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Description of WordCrex - The fair word game

WordCrex is a multiplayer word game with the unique fair game principle. It’s all about skills, knowledge, language and fun.

Each turn players use the same set of seven letters to form words, so being lucky getting the right letters to play is not a factor anymore.

Each player receives the points of the valid word they played. Only the word of the player with the highest score of the turn will be placed on the game board.

The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins!

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- Fair word game principle

Players are challenged to form words with the same letters.

- Multiplayer.

Two, three or four players can play a game of WordCrex.

- Many languages available.

WordCrex can be played in many languages including small languages like Fries, Catalan and Esperanto.

- Choose your favourite colours.

Choose your favourite color for your WordCrex game board.

- Useful statistics

A lot of useful and fun stats to rate your play.

- Great game summary screen

A game summary screen where you can find all the points and words that your opponents played.

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lable: Word - Games Current Version:1.4.25 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Creative Friends B.V.

User Reviews


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MD GAFFAR 2017-03-29

dont belive me try it for yourself and see that this game is Better than wordfeud
imran khan 2017-03-24

to make the words each player will Play with the same letters and thats quite interesting
Prince kumar 2017-03-24

no other game is as fair as this game hence this is is the best fair world game
Milou Verbeek 2019-09-19

Fun way to keep in contact with my family back home and keep my Dutch up. App works well even when your internet is not great.
Anup Mehta 2020-07-14

All great, maybe you could up the social connect interact ease.
Debashish Sengupta 2020-09-19

An innovative and interesting twist on scrabble.Very nice game.
Marianne Goldner 2019-10-19

This is an interesting take on Scrabble. I like this game a lot. More incentive to make better words. Good customer service.
himanshu maheshwari 2017-03-27

thinking about the Best word game?then game is your answer,I really like it
Sonu Kumar 2017-03-23

Absolutely amazing totally good application for the bill payment you can rely on this application to do a great job of bill pay application
Umesh Kumar 2017-03-23

simply put this game is one of the best game because its a Fair word game