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Description of Wordscapes In Bloom

Exercise your brain and with thousands of challenging word unscramble puzzles, set in a relaxing botanical garden of gorgeous puzzle backgrounds. Test your word smarts, unlock new levels and climb the vocabulary ladder.

Wordscapes In Bloom puzzles start off simple, but progressively become more challenging — unlock new levels with ever-more challenging puzzles! How many anagram cross word puzzles can you solve?

✿ Enjoy relaxing fun as you explore an arboretum of beautiful puzzles.

✿ Even without a time limit, these word unscramble puzzles are challenging.

✿ If you find yourself stuck, use letter hints and the word shuffle to guide your way!

Wordscapes In Bloom is a delightfully floral word game from PeopleFun, the makers of Wordscapes, Wordscapes, Wordscapes Uncrossed, Word Chums, and Spell Blitz — played and loved by millions of people around the world.

Terms of service: https://www.peoplefun.com/terms

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More Information Of Wordscapes In Bloom

lable: Word - Games Current Version:1.3.25 Publish Date:2022-05-20 Developer:PeopleFun

User Reviews


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Ria Warrick 2019-02-21

NOT FAMILY FRIENDLY! I used to love this game, then they decided to change the ads. As annoying as it is to have to sit through long ads just to play a level, the content of the ads is what is most concerning. There are a couple of ads that are explicitly sexual in nature and the app displays these the most. I can no longer let my child play the game to practice her spelling for fear of what she might see on it. When I contacted them about it, they didn\'t care. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN!
ksham dn 2019-05-19

Could have been a good game but it is so frustrating to play with all the frequent pop-ups constantly asking me to buy coins or watch vids for free coins. I bought the no ads package and while I get no ads, the frickin pop-ups asking me to buy coins is just as annoying. I don\'t see any setting to disable it. Overall a very annoying experience with this game. I don\'t recommend this game. Uninstalled.
Sooz 2020-05-17

Happy to see the makers of the game have fixed the issues with freezing up between levels! I love this game, it\'s fun and not impossible to play. Keeps my mind sharp. Beautiful colors and flowers in each level...the game is now a winner!
Amanda Fauteck 2019-02-07

great for passing time while also keeping your mind working. I play it when I am bored, while I am on break at work, waiting in line for things. its pretty cool. i reccomend! i also reccomend the other version of the game, Wordscapes!
caroline newton 2019-06-24

I have tried many word games, kept some and deleted others. This is a keeper. Even though the platform is familiar, this game keeps my attention. Challenging with a soft ball from time for a surprise. Graphics are interesting. Good work, developers.
Judy Jones 2020-03-27

Well, il leaving the game after playing and having fun with the tournaments for well over 10,000 levels. I updated the app yesterday and the ads have all but taken over the game. I wish i had not updated so keep that in mind. Its such a shame because i am 75 yrs old, looked forward to playing awhile everyday.
Ann Tucker 2019-02-10

WARNING TO PARENTS...This game sometimes shows adult lingerie ads with barely dressed women. I used to let my 9yr grandson play it until I noticed them. There are also too many battery draining ads that can\'t be closed. Otherwise it\'s a good game to pass the time though too easy to be challenging for the average adult.
Melanie Lukehart 2018-11-10

I like the game but after every single level (which are extremely short) there\'s some horrible ad. No one is interested in ads but especially these ones. I had an ad pop up for this exact game... Lol! Seriously?!?! Get it together
Ginger Walker 2019-10-22

Fun game ! I played wordscapes till the 8000th level but after awhile they were using the same words over and over for many of the levels. I got kind of bored with it , so decided to play wordscapes in bloom. This is very similar but so far I am having fun with it . Hopefully , they have improved this one with better options of words for each level. I found myself thinking of new words to use in the wordscapes game as I was trying to fall asleep ! It\'s very addictive !
Cynthia Fabian 2019-05-09

Awesome game! Fun and challenging, keeps your brain active. I love the flower theme and getting bonus words. Sometimes it won\'t recognize sn actual word, but maybe they will let those of us who play, submit words they\'ve missed. Like a bonus challenge! Keep up the great work. Keeps my mind busy and a great distraction from my Chronic Pain.