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Description of Wordful-Word Search Mind Games

If you're looking for new games for mind sharpening and brain training, then Wordful is the one for you! There are 580 well-chosen levels to test your vocabulary and spelling. Be prepared to face the challenges in numerous blocks of letters. The game starts easy, but soon you'll find the real brain trainers waiting ahead.

You need to swipe the letters to make valid words. The game is not only a spelling test but also a challenge to think outside the box and find the seemingly "impossible" words. Start now to train your brain and hunt the words in our fun, addictive word puzzles, and play with friends to see who's the real word genius!

We have:

- 580 brain training well-chosen levels.

- Fluent game play and pleasant interfaces.

- Daily exercise to keep your brain alert.

- Best choice to sharpen your mind and kill boredom!

To play Wordful:

- Swipe the letters to build words.

- You don't need WiFi to access the game.

- Progress through levels and become the word master!

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lable: Word - Games Current Version:2.3.0 Publish Date:2022-06-17 Developer:SMART UP INC

User Reviews


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A Google user 2018-02-06

Was very easy at first, but soon becomes much trickier. Only complaint: the hints button is too easy to touch by accident, so you use a hint when you don\'t want to. Would be better located near the top of the screen instead of the bottom. Hoping new update has moved the \'use hint\' button; it certainly has become trickier to find the words on the higher levels. UPDATE: It took me about a year to finish all levels. I often copied the grid on to paper, and used it as a WordSearch, then tried my list of words later back on screen. Two games in one! Thanks for all the entertainment for the year.
Blane Evans-Parker 2018-05-29

Would be 5 stars except for 30sec video ads that you cannot stop. Ruins battery so app gets killed and restarted. Ads are fine otherwise and pay for the app developers. The response \' you can kill the ad by x\' is not true. That was my point. You cannot. I dont mond 5 secs but a full 30 secs of video on my phone kills the battery before the x appears. RTFM!
Sebastiantroy1 2019-05-16

Way to easy to begin, and no option to skip ahead to harder levels, too many whole screen 30 second ads. I understand the need for ads, but when you\'re trying to get to the levels that are actually a challenge, having an ad between every single level leads to more ad watching than app playing. I don\'t know if you\'ve updated it since my last play but I remember it being exceedingly tedious.
Richard Lloyd 2020-02-25

A good game with friends and family, but the ads have gotten totally out of control, ridiculous, in beginning was fine,but not they increased ads,and how long they are
A Google user 2018-04-17

Well This game is fun, challenging, and has a few twists. You learn as you go! Looking forward to the new games!
A Google user 2019-03-28

Great game! Definetly a challenge. The only thing I would change is the answers. They should be more relevant to the place the puzzle falls under.
Sarah Nundlall 2020-02-22

Very enthusiastic game..like its name it sharpened your mind definitely by dicovering new words and boost your vocabulary..thank you for this wonderful game..it\'s very interesting and quizzical as well..
Tamara Bubb 2019-11-30

I like this app as it keeps me thinking & gets harder as you go up levels... I had Word Epic from the same ppl, on my old phone, I am so high up as been playing for years, but couldn\'t find it on here, so I am starting new, & picked the same makers app, as Word Epic was so good, this one is just the same..
Elyshia D. 2017-11-28

It has too many adds that ruin the game play. When trying to close the adds, it opens it up anyway. I also started having trouble with my phone after downloading it. I have played it on my friends phone, the ads are annoying, but they close when you click on it. There have been a few times when it does glitch and causes some problems. Overall I really like the game because it can be really challenging, but I don\'t like the how it negatively affected my phone.
Karen LoBello 2019-05-09

I enjoy the brain challenge I get from this game. Whenever I\'ve had an issue such as losing my games after switching to a new phone, the administrators have responded very quickly and taken care of the matter right away to my satisfaction.