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This world is called JiangHu, a world of Wuxia and kungfu, come to join it to embark on a fresh adventure.

There are hundres of sects and various martial arts of blade, sword, spear, cudgel, legguards and gauntlets type, all are available for your choice;

You decide your own life in this world, to stand on the righteous or evil side, to fight for the Department Six of the royal court or the Greenhood Alliance, all depends on you;

Travel around the world to challenge the Tower of Blood, Tang Clan's Soulchaser Nail Formation and many other dangerous zones, and grow your power;

Explore the martial world to search for the ultimate martial arts and discover various mysteries;

Rise to the top, find your place in the Warrior Ranking and Weapon Ranking, and write your own legend!

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lable: Word - Games Current Version:5.8.1 Publish Date:2022-06-11 Developer:Dust Gaming

User Reviews


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Hood Robin 2020-11-13

Good game. For better development, I suggest adding auction system. This is crucial to the game which has so many weapons and materials,items,horses. Setting their prices and buying those items posted by players. Malls and empordium,shop does not have all the items needed. So auction system is very important for every players. I hope the developers consider adding the system. My second comment
david sia 2020-10-23

Can\'t say the game is good. You need to lessen the requirement to lv up. The most bored thing to do is to wait up and got nothing else to do. It got field training in the world, but after a few times, only say \'no more training points\' something like that. Where to get them? And don\'t tell me to wait 12 hours for lv up inner energy and blankly looking at the screen with no way to raise gold or exp. And the payout for training is also ridiculuous. Fighting enemy only gives 1 gold. Math phobia?
Earl Freyo 2021-02-10

I\'ve had been playing this game for a couple of months now and all I can say is that the game is not fun as it seems to be. Majority of the concepts in this game are unbalanced and unsatisfying. It is utterly lack of earning gold, not everything could be purchased through gold, so it is needed to spend real money. It is still lack of guidance, lack of indicated informations, lack of english translations and lack of rewards (e.g, 7 days/monthly log in rewards). Overall this game is a downfall.
Sean Yonathan 2020-11-14

The concept of the game is good. However, the lack of proper english usage is so annoying and sometimes make us players hard to progress. Please do create a better user interface too because I can\'t even find the middle pole point. *sigh
cheevern goh 2020-10-11

This game is mainly for chinese players. Seriously the translation is terrible and there are some stuffs which should have been explained clearly. An example is getting a horse, after learning the horse riding skill yet i still need to learn physionogmy but i cant find it anywhere. The player discussion is all chinese players so there you go, just deleted this game until they fix the translation and more english players By the way if you guys want actual wuxia game, i recommend immortal taoist
tian le 2020-12-08

The language is confusing, even after I switched to Chinese simplified as a native chinese speaker, needs some sorts of walkthrough guide to reduce confounding. Good concept tho Some general tips; 1.Do not use fist, the control effect and debuff are great, but you will not get any weapons and will have half of others\' attack damage. 2. reach lv11 for auto farming XP and lv 41 for auto gold 3. 1 strength=4 attack 4. some ways to find martial arts can be found on the WXW BBS.
Nguyên Đỗ 2020-10-26

I have just played the game for like 5 mins but the Eng translation is quite poor. I think it has potential but there are many things to improve. Also, i believe that you use machine translation for Vietnamese? I can provide u better Viet translation in wuxia style if your Eng trans is better.
Keaton Chavez 2021-01-12

Great game, if you have the patience for the slow progression and confusing translation. It\'s got some very cool music and portrait art to go with the wuxia theme. Become a martial arts master! -it\'s also very hard to find clear information about the game, in game or on the internet. Part of the fun (agony) is figuring it out for yourself
Dalnim 2021-01-14

It\'s an interesting game. Have been playing for a few weeks now. The translations have improved greatly over this duration! Which means the developers actually take the criticisms seriously. It\'s not a game you can sit down and play a lot in one sitting. It\'s something you have running in the background of sorts and check in on a few times a day. There is no tutorial so take your time to explore everything the game has to offer.
Hamza Irfan 2020-12-01

Game is interesting but there are many small things which are really annoying, such as not being able tp delete some things from your inventory and then that causes the inventory to be filled up and you cannot accept the rewards for adventuring and other things. Leveling time is wayyyyy too long even for an idle game. Not enough stuff to do in the game and the things that are available are hard to find and figure out how to do as theres not in game guide that properly tells you how to access.