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Description of WordBrain - Word puzzle game

More than 40 million word geniuses have used WordBrain to sharpen their word searching and logic skills! Solve the puzzles and use your logic to find the words as you progress through thousands of challenging word puzzles!

The first word puzzles ease you into the unique WordBrain way of thinking, it’s much more than a word search or a crossword puzzle but once you get hooked no other word game will feel the same.

Your puzzle solving, spelling, and word search skills need to be on top form as you find the words in the correct order to solve the levels. Can you score extra points by finding other words hidden in the level?

WordBrain is free to play, and there are so many new words to find and puzzles to solve!


Your WordBrain puzzle game experience starts here! Let Brainy the WordBrain mascot show you how to play and introduce you to the wonderful world of solving puzzles WordBrain style

Start simple with easy anagram puzzles that can be trickier word puzzles than you think to solve

Puzzles get trickier as more words are hidden in the levels. Can you solve the puzzles and find the words in the correct order to solve the puzzle? Can you apply logic and use your word brain to increase your brain size score?

There are thousands of WordBrain levels to solve. Play to solve knowing that each time you find a new word and solve a WordBrain puzzle you’re training your brain to keep it healthy.


WordBrain keeps the word puzzle challenges fresh with regular events that let you win rewards that you can use in other puzzles


Can you solve the puzzle of the day? Can you solve the word puzzle of the day tomorrow and maintain your streak? There are thousands of WordBrain players with streaks of hundreds of days long proving that WordBrain keeps delivering exciting puzzles and challenges.


Word Puzzles can be tricky! All of the WordBrain puzzles can be solved without using hints, but maybe you’d like some help with the more difficult puzzles.

Hints will give you a clue about what words need to be found to solve the puzzle. Maybe you just need the first letter of the word to solve the puzzle!


Show off your word game style and skills by creating your own word puzzle and share it with your friends

Can they find the words? Can they solve your puzzle? Can you solve theirs?

Special seasonal tiles mean your word games always look good


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Join a global audience of more than 250 million players and check out some of our other chart-topping hit word & puzzle games like Ruzzle, Word Domination or WordBrain 2!

WordBrain has been lovingly created by MAG Interactive, where we take fun seriously.

More about MAG Interactive at www.maginteractive.com

Good Times!

Additional Information:

The WordBrain game is free to play. In-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency.

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lable: Word - Games Current Version:1.43.6 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:MAG Interactive

User Reviews


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A Google user 2020-05-12

Awesome word game!! I can\'t say enough good things about this game!! It\'s challenging, it\'s not too easy like most word games !! I absolutely love it!! I just wanted to update my review for 5/12/2020. I have been playing this game now for quite awhile and I am obviously addicted to it,lol. I love finding the 10 hidden words for the star, and the word selection gets more challenging the longer I play!! And also, thanks for the hints during stay at home order!! Thanks developers for wordbrain!!!!
Linda Levy 2020-03-08

I love the game and would have given it five stars but it\'s missing two very important things: 1) when you are searching for the extra words and you find one, if you choose that again it should show it in a different color so you know you\'ve already found that one, and 2) when the game is over it should show all the extra words along with the game board so you can see which ones you didn\'t find. Its aggravating when you find 9 out of 10 extra words but they don\'t show the one you didn\'t find.
Do Khanh Linh 2020-03-24

This game is quite interesting and it helps me to practice my English knowledge since I\'m not a native person. But lots of meaningful words l have found on each puzzle weren\'t counted, like: hoe, roar, rat, sew, seal, lame, boar, dove, etc. I use this app to play and learn English at the same time but sometimes, l have to check my dictionary to make sure l was right that those words were meaningful but weren\'t counted. It made me crazy when l thought it must be a right word but literally no
Dianne Remmert 2019-12-11

This game is awesome. It makes you think and at times it frustrates me ( in o good way ) as it makes me more determined to solve it. An awesome way to increase your vocabulary as well as challenging. Has improved my brain function in a great way. Very challenging and satisfying for me as I feel so proud 💕 of myself when I have struggled to get the puzzle solved. Thank you so much for creating Word Brain ❤️😊❤️
Tana Lee 2020-08-03

Love this game. I\'m finally going to buy it because the ads are both numerous and way too long, sucking up my data. Not sure if it\'s the game/ads/new phone that is causing freezes, but that doesn\'t detract from the fact that I love the game itself. (The other option is to turn on airplane mode.)
Mark Treccia 2020-08-08

I used to really like this app. And I understand the ads. I had gotten used to them in between boards......But now, popping up right in the MIDDLE of playing a board?!!! Unacceptable!! Time to UNinstall! UPDATE:I thought I would give it a chance to see if it would be fixed. A \"screen shot\" won\'t do anything, the pop up ad looks just like the ads IN BETWEEN the boards! They are coming more frequently and when I CAN \'close\' them, screen goes black! I then have to start my game over! Now 1 star!
Lynn Halpin 2020-04-08

Love making words! This game does just that! We all make mistakes, this game understands that and it keeps giving you every chance to complete the stages! Thank you
Nicky Rautenbach 2020-12-18

It has become addictive, but not sure of the benefits derived from the 10 hidden words. It should allow additional hints, or as an idea, if all 10 hidden words are found in 4 consecutive boards, then an addition hint is earned. In this game, hints are critical, but not willing to load credit card details for this. The game should provide rewards in as many ways as possible. If it gets to the stage of loading credit card details for hints, I will rather give up the game.
Ruben Plaud 2019-09-07

Too many freaking ads! I don\'t mind the ad banners, but the video after every other puzzle is so irritating. Takes the fun out of the game, and I tend to lose interest if I have to watch some uninteresting videos that will break my rhythm.
Pat C. 2020-03-08

I put FB on my new tablet and signed into it, then I put WB on my tablet after a few hours I checked my game and everything was back. I don\'t use FB, only used to keep my progress on my games. I uninstalled FB last night when I used WB today everything is good but all of my hints are gone and I had about 160. Why do I need to keep FB on my new tablet. I didn\'t have it on my old tablet. Is there anything I can do to get my hints back without losing anything else.