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Download the WWE app for:

- WWE news and announcements

- The latest results from every pay-per-view, Raw, SmackDown and NXT

- WWE Superstar profiles and title histories

- Access to live event tickets and official WWE merchandise

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lable: Entertainment - Apps Current Version:50.7.1 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:WWE, Inc.

User Reviews


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Danny D 2020-06-29

This app is awesome, but with the free version it says that you need to be a WWE network subscriber in order to watch the PPV of this this year including some other PPV\'s of last year and before. I would really appreciate it if you made like all the PPV\'s and other shows for free for at least a month or two, please guys. But the overall rating deserves five stars
Balockay Bumblebeetuna 2020-07-12

I love that I can watch all the old shows I missed before I got into wrestling as a teen. However I really wish it were easier to navigate through the episodes. I gotta go to raw.. look up the year.. scroll through till the begining of the year (and sometimes they\'re jumbled up).. and then switch to smackdown and do the same thing all over again. Should be able to just search a year and it plays everything from January 1st on through. It\'d be a lot better.
Ivan Batista 2019-08-05

The new update finally makes the app feel modern. Reminds me of the Hulu update when they made an overhaul of the UI. Only complain is there should be a picture in picture feature, like YouTube, so we can watch a video while doing other things on the phones.
Sarah Stanfield 2019-06-15

I love this app. My Husband and I are big wrestling fans. His favorite is Ric Flair. I am not a fan of Flair. I love Roman Reigns. My Husband did get me into The Ultimate Warrior. \"R. I.P\" i started watching wrestling in the 90\'s. My favorite wrestler back then was Sting. And, years after that, I became a big Jeff Hardy fan. Keep up the good work on this amazing app!
Jessica Kostival 2019-04-08

WWE Network is any professional wrestling fan\'s dream come true. It is totally worth every penny. The pay per views are included in your subscription, and the first month is usually free. Anything and Everything from the Monday night wars, network series\', and pretty much every pay per view in existence. There is never a shortage on footage to watch. I will be a lifelong subscriber.
Adam Noakes 2020-07-25

Very rarely works on devices such as PS4, and I\'ve had problems using it on mobile as well. Very disappointing to pay £10 a month to use something only for if not to work correctly when you choose to use it. Very hard to contact and raise issues with the company as well, and when you make the effort to you get no response. Frustrating and poor on behalf of WWE. Only giving it 2 stars because WHEN it works it is functional.
Jason S 2020-12-22

Deleted the app. It appears they will never make it possible for Canadian subscribers to access content and fix the issue of removing the log in through tv provider. Waste of time. Don\'t bother contacting them either, you just get the same BS answer, almost a year and a half later.
Dennis Kash 2018-12-30

App used to play full screen on phone when watching a video or network show. Now all it does is stay in portrait mode even when you click the expanding arrows to make it full screen. My auto rotate is on. Will change the rating if developers fix this simple issue. It is highly frustrating to watch a video in portrait mode because it is so small.
Jimbob Squarepants 77 2020-07-14

Since the update,it continually buffers,regularly logs me out (my phone has security so this isn\'t needed,and Netflix/Prime/Disney+ doesn\'t do this!),and searching is a nightmare.I have this installed on both of my ps4\'s and my phone,and there is no memory of where I am with programming,even on the same device.This is especially infuriating when watching old ppv\'s,both finding them again,and then slowly \"fast forwarding\" through them.If I access another app on my phone, the show restarts. Poor.
Matthew Patterson 2019-02-02

The modern day equivalence of theatre in the round at your fingertips. The myths and legends of our era are available wherever you get a signal. The genius of Vince Macmahon\'s vision on tap 24/7, this app is absolutely amazing especially for a die hard WWE fan like me, a one stop shop for new spectacles such as NXT, or one can even take a nostalgia journey to early 90\'s WCW/ECW/WWE. I love wrestling especially WWE so I love this app