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Description of Worms Zone .io - Hungry Snake

You love games with tons of real fun and dynamic action? Then welcome to the Worms Zone.io, an awesome arcade, where you can become the great champion of the arena! Collect yummies and different powerups, defeat enemies, and become the biggest worm of them all!

You think it's hard? Relax, the rules are simple - explore the arena, collect all the food you see, and grow your worms as big as you can imagine - there are no limits!

Stand out from the other players, choose a skin from the wardrobe, or create your own unique style. The further you go, the more skins you unlock.

Worms Zone is also a PVP action game! Watch out for other players and try not to bump into them, otherwise you’ll have to start from scratch. However, if you manage to sneak and encircle them, you’ll get more points and all the food they had. It is so yummy!

There are several tactics for becoming a champion: “fighter”, “trickster” or “builder”. Which one will you be?

Worms Zone also has unique graphics! We keep it minimalistic and simple and you'll love it!

We are happy when our players are happy, so if you have any thoughts, complaints, or cool ideas - feel free to share them and contact us at support@wildspike.com.

Join our community! Follow our official Facebook page to get all the latest news and updates: https://www.facebook.com/wormszone/

Start growing your worm now! Slither into this crazy arcade and enjoy!

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lable: Action - Games Current Version:2.3.4-a Publish Date:2021-11-02 Developer:CASUAL AZUR GAMES

User Reviews


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Shawn Plano 2020-12-27

The game is great, runs smooth and such. My only issue is that when I finally get to top spot, I die by running into something invisible. If it only happened occasionally it wouldn\'t be a big deal, but it happens every time I make it to the top spot. Highest score I\'ve ever gotten in the top spot is 1.8 million. I know I could get higher if it would stop killing me with invisible obstacles. If the developer wants, I have video proof of this happening. I\'d gladly share.
QDawg Shinobi 2021-02-15

I love this one more than the original slither .io, Love the style of the it. But it could use some different music every now and then, and some brighter colors, and Why do I have to repay for the style I already created that\'s such a pian, but besides all that, if your tired of playing the old S.IO, Then here\'s a better one.
Greg-Snap R 2020-11-19

I have only just started playing but I have noticed one thing already that is going to be a real let down in the game. When you pay for an upgrade (in game currency) like the magnet, speed, etc you lose said abilities should you decide to change the color of your worm. I believe that if you play for the means to customize then it should be your decision to carry those with you or to apply them to another worm. Thanks.
Aretha Nel 2020-11-09

Would rate 5 stars but the glitch in the game is very annoying. When I want to watch a video (so as to not completely die) the screen goes blank.? Nothing happens so I have to go out the game totally. All my other games works fine so it is not fault on my part. Please fix. I am VERY ADDICTED to the game, love it,sleep it, eat it ! Thank otherwise for a superb game.
Dean Michael Tison 2020-12-29

This game is somehow not a multiplayer game. every session or arena you go into is filled with AI controlled players. there does not seem to be real live players. TIPS to you guys... You can actually pause the game you are currently playing by simply bringing down your phone\'s notification panel. once you do you can pause the game indefinitely, you wont die or crash the game. Think your playing against other human players? are they gonna wait for you while you pause the game? !FOOD FOR THOUGHT!
Randall Muza 2020-12-15

After working hard to save up coins to upgrade the additional upgrades, They were erased for no reason. Hours of play time, and a rediculs amount of adds later. With nothing to show for it. Also the bigger you get the harder it is to turn and avoid other worms. There is no avoiding new worms that appear right in front of you, the moment they collect food you die if you cannot stop. navigation could be improved for turning ability as you get bigger.
Pit Bull Baby 2021-02-16

Was a good game tell you took the good controlls away, its so much harder to controll now that the joystick stays in one place! I hope you fix that! Also you should make it where you can go into the same game as a friend All 3 of the new controlls suck! 2 of them have a fixed joystick and the 3ed is just stupid! Bring back the joystick the follows your finger around the screen!
Tanjina Rahmann 2020-10-12

I like this game very much but I feel very disappointed cause in this game, I can\'t recover the previous level. Plz upgrade this term. It always starts from first after download. For it, I don’t feel much interest though I love this game very much. I think, we don\'t need previous coins or anything, but we badly need the previous level and the snakes we purchase and obviously the upgrades that we do in it. Plz try to pay attention in it....
Danel Berg 2020-11-20

Love that they don\'t shove ads down your throat. There are some, but nothing like other games. Very relaxing game, great graphics and concept! To the devs: I think it would be cool to add a team feature. Have competitions between the teams for high daily, weekly, monthly scores. Maybe some themed related ones with coordinating graphics. Like Christmas cookies, etc for the food. These competitions could offer related skins and faces for prizes.
D. N. 2021-02-22

IAM a great fan of worms zone io,& I really have been enjoying the new Valentine\'s ❤️ zone.i have had some issues in the past, like it freezing in play , but it\'s all fixed & under the bridge.but I wish they put a pause ⏯️ button in the game ,so if your phone rings or you need to go for a break or something you can pause the game & pick up were you left off, but you can\'t & you lose all 😞 But still it\'s a good game. five ✨⭐👍