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World Poker Tour - PlayWPT Texas Holdem Poker



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Description of World Poker Tour - PlayWPT Texas Holdem Poker

Play poker games online with players worldwide with PlayWPT! Dominate multiplayer online poker tournaments and see who’s best in online poker! PlayWPT brings you the best in authentic poker.

Don’t settle for the all-in Texas Hold’em Poker in other social casino games! PlayWPT is an innovative online poker app for beginners and pros alike. Compete in Texas Holdem tournaments and enjoy a mobile casino created from the World Poker Tour’s 15 years of card game experience.

PlayWPT is a competitive poker environment with an authentic poker experience. Try your hand at the international World Poker Tournament and put your Holdem skills to the test! Play against your friends or compete in elite free poker games around the clock with various live play poker games, Las Vegas style tournaments, and quick sit-n-go’s. Raise, check or fold, just make sure to win the pot!

Play card games for free and become a Texas Holdem pro with PlayWPT Poker!

PlayWPT Poker Features:

Texas Holdem Poker

• Play online poker games for free!

• Live Holdem games offered daily. Play poker with friends or compete against the community.

• Poker tournaments available for novice and pro players with a different buy-in per table.

WPT Rewards

• Collect and win just for playing at our high-stakes poker tables.

• Las Vegas style poker with a Reward Points to earn more virtual gold.

• Poker Reward Points can be exchanged for more gold!

Play Poker with Friends

• Play poker with friends to keep your poker skills honed.

• Compete in online poker tournaments against players around the world.

Take Poker Games Anywhere

• PlayWPT Poker bankroll is connected to all your devices.

• Poker games can start on your phone and be continued on your tablet or Facebook!

Customize Poker Players

• Poker is even more fun as you play as your favorite avatars!

• Collect more avatars when you win more Gold!

• Customize your virtual avatar with different clothes, hairstyles and more!

Social Games with Animated Emojis

• Celebrate poker wins or bemoan a bad beat with an animated emoji.

• Real animated emojis let opponents know EXACTLY how you feel!

Play in competitive Vegas-style Texas Holdem tournaments for free without having to visit a casino! Compete in online poker games to improve your poker skills and best some of the greatest poker players in the world.

Download today and become a Holdem champ.


• The games are intended for an adult audience.

• The games do not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.

• Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at "real money gambling."

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User Reviews


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Mathew Mckenzie 2020-11-02

Whatever was done to improve this app made it worse. It will not load and keeps closing. I uninstalled and reinstalled but makes no difference. I know there were more updates but it still crashes on me. I have been able to play via the web site. Works great on my desktop but try it on a phone screen?? Too small for fingers. Now that All the bugs were worked out with the updates, works great. No crashing or freezing. Play on.....
eddie lee 2019-11-08

The reason I give it such a low rating is for the following two reasons. First every single time you exit a tournament it send you straight to a table game. If I wanted to go play a table game I would choose to. The game has been updated several times yet this still happens. It gets old having to navigate back out of table games to do what I had originally intended to do. Second there is now way to chat with other players other than stupid emojis. Im not going to buy more just to play the game.
Larry Willis 2020-04-11

Terrible algorithm, begs for your money at every turn. Uninstalled. Play a tournament game without ever purchasing money with real money and see. I\'ve never seen so many \"one time\" card drops in my life and I\'ve played tens of thousands of hands. It plays as if the ultimate goal of the algorithm is to earn you some money, then swipe it away with one times so you buy chips. NOTE- if you get a notification trying to sell you chips, the \"x\" in the right corner has a tiny spot to avoid buying.
jamie seay 2020-01-03

Nothing has changed since last download. Scripted drama! Guarantee losing hands. RIVER RIVER RIVER! Not buying fake chips for fake poker. Not fair. Not real..... Keep your money addicts.. Deleted after pocket aces loose to pocket queens. Same player wins 7 hands in a row...#FAKEASSPOKER
T Smith 2020-10-22

Since the Oct 10th update, the app crashes and can no longer play. It loads, connects, appears normal for 6 seconds then stops. I can log in via a browser, so login credentials are okay. Cleared caches, reinstalled, rebooted -- same problem. The Oct 12th update has not solved the problem. The Oct 14th update has not solved the problem. The Oct 20th update has not solved the problem.
John Mergel 2020-05-30

This game is a farce. It does not come close to replicating real poker. They have bots that fill tables and the results are unreal. I have been playing poker for almost 50 years and the results are out rageous. They just want to you but more chips. My most unfavorable word in the English language is FREE. They just want to lure you in. For those that think this will help them learn poker don\'t waste your time. You will only establish bad habits by playing here.
Kevin franklin 2021-01-09

UPDATE: So it worked for a couple days, now I can\'t login on any of my devices. This app constantly has problems. UPDATE: What is going on?! Why all the service errors and why is everything so slow?! I wish the 6-table tournament games would show the accurate number of players at the table before registering. The wait SO LONG, much longer than it what used to be.
Mick O\'Seasnain 2019-08-10

Hands go fast, and the clock keeps people moving. There are areas for beginners and pros alike, but it doesn\'t require any money to play. Although I still have not tried the private tournaments, I am looking forward to setting up one with friends and family.
Steve Barker 2018-03-13

I have never seen dominating hands lose so much my entire life.. Ak suited losing to K10offsuit AK vs 93 and so on.. Fix it to where the moron all inners for no reason stop out drawing so often and the app would be better..
Amos Pettry 2019-04-05

Its a poker app but be aware.....if you play for a decent period of time, especially if you\'re winning and grinding it out....1st the app will make you play blind hands....you cant see your cards at all (every so often), then later it will freeze (but only the hand cause everything else works normal - settings, store, etc.) until you\'re forced to back out and sit at another table. so if you like being a REAL poker player then im not sure how you\'ll feel about this app