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Description of Wordiest

Wordiest is a single-player free word game with a hint of multiplayer competition. Wordiest challenges you to assemble two words from 14 letters, competing with other players given the same set. See definitions as you form words, and touch score results to see what words others played.

Sign-in to Google for leaderboards and achievements, competing with friends or the world for the best scores and ratings!

Wordiest offers a one-time in-app purchase to remove ads and load significantly more games for offline play.

★ Wordiest won the TWiT.tv All About Android #142 App Arena!

★ "The best word game I have ever played on Android." -Erez Zukerman, Android Editor at MakeUseOf.com

★ Featured in Mihir Patkar's "Words Without Friends: 7 Mind-Bending Single-Player Word Games"

Fun features:

• Touch the score graph to see other submissions.

• Press and hold "reset" to clear only non-words.

Frequently asked questions:

• Why isn't X a word? Wordiest mashes up Wiktionary and the SOWPODS list of English words, only using entries that appear in both lists. Many Wiktionary entries are not actually words, in particular proper nouns such as city and country names.

• How is rating computed? Your rating is a moving average tracking the percentage of players you beat each round. If the percentage is greater than your current rating, your rating increases.

• Are there always 100 players? Almost always. Wordiest keeps 100 players per match, when a new player enters an old one gets kicked out.

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More Information Of Wordiest

lable: Word - Games Current Version:1.188 Publish Date:2021-03-04 Developer:Concreterose

User Reviews


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MC Frontalot 2015-03-20

Beautiful Amazing ui, excellent game. Love that it keeps history.
James Locke 2016-06-05

Great game... but Checking a few of the scores that beat you on the graph shows up a lot of scientific terms, like you might see on a toothpaste label. I would assume people use anagram apps/websites to answer as there is no time limit to deter cheaters.
W. L. Elliott 2016-06-03

Great game. Love the game, the way it works and the way it scores. Good challenge. Had to put it down to four stars instead of five because: 1.the game makers should definitely use a real Websters dictionary instead of Wiki, because the \'definitions\' you get in this game are RIDICULOUSLY wrong, or slang, while it won\'t let you use a perfect word because it doesn\'t recognize it as a real word (CAJUN?). That bugs the hell out of a wordster like me. 2. Be warned that filthy language is allowed, so not safe for kids.
Jenny Moon Nemeth 2020-10-22

This game is so addictive !! Kudos to the people or person who came up with this !! My only problem is there should be an oops button so you can change your words or like in my case grab that extra letter that stayed on the bottom word line instead of going back in the kitty !! Otherwise EXCELLENT JOB !!!!
Marcus Amillian 2015-12-05

Not all words recognised I had TROJAN. I checked the spelling with wiktianary (which this app says it uses) and it\'s there...and all over google...but this app didn\'t recognise it and hasn\'t recognised a few real words. There\'s no option to feed this back!
Keith Wilson 2016-06-19

Really good casual word game Love this game, the scoring system, and the innovative way your score is shown against those of other players. Some of the definitions can be a little obscure (i.e. if a word has multiple meanings, the game will show an obscure definition rather than a common one) but I like this as it teaches me something!
Cody Quinn 2020-10-24

This is my favorite word game but you guys gotta update the vocabulary list theres words that aren\'t being registered constantly
Jess A 2020-09-04

This is my favorite word game of all time. I come back to this game over and over again. It\'s challenging but relaxing, I love seeing how my score compared to others. This is a truly underrated gem of a game.
Ricky Poole 2017-01-14

Needs options. Being prompted when submitting one word is fine, because it is likely a mistake to submit one word. Asking every time is annoying, and there\'s no option to turn it off. Please give us the option to disable the prompt or just remove it entirely.
Reuben Anderson 2016-01-31

Awesome Hours of fun finding the best possible words! Only annoying thing is I lose the challenge I\'m on and it resets to a new one if I accidentally press the home button on my phone :/ would be great if it always saved the current game so I can come back to it if I get stuck :p but otherwise I love it!