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Description of World Map Quiz

Do you know where Monaco lies? Yes? Great! Take the challenge and find other countries. You don't know them? No worries! Learn geography with us!

With World Map Quiz you can enjoy learning locations of all the countries around the World.

Discover new challenges during playing in flag and capital mode. Try to prove yourself in extraordinary elimination mode.

Just download it and have fun!

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lable: Trivia - Games Current Version:3.7.1 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Qbis Studio

User Reviews


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Gabe Ostdiek 2019-04-23

Your app says that Crimea is part of Russia, but Russia illegally invaded and annexed Crimea. Change it so it\'s part of Ukraine, or an independent state, like Taiwan.
A Google user 2019-06-13

I first played this game in 2014 in a Nokia handset in which it came by default. And now few months ago I spotted it on play store and downloaded it without a second thought. It is the best app I have came across so far. Never thought learning geography would be so easy. Creaters, thank you.🙂
Deimos Strife 2020-05-28

This game is a great tool for learning, not only names, flags and capitals of countries, but also the location of them in a map. I would say the map\'s design and colors are kind of ugly, but the level of detail that takes to make it in the first place makes this flaw understandable. Would recomend, specially to map nerds, fathers for their kids, teachers for their students and for when you are bored in class.
Brian Gill 2019-09-18

Potentially a great game, but nearly ruined by a horrible use of color. All countries start out the same color, which makes some hard to distinguish. Also, in elimination mode, eliminated countries turn to almost the same color as the ocean, making the map very confusing.
Douglas McClure 2020-02-19

Great app, especially for someone like me who never got around to learning where all the world\'s countries, seas and big cities are. It is very easy to use and is good for filling those 5- or 10-minute waits with something productive. A suggestion: I would pay good money for exactly the same app, but showing me the districts, major buildings, etc. in the CITY where I live (in my case, Seville, Spain). Many cities in Europe and elsewhere are quite confusing until you get a handle on their general layout. I think such an app would be popular with tourists and new residents.
rAul\'zZ 2020-05-13

Evrything is very well in this app. Still I suggest one thing to include in this app and it is the currency of the country. In the view world option, along with name of the country, its capital, area and population, currency of the country should also be there. By the way, nice work it is and keep progressing day by day...thnku..👍
Nathan Box 2020-04-08

This is a great game with almost everything you could want. But where are Wales, Scotland, England and N Ireland? They are internationally recognised as countries, while the UK is a union of countries. There are some great inclusions, but if the Isle of Man gets country status surely Wales can? I want to use the map to teach my kids but their own country isn\'t included. Please, please update what is otherwise a 5 star game. Because let\'s face it, in Wales your missing out on the best flag!
S B 2019-04-14

I learned all 47 Asian countries in 2 days and can point them all out on a map. From big ones like China to small countries I had never heard of before, like Bhutan and Brunei. It\'s best to learn it by continent. Now onto Africa. In two weeks I hope to know where every country is on the globe.
Murray Feist 2020-05-03

This is an amazing app! I\'ve never been any good at geography however in literally less than a week i\'ve learned the placement of all the countries of the world (included in the game). It could use some tweaks such as including Scotland, Wales, England and using the proper names for N. & S. Ireland however overall amazing. Also it would be great if currencies were added and maybe the population count set to real time (but i understand that would be a huge ask for very little extra benifit).
Navneet Shukla 2020-06-25

Hi. I like this application very much and bought the paid version for same. Great job. Just one small request for better visuals- when we play games, the color of correct location is green and it makes it bit difficult to locate it due to similar shade in the background. Can you add an option to change the color of map to something else or change the color of the map by default.