. Looking forward to more Donkeysoft entertainment. Thank you!
Ron Rose 2017-05-09

Best word game I\'ve played in a long time. Only frustrating thing is being unable to scroll back up to get letters that have moved off screen. Highly recommend it.
Rachel Nicole Chenoweth 2020-07-01

A challenging game considering the word possibilities are limited to the letters available and the players vocabulary. Playing offline is a plus if WiFi or data services aren\'t available.
Veronica Acevedo 2020-11-01

This game is TRUE casual! No time or number of moves limits. it\'s challenging for sure, you have to plan your moves to get the stars and gems to pass the levels. You earn bombs and potions in the levels. My fave game app!
Desmond John 2020-08-18

SERIOUS BUG in \"Spain, B3\". Start the game and play down 4-5 lines. Look at the right lowest corner and notice the word tile in the wall dividing the 1st screen and 2nd screen to the right. Lead the worm to the first hole on the right and the WORM DISAPPEARS when on the 2nd screen. The star cannot be collected as there is no worn. Once, the worn escaped from the gap in the right wall, and the game SCROLLED DOWN right to the bottom WITHOUT the worm. PLEASE FIX & UPDATE as B3 cannot be completed.