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Description of WORLD Builder build your world

Do you like building sandbox games? The World Builder game is the building game for you!

In this building world simulator sandbox game you are a powerful world builder. You will build your own world with the mighty magic power in your hands.

As the god and master of a new world, you will use force of nature to separate the land from the seas, spark evolution and create your own civilization!

Start game from creation of the small piece of land. The building simulation gameplay allows you to establish first village with a couple of mines, houses and sawmill.

Play the game as master of your lands and finally turn your village into a city surrounded by forests, wheat fields, and blue rivers.

Hire and train settlers to grow your game world. Craft tons of items, rise up production and extract minerals!

In the game you can use trading game mechanics to send merchant ships and caravans. Brave explorers await your orders, ready to travel in search of rare treasures in the game!

Everyone will find something of their own in world game — a simulator game about creating world, controlling forces of nature, building, growing civilization, crafting and trading! Create your dream world for free and without limits! Ain’t that a good game!?

• You will change open sandbox game world with no limits in god mode;

• Dozens of magic reactions to create new landscape game elements and minerals to change game world;

• Try your construction game skills. Build and upgrade: from huts to stone palaces, from primitive workshops to real factories;

• Economic strategy gameplay: production planning, search for resources, new technologies;

• Do you want to play as merchant? No problem! Trade and travel by land, water, and air using trading game mechanics;

• Training settlers unlocks unique skills and game turns weak peasants into real experts;

• You can join to game clan for cooperation and competition with other players;

• Epic world and city building game tournaments will open for you every week.

The Worlds Builder game is waiting for you to create your own game universe.

© WORLD Builder is the game from creators of Doodle GOD, Doodle Devil and Doodle Mafia games.

WORLD Builder game is completely free to play; however, you can purchase in-game items with real money to develop your world faster.

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lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:1.0.100-prod Publish Date:2022-05-12 Developer:JoyBits Ltd.

User Reviews


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James Hunter 2019-07-12

Really excellent game, but I think its poorly marketed and doesn\'t stand out on the Play Store. Let me tell you why... this game allows you to completely create and customise your own island which expands into a huge land, you can build your own village (not to a set template) and advance it through the ages. All this is done using Doodle God\'s element system, where you ezperiment and discover new elements, but this time you can actually use these in a fully realised world!
Valerie Frost 2019-07-11

The timer on crafting doesn\'t count down I tried to \"report problem\" and that doesn\'t work either. uninstalling
Chelsey Smith 2020-03-01

I love it! Really fun game! Please make many more like this! If you do let me know !? I\'ll play it so I can kill time when I need too. Absolutely enjoy this game nothing wrong with it on my end it\'s super fun.
Krystle Duquette 2020-02-18

I was really enjoying this game, but it has suddenly stopped working. I cannot open the game anymore even after reinstalling. Unfortunate really, as the game is simple but complex at the same time and loads of fun.
Xueit DaGreat 2020-03-11

Latest update scaring me away from playing this in the future... graphical failure at its all time highest... what should be green are now yellow... why... why... why... i was have some kind of fun playing this game... now it is on my stand by list to be uninstalled... U-TURN...
Sue Wolfman 2020-01-05

This is really a fun fun game. Different then other farming games like here u have different elements, meaning fire, water, earth, sand etc... and u can mix the elements and make trees. stone, and the grass. And the elements are infinite so u don\'t never run out of resources. These devs kind of out of the box with this game, awesome! Kudos to the devs for a job well done! 🤗 And as a side note, read what the characters are saying, sometimes it\'s humorous, and give tips on the game! 😊
Luke Steele 2019-08-27

It\'s a great game at first, I\'ve seem to have hit a wall. Cant upgrade my storage because I need materials. Cant get materials because my storage is full. I\'m stuck going in a circle and I\'ll be damned if I pay money to this falsely advertised pay to win fake MMO.
kzinti maouse 2020-04-14

It\'s ok. Nice discovery system encourages you to try new combinations. But it takes longer and longer to upgrade or get resources, like many many many continuous improvement games. That makes it a sit and wait game. At only level 5 I\'m waiting 20 minutes to get an 8th human? Horrible. But still a fun time waster, thus the 4/5.
Jose Gallardo Castillo 2019-09-30

The game is great for what it is butI do feel like the dev\'s are being crazy greedy with their microtransactions...$8 for a 7 day subscription??? That\'s more than a dollar a day and it\'s a joke...especially since things like speed up cost are also stupidly expensive so what tiny amount of \"gems\" it does give you is wasted anyway..again the game really has a fun concept and is enjoyable if you can get passed the blatantly obvious overpricing. 😏
Jennifer Pierce 2021-01-12

this game has a serious problem the timer doesn\'t countdown on crafting items it gets stuck and won\'t go down needs to be fixed asap!wow no response from you guys I just reinstalled the game thinking this would be fixed still not fixed!!!!