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Description of Wordscapes Search

💕Would you like to relax, exercise your brain, and expand your vocabulary-all at the same time? With Wordscapes Search , the NEWEST game from the makers of Wordscapes, you can! These incredibly addicting word search puzzles are brain blasting fun! 💕

Connect letters to find every word on the board and sail through thousands of classic puzzle levels set against stunning nature backgrounds. Training your brain has never been easier —or more relaxing. Once you start playing, you just won't be able to put it down!


➤Escape and train your brain by visiting the beautiful destinations of Wordscapes Search !

➤CHALLENGE your brain and vocabulary

➤LOTS OF LEVELS. Play 1000’s of puzzle board levels- with more coming soon

➤EARN POWER-UPS. Use boosters to find words when you get stuck

➤ COLLECT BONUS POINTS. Find extra words to earn rewards

➤ Think you can find every word? These word search puzzles are easy at the start, but get challenging fast!


Calling all brainiacs, quiz whizzes, puzzle pros, and crossword fiends! If you like to relax and unwind with a crossword puzzle, trivia and quiz games, board games, scrabble, or solitaire —you’ll love Wordscapes Search! It’s easy at first, but gets challenging fast. Can you beat the game? Start playing and find out!

Wordscapes Search is a modern twist on classic word search puzzles, combining the features of crossword, scrabble style, word find, and word connect puzzle games. This BRAND NEW word game is proudly brought to you by PeopleFun, the makers of Wordscapes. Join the PeopleFun family and connect with us!

A bit of trivia….

Quick quiz! How many words are in the English language? Answer: about 170,000 in current use. And how many words are in the average person’s vocabulary? Answer: between 20 and 30 thousand. Is your vocabulary above average? Start training your brain and become a word search brainiac: download Wordscapes Search and start your word puzzle adventure today! With 1000’s of puzzle board levels you’ll never be bored!

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More Information Of Wordscapes Search

lable: Word - Games Current Version:1.19.0 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:PeopleFun

User Reviews


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Chris Hastings 2021-01-15

Good game but way to easy. Can finish most searches in 2 minutes. No challenge to it. It has an ad after every puzzle. The ads take longer to watch than it takes to finish most puzzles. It might be a good game for a fourth or fifth grader, but not an adult. Didn\'t even come close to using a hint. Not a bad game, just if you are looking for a challenge, you might try something else.
Jenn Carney 2021-02-13

The game glitched but fixed itself. I really love this game. The colors are bright, the tournaments are challenging, and I love that you can rotate the puzzle. I just wish more words were included in the lexicon. Some suprising words aren\'t in there, like thy and ton. I wonder if the developers would take requests for words to be added.
Elijah Pressman 2020-12-20

Solid, but uninspired. The hidden words are almost always in predictable patterns. If I find a diagonal word, I know there will be more in every other diagonal line forming a grid. Vertical and horizontal words are often just one word in each row all line up atop one another or 1 per column all next to each other with no overlap or anything. More interesting arrangements would make it more interesting. That said, it works fine for what it is.
DJ Parker 2021-01-11

Fun. I like that there are several aspects to each puzzle. There is a good mix of difficult to find words with those that are easy enough to keep you going. I love that if you find other words within the puzzle that are not part of the category you can get points for those too. So look for them. The secret word makes you work for it considering a number of options before you find it, unless you are a lucky guesser.
Jason Burnett 2021-01-12

The graphics and images are great, just what you\'d expect from Wordscapes. There are lots of ads, but it was a free download so no complaint just a heads up. The only downside to the actual game play is that none of the words you\'re searching for have intersecting letters, so the A in RACE will only be used for RACE it won\'t begin the word ASPHALT. That\'s probably the only thing I would change, definitely a good brain exercise for a few minutes everyday.
Shelby Lynne 2020-12-11

I love Wordscapes, Wordscapes In Bloom and Wordstacks, so this is the perfect addition to the family. It\'s fun, challenging, and the backgrounds are pretty. If you want to pass the time, relax and exercise your brain I highly recommend this game! Just be careful, staring at it for too long definitely causes eye strain since there\'s so much going on with all of the small letters so close together.
Monique bbchanel 2021-03-03

I need to update my review. As I said before I love and am truly addicted to this app. (For me this is not a game) Before I stated that some of the puzzles began to repeat themselves, thankfully that has stopped. Also, the new challenges and now daily puzzles are a great addition.
Jackie Thrall 2021-02-16

Horrible! After each puzzle there is an add. EVERY SINGLE PUZZLE/LEVEL. When the game asked if I was happy with the app I said no and it sent me to customer support to voice my issue. Instead of even acknowledging the issue I had they told me I could pay to have the ads removed. Like I didnt know that from the multiple times the game told me. Its not anything special for a game and certainly not worth spending money on. No thanks! I will just remove the app because it sucks.
Corrin Jensen 2020-12-26

This game is so much fun and I enjoy it more than the other word games I play. I like that you can find extra words to gain more coins, and I love that you highlight the words in different colors. I also really like that you can flip the whole board upside down to help you find words. I think the hints are a little too obvious and practically show you where the word is. Overall super fun and colorful and I definitely recommend
Iloveromance06 2021-02-22

This is the third time I\'ve edited my review, but I absolutely love this game!this game! It\'s very relaxing and I like the challenge! I love the scenic graphics and I love the weekend \"contests\". Ads are minimal although sometimes they are hard to close. I highly recommend downloading this game. It\'s wonderful!