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Description of Words with Foxy

In Words with Foxy you find words to claim tiles. Each letter used in a word will turn your color. Foxy will make words as well and turn the tiles to his color. There's no time limit, just turn for turn to see who can make the best words and own the most tiles at the end of each level. You need to beat Foxy in order to progress to the next level and there are plenty of levels to keep you occupied!

Use booster tiles to earn rockets and shuffles, you'll need them to level the playing field as Foxy steps up his game.

Fight to own the Gold Tile in each level! Find them all and unlock secret bonus levels, only intended for the very best players.

Words with Foxy will sharpen your brain and get you thinking like a fox!


🔸 140,000 word dictionary

🔸 Strategic game play with no time pressure

🔸 Compete for the best score globally on the leaderboard

🔸 View the definition of the last words made

🔸 Collect gold to unlock bonus levels in each world

🔸 Use rockets and shuffles to help along the way

🔸 Lots of replay value as each level is randomly generated

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More Information Of Words with Foxy

lable: Word - Games Current Version:2.1.70 Publish Date:2021-06-11 Developer:DonkeySoft Inc.

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Grayce Murray 2020-09-16

Ive been happily playing games from Donkeysoft for about 4 years now and only last week had reason to contact them with a minor problem. Wow, they responded very promptly and had it fixed just as quickly! This is just one more reason why I will stick with Donkeysoft for my word game fun. Thanks Donkeysoft, for keeping us so \"puzzled\" and so well entertained! (sorry, couldn\'t resist the pun!)😊😊😊
Olivia Filippelli 2019-04-23

Game has definitely Improved!!
Celia Marie 2020-10-27

Love the game..... however after every level. I get kicked out and back to my home screen 😔
Melissa Dunham 2019-02-09

this game is so much fun! enjoying the faboulas game!🐺🔤🙌👍👏🍀
Ellen Reeping 2020-04-26

Of course it\'s going to win all the time it\'s a computer. It also cheats. It uses proper names, but when I use the same name it\'s wrong.
Phyllis Rogers 2020-12-30

Different kind of word game. 3 levels of play, easy, normal and harder. There is a bit of strategy involved. Foxy almost always comes up with big words when he is \"thinking\". Hard level uses lots of uncommon words. If you click on a word he played, it tells you the meaning. Fun for all.
A Google user 2018-10-18

I have finished the levels already available there needs to be more levels. Very addictive game. Love it.
Mark Flanagan 2020-03-02

love this game. my favorite. why not create a new game: Mrs. Foxy. Best word game.....still waiting for new fame: Foxy & his brothers.....hey Foxy, new year - new game/level. Throw us a bone! Great game.
Jamie Presgrove 2019-08-20

fun seems like there could be a bigger screen so more letters and bigger words
Pollie Williams 2020-06-25

I love all of the Word Wow games and have used up all the levels . . . Waiting for more. So thought I\'d try Foxy. I need someone to tell me where does it say points will be deducted and for what reason. I read reviews back to July 2019 and did not find anyone with the same loss-of-points problem with this game. \"How to Play\" never mentions anything about it and I didn\'t find any scoring notation. I scored 4 and 5 for total 9, then 4 more and looked up to see the score was still 9. What gives?