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Description of Workday

The Workday app provides secure, mobile access to your Workday applications on-the-go.

As an employee, our simple interface allows you to

• Review your pay, view or request time off, check in and out for work, submit your timesheet, and submit expenses quickly.

• Get push notification alerts and reminders for time tracking, important updates, and approvals. Immediately take action right from the app.

• Browse your company directory, securely view coworker profiles, leave feedback, and take learning courses on-the-go.

• Update your user preferences and easily sign in to multiple employers right from your app

As a manager, you can take action wherever you are

• Approve your employee requests easily.

• View your team or individual profiles and immediately take actions relevant to your role, such as perform a job change, make a compensation change, or provide performance feedback.

• Stay connected to your business by gaining quick insight into what's important through interactive reports and dashboards.

And if your mobile device is ever lost or stolen, you can be confident that your data is secure. With support for fingerprint scanning and face unlock, only you can access your information.

Note: Your organization must authorize access to the Workday mobile app. You will only have access to mobile features your organization has enabled, based on your role (not all mobile features may be available to you).

Not all Workday features are available on mobile.

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More Information Of Workday

lable: Business - Apps Current Version:2021.47.185.463516 Publish Date:2021-11-26 Developer:Workday, Inc.

User Reviews


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Crystal Adkins 2020-11-02

Completely useless app! I have a brand new Samsung Galaxy A51, and this app won\'t work on my phone. It let\'s me get as far as the entering my password, and just freezes. I have tried reinstalling it 5 times, and it still won\'t work. I have read many other reviews from people who have had the same problem, and it seems like it is always Samsung users. I would of given zero stars if possible, since this app is completely useless!!!
Denise Wausnock 2021-01-02

App is terrible. It worked when I first installed it but now I can\'t get past the login page. I posted on their Twitter account and they said the problem is on my end. Well clearly it isn\'t because I see lots of people are having issues. If this wasn\'t required for work I\'d ditch it. Maybe they could try getting their act together and fixing the app so it works.
Fabrizio De Angelis 2020-05-15

How is it possible to make an app this bad? There are a lot of useless options, you can\'t delete notifications, you have to set a PIN which can\'t contain consecutive numbers, or the same number 2 times in a row. You have to set a long password, case sensitive, must contain a number, a lower case letter, an upper case, a special sign. I don\'t work for the Pentagon, why should I need 2 passwords ( which will expire after some months forcing me to change that ). I hope this app dies soon.
Amy Boeckeler 2020-10-29

For some reason all of a sudden I can no longer log in. It\'s very frustrating when it\'s something I need for work and to do my job. When I go to log in there\'s no place for me to enter my password then I send a push notification to my phone, log in with that to verify and then it brings up a place for my password but it doesn\'t log me in. Very disappointing please fix!!
Bobbi Stephens 2019-07-27

The phone app works pretty good, but there are some things you need a computer to look at (like reviewing your timecard prior to submission), and there are times when i submit that i am not sure it \"took\" the submission or if i need to do other things (like it always has that \"I swear this is accurate\" which makes me look for a box to check).
James Connor 2019-06-28

I don\'t like this app at all! I find it to be complicated, I wish my job would go back to my info instead of this difficult app! This app makes me so frustrated that I could hit something or somebody. How do I even change my W-4 information because somebody messed up on my tax information!? I would give this app zero stars if I could!
Nancy G. 2020-06-21

Has a lot of issues, sometimes the time tracking doesn\'t show up. It doesn\'t allow you to use fingerprint to sign in all the time, other times it always has you re enter a verification code even if you have previously done so. Then re enter a pin. Other times it works fine. It\'s very inconsistent. It\'s tedious to sign in. They need to fix these bugs.
Debi Shaw 2020-10-08

This is the most frustrating app I\'ve ever tried to work with. Two years ago, it worked pretty well. For AT LEAST the last year it will suddenly stop recognizing my employee number and password. THEN it wants me to start over with my employer\'s info BUT it won\'t recognize it!!! Right now I have covid-19 and I want to access my payment info from home. I CAN\'T because this mobile app refuses to do what it\'s supposed to do!!! I wish my employer would find ANOTHER, BETTER app!!!
Name Hidden 2019-07-27

Latest app update has completely broken it. It just shows a Connection Error. Clear app cache/data and reinstalling doesn\'t solve it. Even when it worked the app lacks a lot of functionality compared to the website, such as the ability to add/amend bank details for salary payment. Also why can the app not keep me signed in or give the option to log in with a fingerprint? Every time I open it I had to log in with username and password.
David Pfiffner 2019-11-04

Becoming more and more of a pointless app. Half the things you can\'t even do on the app and have to use actual website. Latest updates removed the \"time off\" option which is where we could easily check our PTO hours remaining. Can\'t make pay changes (tax deduction selections, bank accounts to deposit to, etc) for a long time now. It\'s basically become an app only to download and view my pay slips. Everything else is useless. Bring these options back that you took off the app!