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Description of World Soccer League

[Game Features]

- There are around 60 national teams, 60 clubs and total of 2000 players.

- Total of 4 modes provided: Exhibition, Cup, League, and Training.

- Real football game for you to enjoy splendid dribble and thrilling shooting!

- Save and keep great image or video of each the moment.

- Achievements and Global Activity are provided

- Support 15 languages

- Support tablet devices





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lable: Sports - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:mobirix

User Reviews


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Daniel Kukwa 2021-01-19

The control buttons are not working at times, and it again, stops on its own while you are playing, forcing you to restart the match. Try doing something to resolve the problems of the game, for the game is nice. You can not substitute players. Why? At times, when you want to shoot, it gives but a pass, and when you want to pass, it rather shoots. Why? Try spelling the names of players well. Let\'s use points won from the matches to unlock other leagues, than asking for credit or debit cards.
《SCARFY》 2019-11-29

Game is PERFECT. EASILY one of the best soccer apps on this platform. The only downsides are that you have to pay for some teams and other features, which really holds back the game sence you have to pay to get the full experience. Also, it would be nice if there was a commentator so when you score it brings more excitement. He either just comment when you score or throughout the match. Either way the game has its flaws, but I will still highly recommend it.
ikeobasi martin 2021-01-27

It\'s a wonderful game, I give you credit for that. Good skills, nice concept too. The problem is that your spelling of the payers\' names is grossly incorrect which makes it seem somewhat unoriginal and then you need to upgrade the graphics of the players and spectators too. The highlights of the goals are too short and they don\'t show the build up of the goals ( like the passes, dribbles etc), they only show the final outcome ( the goal scored ). So please look into this and do the needful.
Akporuovo Success 2020-12-04

The game is cool but there are few problems. 1.)when i tackle refree says foul but when my opponents tackles refree won\'t say foul 2.)if we win the world cup let us see the players holding the cup and celebrating. 3.)let us be able to form our own team. 4.)let us be able to use any country of our choice and any league not that we would pay money for it. Please fix this once it is done no problem you are free to carry on
Mohammad Nawas 2020-11-15

This is a great and interesting game, good graphics and a best game for football lowers, and some problems are there in this game (1) when we pass the ball our team players are not coming front to receive the ball(2) another thing if we tackle referee shows foul, but it\'s not shown to opponent players when they tackle.(3) its a foul when more than 1 player comes to drag the ball and the goal keeper and the players are getting week when we play last final matches in(very hard mode) and please improve the running of the players. that\'s all I can tell that a problem in this game, and guys you all also play this game and submit a nice feedback. Thank you,
Prem Singh 2020-12-20

I am editing my review because this game is too much improved than I use it first time .This game is awesome ever. I like it very much. Graphics is amazing there are different difficulty levels leagues tournaments .
Pritha Mitra 2021-01-06

The game is good but the reasons I give it 4 stars are- 1.Please add third upmire (VAR System) to make it more interesting. 2.When we tackle opposite at that time it is given as a foul(90%) but when opposite tackles us (10%)it is given as a foul.Please solve th problem. 3.If we touch the opposite then it is given as a yellow or red card but if they beat us so badly then maximum to maximum it is a yellow card.They never got a red card in my entire life.Solve this problem also.
Malti Pathak 2020-12-30

This game is just good at easy level because even if you are playing at normal level the game is just having glitch, if i m passing to the left the ball goes to right and if i gave an full strength short pass the ball stops near the player. My passes, my gameplay are just wasted at normal level. I think that u guys should fix this. This is what makes yr game worthy of 2 star. I like yr game much but just this stuff makes me to review u 2 stars.
Reena Sabu 2021-01-29

This is very good game . This is also like real game . The players and name are real . But I problem is their of we gave Money only we will get Portugal ronaldo . If it also get for free it will the best game of football. And when I see the total goal I score I saw unbelievable . In one match minimum my goal is 15 . Thus I am happy. It is like real telecasting it will show replay when goal . We will get red yellow card for foul. I recommend all to play and download this game You will love it.
Munmun Bhattacharya 2021-02-04

There are 2 glitches 1. Is that when the player is tackling from the side it says that it\'s a red card but is not 2. Is there is a green dot that doesn\'t let me play, whenever there is a no goalkeeper in the goal it will come and dont let me play. Still the game is good and put the player names right.