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Description of XC Analytics

XC Analytics is a tool designed to debrief flights, analyze performances, and easily identify weaknesses and strengths, be it for you or for any IGC track. It is based on the team's knowledge of free flying at the highest level for several years.

The aim is to allow any paragliding, hang gliding, and sailplane pilot to identify the key components of his flying technique, based on the tracks recorded by his ad-hoc device.

It means the pilot will access:

- A representation of his flight, with the optimized circuit related to his track log

- A set of more than 40 statistics that regroup most of the parameters related to free flying performance

- More than 30 dedicated charts to analyze and spot, in the blink of an eye, how to improve his free flying technique

- The ability to compare those characteristics with other pilots

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More Information Of XC Analytics

lable: Sports - Apps Current Version:1.3.5 Publish Date:2021-06-01 Developer:XC Analytics

User Reviews


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Christian von Essen 2020-05-11

Great app! I gained a lot of insights into my glider\'s performance, what I do well and what I need to improve.
Oleg Pryadko 2020-10-10

Makes an annoying sound that can\'t be turned off if the track log is not perfect, and does not seem to provide much useful info besides a graph and a map, at least for the short flights I tested it with.
denis buckley 2020-11-14

This is an excellent tool for debriefing my own flights and to learn from the experts (igc\'s on xcontest). Lots of useful flight statistics plus multiple charts that parse the flight in various interesting ways. Digs much deeper than an ayvri replay ;). I\'ll be learning how to apply this powerful tool over time as I analyse each future flight. Really user friendly UI. Just what I\'ve been looking for to lift my game (PG). The developer is still improving so check for updates. Great work Martin!
Grant Smith 2020-06-10

I\'ve updated this review thanks to the excellent support by the development team. Tracklogs can take a little long to load but once they do the app gives some excellent and very useful flight information.