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Description of Wordscapes Shapes

😍Don’t you just love when things fit together perfectly? In the mesmerizing world of Wordscapes Shapes, they always do.😍 Start playing today to test your brilliance and immerse yourself in this delightful word puzzle game!

☞Be warned, it’s absolutely addicting. Once you start beating levels, you won’t be able to stop!☜

★ Wordscapes Shapes is the first word game of its kind. There’s nothing quite like it. It’s simple, beautiful, and marvelously fun to play. ★

☆What’s the Wordscapes Shapes Secret Recipe? ☆

Begin by blending words together Word Search style

Fold words into a jigsaw puzzle style game board- all the words on the board fit perfectly together!

Sprinkle a fun word theme into each level - use the theme to guide your search (a crossword twist!)

Bake into a brand new and irresistible jigsaw-style word puzzle game that’s as addicting as it is satisfying.

Decorate with breathtaking backgrounds of scenic nature vistas that inspire and relax

Finally, top off with a brilliant player (you!) who is ready to have a blast brain training and putting their word skills to the test!

Be a Wordscapes Shapes pioneer and join the legions of brilliant players enjoying our addicting word puzzle games worldwide.

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lable: Word - Games Current Version:1.6.0 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:PeopleFun

User Reviews


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Muriel Katz 2020-12-29

I\'ve been playing this for a few weeks now & really liked it. The game was exactly as advertised, & while there were commercials, they\'re short & not intrusive.😉 (Hint: to get more points, try finding as many unrelated words as possible BEFORE solving each puzzle. For me, this made the game-playing longer & more interesting.) Last: NOT a timed game! 🎉🎉😄👍12/28/20: Sigh. Had to uninstall. Game has become very slow...sluggish. Each letter now takes 2 seconds to register when touched.😡 😡
Marcia Swanson 2020-08-01

I love word games. This one is a bit different with the shapes and fun. But a lot of words aren\'t accepted for extra points. Therefore, not a 5. Not a 4 because I very much dislike the fact that as I am playing, and without touching a thing, the page will open to a webpage of an ad or a website that is selling something. They have 3 days to fix this or I will uninstall the game. Very aggravating. Doesn\'t happen with any other game. I tried to send a comment through their support.
Dixie Rae 2020-11-12

I love the sound effects. Especially the birds twittering in the background. The colours are lovely. So far they\'re very easy I\'m sure difficulty will increase as I go along. As well there seems to be minimal ads that you can quickly click off. I would say a perfect game if you\'re looking for something relaxing. A great de-stresser. I hope this rating lasts as I\'m responding to a request for a rating and often these come just before back-to-back ads or spending real money becomes necessary.
Lindsay Smith 2020-10-10

I have downloaded lots of games in the hope of finding one that I can enjoy without lots of ads and without having to surrender lots of money to actually make progress. I thought this was it. I paid $9.95 to have no ads and was happy with that. However, there hand just doesn\'t go anywhere. I\'m on level 200+ and it\'s not getting any harder so there is no progression. I\'ve got loads of points but there\'s nothing to spend them on. The game is really easy level after level of easy. Hmmm
Ozzy Dreamer 2020-09-15

DON\'T SPEND A PENNY ON THIS GAME: There is no link to Facebook, Google or ANY way to save the game progress. That\'s ridiculous in todays day and age. This is the same company that does a very similar app called WordScapes Search where they DO have an option to link to Facebook. Missed opportunity devs. IF YOU SPEND MONEY ON THIS APP, YOU WON\'T BE ABLE TO KEEP YOUR PROGRESS for when you reset your phone or if you play on two devices (like a cell and tablet).
Skye Child 2020-08-10

This is my favorite word puzzle of all. I LOVE being able to discover all of the \"hidden words.\" This game keeps me entertained for hours on end and I am never bored. I also like the fact that when you discover a word that fits in with the subject matter listed at the top of each puzzle the word turns a solid color. The fact that each \"found word\" shows up in a different color makes it even nicer, though I do prefer primary colors. This game is fun to play so I watch less TV. :)
Cherise Hardy-Edwards 2020-10-23

It\'s all about finding the extra words! I went into this game thinking it was a bit basic and easy, but realised immediately that the fun comes from how many hidden words you can get before selecting the clue words. I regularly find 60+ per game, and you receive bonus coins for finding these words (not that the coins are particularly useful, more a way of tracking your success). That\'s probably obvious to most, but worth stating in case people miss the point.
Amy London 2020-11-23

Wish we could use letters from the correctly found words in other words. Usually I try to find any words that aren\'t the wordshape words first, but often wish I could go back and use the letters for other words. Also weird that some words aren\'t counted, like bin and ton. It never gives me a bonus for those words. Overall I enjoy the game and is good for passing time.
Logos Navaka 2020-09-24

There are 2 problems. 1. Once you get beyond 150th level, it gets repetitive, but not so much. 2. It just happened now that I had a lot of coins...the word was magnifier. I tried it 4 times & it didn\'t accept it, until I had to spend 200 coins to reveal the word magnifier!!!!
Anna Haley 2020-06-25

I initially gave this game 5 stars. However when I got past level 160, all the puzzles were exact duplicates of the first batch I\'d completed. Kept going and that continued. Don\'t waste your time. I actually paid for the ad free version. I\'m deleting it anyway. It was only just over five bucks. I\'ll survive.