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Description of XOXO - Chat & Make New Friends



This inclusive dating app for open-minded people left behind the suffocating gender-age-sexuality-body type filters for a gamified experience of getting to know others through their personalities.

A social network and a game as much as a dating app, XOXO is about meeting not just who YOU thought you would like but who WE think you might like.

Look deep into your mind and heart through a quiz. Discover yourself through a cute virtual totem that helps people see you from new angles. Use our estimate of your mental age as a different way to describe yourself. Get to know people of all backgrounds, genders, sexualities, and appearances that you connect on another level with. Customize and take care of your totem. Become a part of the community in chats assembled by personality type. Play through our challenges, show off your achievements. Build new experiences at the intersection of romance, sex, friendship, and camaraderie.


We do not intend filtration settings for your feed by gender, sexuality, age, or otherwise, so you could meet more people that we think you might like.


A cute avatar suggested by our quiz represents your personality type, letting other people get to know you from new angles. Your totem’s health is fueled by your swiping, messaging, and liking activity on the app.


We ballpark your “mental age” as part of the quiz—don’t you think that could be an interesting description point?


There is no traditional button for rejecting people—as we could all do with a little bit less explicit negativity in our lives.


A track of individual tasks rewarded with XP gains and badges helps you familiarize yourself with both the community and the environment.


Our “totally scientific” onboarding quiz looks deep into your mind and heart so you could discover yourself and meet more people like you.


Spaces of acceptance and understanding for folks with similar temperaments and personalities.

XoXo’s Privacy Policy: https://www.xoxo-app.com/pp.html

XoXo’s Terms of Use: https://www.xoxo-app.com/terms.html

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lable: Dating - Apps Current Version:4.3.1 Publish Date:2021-11-16 Developer:DMM SOLUTIONS INC.

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Kerry Hawkins 2020-08-17

Unable to delete account. After setting up my account, the app automatically sent a hello message to 10 users that I didn\'t even select. They were all completely the opposite to what I look for and most were in different countries too. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and started scrolling and after almost 100 swipe to the left (not interested), there was not one person who was remotely attractive (in my opinion). So I went to delete my account, however there is no option to do this!! 😡
Michael Atzbach 2021-01-01

This app is garbage. I have verified that almost every profile is fake by doing a reverse image search. If I am able to verify these fake accounts, why isn\'t customer support able to do so? Probably because they don\'t care. They just want users. Don\'t pay for premium. It\'s a waste of money and this app is a waste of time. However, I do enjoy how desperate scammers have become. It\'s hilarious.
Sofija CasinoLike 2020-09-04

Cheer 💘 anyone checked this app? Why there is such hemorrhoids with constant advertising? 😖😖 App is weak, as far as I understood, this is just a unmodified copy of the original site likevirt ⚫️ com , only likevirt has a bunch of photos and all real users, a huge selection of sweethearts and also there is plenty things 🔞. Just for the pleasure sign in, have fun😍💋! If you have liked keep liking it! 👍💪
william miller 2020-08-31

DO NOT DOWNLOAD almost every profile is a fake, there is a pay wall to send messages without a delay in the event you find an actual human. You must be a paying subscriber to use the app, which again is funny because all the profiles are fake robots. All in all the whole application is designed to take your money and not really offer you anything for it.
Daza Blanton 2020-07-05

Nothing but scammers! I\'ve seen and taken screenshots of three different people using the exact same photo. Plus the second you start any chat, they want to direct you to another app to talk (ENORMOUS RED FLAG), but most importantly, a dating app should be for real people. There are so many people who have profile pictures that are obviously stolen from somewhere else. I think these scammers should have their hands removed for trying to get a financial gain off of people just trying to find love
D\'von Antonio 2020-10-12

Absolutely trash app. No help or support. Just a bot that they send you to in your inbox. Constantly bombarded with spam messages. There isn\'t even an option to delete your account. They literally have nothing in the app to remove your account if you want to. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GARBAGE.
Maria Rodriguez 2019-01-28

don\'t waste your time on this I can\'t even delete my account now
Isaac Dursteler 2020-04-15

The app is more or less a dumpster fire. The phone default back button doesn\'t always work. The filter for things like age doesn\'t even work. The location setting doesn\'t even adjust where you see people from. The app needs a lot of work and definitely could use some sort of moderation system because I can confirm that at least 80% of the profiles I saw were fake or just there to fill empty space. Bad app
Lan Landlers 2020-07-02

The only thing amazing with this app are its amount of bots. I am not sure if there is a single real person active in the app. Give that all those bots have very specific locations close to me I start thinking that those bots are created by the creators themselves. Given that we pay money for this app, this seems like a gross violation and I\'m considering legal steps to prevent more people into falling into this trap.
Jackie Ann Allam 2020-06-22

Most complete and utter rubbish dating app. Zero stars! Before you start using the app it forces you to send a message to \"all nearby\" But then even with a subscription, you can\'t message for free after that. And even if you\'ve set a filter, you have people from all over the world sending likes. Not to mention the pricing is outrageous. Wow