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Description of Xerox® Workplace


The Xerox® Workplace mobile app enables simple local printing and scanning with your Xerox MFP. When used in conjunction with Xerox® Workplace Cloud / Suite (www.Xerox.com/mobile), it further allows users to connect in a controlled secure way from any anywhere, to any device over any network (without direct printer connection.)


-Add and connect to a printer by simply scanning the printer specific QR Code or using NFC to tap on NFC-enabled MFP

-Open documents directly from this app for easy print and preview

- Use the camera function to capture a picture and then print it

-Select print options such as 1-Sided/ 2-Sided, color/ black-white, stapled, paper-size, page range, and Secure Print pin (for direct print only)

-Print directly from other applications such as Dropbox, Google Drive and more

-Integrated Public/Hot Spot printing

-Scan documents from your MFP wirelessly from within the app

Additional Features when used with Xerox Workplace Suite or Cloud

- Controlled and secure user permissions with mobile app user account log in

- Unlock supported Xerox Printers, using the mobile app instead of a card (unlock code or NFC)

- Print to Xerox, Fuji Xerox and non-Xerox including HP, Ricoh, Epson, Canon and others’ network print devices

- Print MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, email, text, Open Office and various image formats

- Use GPS to find locations and available printers

- View the currently selected printer status

- Print documents immediately or upload them securely for release later at any licensed printer (pull print)

- Job accounting support

- Capability to integrate with a single release queue including jobs sent from desktop PC, MAC and Chrome book

- View all waiting pull print jobs to release at any printer from your mobile device

Feature availability depends on Xerox Workplace solution Mobile Print solution version and Administrator configuration


1.) Obtain your Company Code information for your Xerox® Workplace Solution from your administrator

2.) Download and install Xerox® Workplace App

3.) Register & Login to Xerox® Workplace using your Company Code and Credentials

4.) Browse your Mobile Device and open a document to print

5.) Select “Open In…” using Workplace to Upload, Preview & Print your Documents*

6.) Select an available printer, printer options and release your document

*Actual names and availability of menu commands may vary across mobile platforms.

Visit www.xerox.com/mobile for more information on Xerox Mobile Solutions

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More Information Of Xerox® Workplace

lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2021-11-06 Developer:Xerox Corporation

User Reviews


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Gio T 2020-02-08

Can no longer print locally to WorkCentre 3215 from Pixel 3 running latest version of stock Android (10). Used to use Xerox Print Service just fine, now that doesn\'t work and says the printer is no longer a supported model and to use this app instead. But when you try in this app it just says you must login first. I don\'t have an account to log into, and shouldn\'t need one. I want to print locally to my WorkCentre 3215 from my phone which used to work fine. Others having the same issue as well.
mohammed rafi 2016-04-20

Good Good
Maud Lewden - soprano 2020-05-13

It doesn\'t print more than one job a day, a lot of pdf aren\'t printed. I\'ve been trying to print again and again and again and everyday, one document works all the rest says 《completed》 but never anything goes out of the printer. It is impossible ...
Jared Geuther 2016-01-23

wont find my xerox 6360..lmao, hammermills mobile print app found and prints to the xerox though. I love it when a company can\'t get their stuff right, but another company does it flawlessly. This is why I quit working for xerox and went to canon.
fish the boss 2019-08-25

This is a fairly easy app to use. It would be nice if I could print from the application like PDF viewer or word or email instead of having to download it and then link to it in this app. But still it\'s an easy and great way to print using my phone.
Chad McKinney 2020-01-04

Works quite well once you figure out how to use it. Took me a few printing tries from my mobile device to get the hang of it. It\'s extremely beneficial now.
John Paul 2020-07-22

This App does not work well with other Apps. It does work well by taking a screen shot and printing from my Gallery from my phone. The App stops working at all every couple of weeks. A quick uninstall and reinstall fixes it every time. Same with my laptop. I get a \"stack error\" printed on a blank sheet of paper. A reinstall fixed the wireless link.
sheydreams76 2020-12-09

I really wish my work would\'ve picked another printer company to do business with. Xerox has been nothing but headaches. Can never get it to print from our phones so unfortunately we spend a lot of time emailing docs. I have installed all the apps trying. HORRIBLE!
Ovidiu Sirghie 2020-05-14

Doesn\'t work for phaser 3020. Ofcorse, the answer will be this printer is not on the list of compatible models, but why xerox is selling this printers without offering the proper support?
Frank S. 2016-11-22

Unsupported device Doesn\'t even work with Xerox printers. Why bother?