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Description of WWE Undefeated

Play the newest WWE mobile game featuring real-time head-to-head competition. Designed from the ground up for mobile, this multiplayer action game presents quick-session matches that blend fast arcade-style action with strategic depth of an RPG. Collect and upgrade signature moves to build up your WWE Superstar’s and Legend’s arsenal to dominate and defeat your opponents. Play as your favorite WWE Superstars and Legends, including The Rock, Roman Reigns, The Undertaker, Drew McIntyre, “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins, Kofi Kingston, and more. Experience over-the-top action with outrageous attacks, exaggerated poses, and unbelievable moves. Connect with a faction to share moves and strategies. Show the world what you’ve got on your epic quest to become the ultimate WWE Champion.


Brawl head-to-head with live opponents from around the world in real-time PvP action. This is a game where skills matter.


Collect, upgrade, and customize your WWE Superstars and Legends with a host of different wrestling signature moves and finishers. Be strategic about what moves work best together to outsmart your opponent on the main stage.


Join a faction to share wrestling moves, tips and tricks. Be connected to your own WWE community. Team up with your friends to dominate your opponents in unique alliance events. Engage in special alliance missions to earn additional rewards. Dominate the WWE Universe as a faction like no other.


Outrageous attacks. Exaggerated poses. Unbelievable moves. The action and the mayhem are larger-than-life in WWE Undefeated.


Battle your way to the top in these spectacular WWE events, such as WrestleMania, SummerSlam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, and more.


Take your WWE Superstars and Legends to fight in extraordinary and marvelous environments including the Taj Mahal, Shibuya Crossing, Easter Island, and many more.

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More Information Of WWE Undefeated

lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.6.2 Publish Date:2021-11-29 Developer:nWay Inc.

User Reviews


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Victor Bingham 2020-12-05

It\'s an alright game, I was excited for it. To me, it\'s a little better than WWE Mayhem, but there is way too many crashes. I can barely load into a match without it crashing, I tried opening a box, and it crashed, loaded the game back up, and it crashed when I was loading into a match twice. I\'m still going to try and play the game like normal, but if its possible, please fix the crashing. Its ruining the game little by little for me, and its getting hard to play with all of the crashes.
HalfShelledHero 2020-12-27

At first it was really cool. I liked the rock, paper, scissors aspect. It felt like I had a chance as long as you could do your best to anticipate which of the 3 moves your opponent would do. However, after the game had been out for a week or so I could no longer enjoy the game. It was nothing but spamming combos and, for someone who just wanted to play casually, it was impossible to enjoy. I gave it a 3 stars for the fact that it is a good game if you are super competitive.
Henry Rex 2020-12-22

Well the matchmaking is not so great, and when you start you usually fight other players with only the rock, but I think it\'s still awesome for a new game. It works just like power rangers legacy. Edit: it\'s actually better than I initially thought. And it\'s definitely not pay to win. I just hope female characters will be added
keshav kushwaha 2021-01-27

The game is good but i want two necessary updates in the game- 1) Sometimes even the match is found with the opponent the match still doesn\'t starts, it freezes in that case i want a timer of 10 secs that if the match doesn\'t start it must find another opponent. 2) Another one is to make a rematch with the same opponent after the current match gets over. If these two updates are added then the experience of the game will be very much enhanced.
Matt Hayes 2020-12-09

If you\'re into a strategy based attack game then it\'s up your alley. Although, the game feels like it takes a toll on you in order to actually move up ranks. PVP is great, but I feel adding an A.I. opponent would make it a bit more simplistic to move on in the game. On a side note, the character variety is lackluster. I\'m sure more will be added as time goes on, but with a thin character selection, the game feels deflated and stale.
Mike Lastrappe 2021-02-18

This game is full of bots. They wait till you select an attack then either dodge it if its enough time or have a counter for it. Also you attack as they get up they can special you. You try to special when you get up and it doesn\'t work. Also the moves don\'t react when you press them if your going against a bot player. Their moves have priority over yours. After 1640 points they send bots that counter every move. This game is rigged and if you decide to play it don\'t put a cent towards it
Elijah Cloud 2021-02-11

I love this game. It is my favorite wwe game to play on mobile. But recently bugs are making this game super annoying. The most annoying bug is where you go to perform a move on your opponent but you\'re performing it on the air instead as you dont have your opponent in hand and they dont take any damage or anything. There is another bug where it wont start a match even if it says \"match found,\" so I find myself having to back out of the app and go back in. There is more but I have no space. Fix.
Ian Rivera 2021-01-19

Honestly i love playing this game its a good game the graphics are better than any other game i played. The game play is simple and easy to master. But there is only one problem with this game. Some matches are laggy and sometimes it doesn\'t work probarby. But still i continue to play its a game that i play everyday and im hoping to see some more superstars in this game
Luis Verde 2021-02-26

I like the card aspect of it and there is a level of strategy you have to implement in order for you to move up in ranks. Characters look good and moves are good looking too. Giving it a 3 star though because this game still feels bare. Its definitely missing a lot more characters and a lot more moves. The other thing i dislike is the loot box mechanic. Frankly put, its pretty dumb that you have to wait a certain amount of hours just to open boxes and I feel like that is completely unnecessary.
Wesley Taylor 2021-01-17

Excellent game but plenty of room for improvement moving forward. Matches can sometimes be laggy, players unfairly matches, it can also be confusing when players are using the same characters. Points lost are greater than points gained when ranking up or down, oh yes and no match modes and no way to play CPU, unless it\'s by training. But as it\'s a newly released game I\'m sure in months and years to come, everything will be fixed with loads of modes and wrestlers to choose from.