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Xe – Currency Converter & Global Money Transfers

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Description of Xe – Currency Converter & Global Money Transfers

Sending money to another country? With the new Xe app, you can do it in one quick process. Check live mid-market rates in the Currency Converter, receive our send rate when transferring money overseas and track your money transfer. No need to waste time anywhere else.

Check Live Mid-Market Rates

● Live rates – Get live mid-market rates for global currencies and know that they’re accurate to the minute when you check the Xe Currency Converter.

● Send rate for your transfer – No need to shop around with the banks or wire transfers. Our send rate lets you know the rate of exchange you'll receive when sending your money with Xe, before you make your transfer.

Send International Money Transfers to 130+ Countries

● Get started in minutes – Creating a money transfer account using our app is a simple process.

● Quick quote & send – Once you’ve checked the mid-market rate, you can move straight to converting your currency to transfer at our send rate.

● Money transfer tracking – You’ll always know where your money is, from the moment you confirm your transfer to when we send it out.

● Add recipients – Easily add unlimited recipients for international money transfers.

● Send money on the go – You can send money whenever you like. Need a minute? You can also exit your transfer and easily pick up where you left off later on.

Track Your Currencies

● Comprehensive currency charts – Check the status of your chosen currencies today and anytime within the last 10 years with Xe’s currency charts and historical data.

● Rate Alerts – Tired of checking the Currency Converter? We’ll watch the currency markets for you. Set alerts for your chosen currency pairs, and we’ll tell you when your target mid-market rate is live.

Whether you’re looking to check the exchange rates, send an international money transfer or research the currency markets, you’ve come to the right place. The Xe app is your destination for all of your money transfer and currency exchange needs.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-14 Developer:XE.com Inc.

User Reviews


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terrence gordon 2020-12-13

This was a 5-star app that I used almost daily and loved for about 10 years. Someone decided to monetize it, and use it to send money internationally.. They\'ve been f-ing it up now for several months and it\'s gotten slower and slower to use. The converter is completely locked-out now and totally useless. Stuck in send $$ mode. Sorry, but it\'s time to move on. I wouldn\'t trust them to send a nickle, and will stick w/ R.I.A. thanks... bye.
David Leek 2020-12-09

As a long time user, I\'m disappointed with the recent update. Advertising now blocks key parts of the app and makes it very difficult to use. I understand that ad revenue is important but more testing and consideration was needed before this latest update was rolled out. I\'ll be using an alternative solution until this issue is resolved. In the meantime, my thanks to the developer for a previously excellent service.
Paul Bernardes 2020-11-07

This app was amazing before the update. Proper 5 star stuff. Intuitive to use, fast and just the right amount of detail. The new app is a shadow of it\'s former self. It\'s slow to open, painful to find the currencies I use regularly, the charting has lost detail and it all looks looks old fashioned and blocky. Bring back the old app - I can see literally no improvement at all in this version. I\'ll even pay for the old version if you want!
Steve Jang 2020-03-18

Another great mobile based finance app. Another great featured XE service should be that an account can send, receive, convert and hold multiple currencies; by eliminating the calculations, such as a AR/AP team can rapidly replenish the account( exchange rate and payment periods varies by international vendors and clients including discount/credit)
Phillip Tang 2020-12-22

Wow. I used to love this app and I need something like it daily. The money converter now feels like treacle. You can no longer multiply by a decimal point, so you can\'t work out a discount, for example, which is especially useful when overseas. I used to use this app as my main calculator also, but that\'s no longer viable. I put up with all kinds of updates over the years that have bogged down the XE app, but this one\'s really helped out its competitors. Even a speed improvement won\'t be enough.
Niall Humphreys 2021-01-15

Like so many others have written, the latest update has ruined what was a really nice, useful app. Horrid UI, too much tapping required (especially to close the app). But sadly, even with all the negative feedback, it looks like they won\'t be going back to the old version, although I have no idea why because the new version seemingly offers nothing more than worse functionality and appearance. Very disappointing.
Joaquim Barros 2021-01-16

I have been using this app for many years and was very happy with it. Loved the old version, like many of the people mentioned, in Jan 2021, the software updated without permission, which I wasnt happy about! I hate hate hate the new updated version. It keeps stalling, to check the rate of the currency I need to press on the currency im using which always takes me to \'add cureency\'😡😡 too many things to press just to check the rate of the desired currency. Go back to the older version!!
Troy Luff 2020-12-18

What have the developers done! This app went from a very simple and helpful app to an absolute disaster! Aa many have said, there are so many reasons why this was a horrible update! When you go to charts, it used to be where you left it last visit, now it keeps going back to monthly! Even to close the app I have to press the back button over and over and over! The interface is ugly, it\'s not the simple converter anymore. This update is forcing me to delete and find a new one!
David Scott 2021-01-26

Pressured from within the old app to upgrade over many weeks, so finally gave in. Instantly regretted it. What was a simple go-to app I used at least 10 times a day has now become harder to look at and more cumbersome. The screen is virtually all white. None of the colour contrast from the earlier version. If you are lucky enough to have not \"upgraded\" yet, don\'t do it. To the developers, have a second look at the simplicity of your previous version. This new version is far less appealing.
Julia Antonova 2020-11-22

New version is a ckmplete mess. It was an absolutely amazing app for many years. I have used it for very long, one of my most important apps for travel. I used it dozens of times a day. The new release is a disaster, I am sorry to say. It keeps on \"pushing\" me to the money transfer option, while all I need is a converter. I can hardly figure out how to use regular converter anymore, and it\'s so damn slow - I think ot\'s the slowest app on my phone. Can I have back an old version? I