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Description of World Geography: Map Quiz

Geography of the World is a quiz about geography and flags of the world!

You will find answers to questions about geography:

- The capitals of the countries of the world,

- Flags of the world,

- The population of countries,

- Area of ​​countries

- Independence Day.

Also in the game there is a "World Map"

Free geography game - a fun Flagsman assistant will guide you through the game. He in a fun way will tell interesting news from around the world. Will conduct a geography test. Will be happy for every level you completed.

In the capitals of the world - it is necessary to guess the country that corresponds to the capital.

Flagmania - you need to guess the country flag.

Population - you need to guess the country.

In area mode - you need to guess the country by area.

Independence Day of the country - historical geography, you must check the information on the date of independence of the country and choose - true or false.

The capitals of Europe, the capital of Asia and other parts of the world. You can very effectively learn the capital, because our app have geography encyclopedia. In general, all political geography is divided not by continent, but into the cognitive parts of the world. Geography map:

America, Africa, Eurasia: Asia - Europe, Australia, Oceania: Polynesia - Micronesia - Melanesia, Caribbean, South America, North America.

In order to play it was more interesting, the game has one hint, which removes half of the wrong answers.

World map quiz - its information about countries knowledge, geography knowledge, easy geography:

Until 1800, the capital of the United States was Philadelphia.

Levels consistently open up new countries and its flags:

1) USA, France, China, England, Spain and Colombia

2) Australia, Russia, Poland, Canada, Israel and Mexico

3) Cuba, Madagascar ...

8) Ukraine, Austria, Barbados, Tunisia, the Marshall Islands ...

Available languages:






Chinese simplified;





All modes are created entertaining, like educational games for children. Modes become available gradually, first the questions are easy, and then the tasks are more complicated. Geographie game - for you, geography kid for your kids!

Countries from all continents:

Countries in Africa;

Countries in Europe;

Countries in Asia;

Countries in Oceania;

Countries in North America;

Countries in South America;

Geography learning is an interesting and useful thing:

Population of Spain is less than population of Colombia!

Memory training in flags and countries provided!

Start learning countries and capitals now!

You will be able to learn the flags of the world!

You can easily improve your knowledge in the field - Geography national.

Have a nice and educational game, easy geography now!

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lable: Trivia - Games Current Version:0.753 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Be Drill Entertainment

User Reviews


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Loïc Kenchdu 2020-08-07

This app is really great ! I will put 5 stars if there was no bug in it. Sometimes for the \"country\" mode, some flags appear grey (like a bug). If I can tell you an advice, maybe to make the game more difficult, you can put flags with close prononciation (like Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan,...) When you buy a character, like the spy, sometimes my screen became black. So I need to turn off the game to play again (with the Santa it\'s okay)
Peter Tairea 2020-06-09

Love learning and updating our world geography. Even places I\'ve never heard of. Great to learn from and identify countries & their statistics! Bug thumbs up! Even offline! Some countries weren\'t shaded possibility of being too small, yet I wouldn\'t have known they existed if it wasn\'t for this awesome app
Mackenzie Wright 2020-10-07

This game is amazing. I am very smart and my teacher says I can play this in geography class rather than listening. It is very educational, especially if you are too smart for geography class and looking for something to do while still learning. The only thing I would add: Trick us with some made up flags of your own!!! I was constantly waiting for some and still am...
Mikhail Tristan 2020-06-13

I can\'t see the map when playing the mode. Please fix this, thanks in advance.
Barbara Smith 2020-10-04

Interesting I thought I wouldn\'t have any problems with the flag category. Wrong !,had fun relearning.
Eno P 2020-04-09

It\'s a good game, but I wish you could study by sections of the world. For instance, instead of reviewing all of the flags at once that it gave you an option of studying all the flags from Asia or from the Middle East, etc.
OhSoYourApproachingMe? 2020-08-05

If you want a game with a fun and appealing display that teaches accurate geography, then this is for you. It\'s great, good job devs😁
_*ANAND & NIGAM*_ 2021-01-14

This game is good for children who loves geography and for children who want to learn about the other countries’s : capital,area,population and independent year can use this app. For not boring there are so many funny characters and I suggest more children to use this app.
Urbik Rokal 2020-05-26

Great app,but it would have been greater if we can choose the levels.

The gameplay is designed perfect for providing knowledge about geography, especially for kids. And most important is enjoyable to play