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Yachty Dice Game 🎲 – Yatzy Free



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Description of Yachty Dice Game 🎲 – Yatzy Free

Yachty Dice Games

Yatzy is a free board dice games. A multiplayer that you can play with bubbies and fun offline game you can play anywhere. Yachty is a classic time killer for you and fantastic family pastime. People call it yatzy, yachty, yahtzy, yatzie, poker dice or any other way but be sure that this is the one dice game you and your buddies like!

If you are not familiare with classic yachty dice game, don't worry! Get ready to have fun in the world of this classic board and addictive yachty free game. The rules are simple and clear. You will learn how to play yatzy easily and will be able to tell your friends and family how to play.

Yatzy is the dice games where players should score as many points as possible, by throwing combinations of dice. There are only 13 rounds in the game and you should fill in all 13 combinations. This dice game is also called poker dice. Here, in the game 5 identical dice is the best combination which is called Yazty. There are a number of combinations such as Full house, Three of a Kind, Four of a Kind, Small Straight, Large Straight. If you re-throw Yatzy, Joke Rule will be activated and you will get a bonus and could write every combination. You can find full details on our website, dedicated to our fun and addictive dice game.

Let’s play Yachty free!

- Pass your time with Yachty if you are bored and alone, train for being the best dice roller

- Challenge your friends and family, activate online multiplayer mode and enjoy classic free yatzy

- Choose your opponent according to your level

- Roll and play regular yachty tournaments

- Score prizes and gets super bonuses every hour!

Play this best classic free dice game everywhere! Enjoy yatzy yourself, get fun with family and friends, be the king of yachty

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lable: Board - Games Current Version:1.2.10 Publish Date:2022-06-11 Developer:fabros

User Reviews


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Lyrical Wordstar 2020-01-03

Built up over 1200 rolls & 4 million coins and can\'t access tournament\'s any more, only single player mode. Constantly get error message re my internet connection which is working perfectly fine. Hopefully the American Yahtzy app I\'ve found to play instead will keep going. Feel like I\'ve wasted a lot of time with this one for coins and rolls I can\'t now use.
Deanna Newcomb 2020-08-28

Every time it updates my score resets and I lose the extra rolls I purchased which basically means they\'re stealing my money. Do not install unless you want to have your money taken.
Lisa Hunt 2017-08-04

SO MANY PROBLEMS WITH THIS GAME. Now my 2.5 million chips are gone (not by my hand, overnight) along with all 1500 extra rolls that *I* earned. My win % was 56 too. Get it together.
Jessica Urena 2019-12-22

The game isn\'t working. The opponent never plays. I\'ve updated the app & I\'ve tried uninstalling it & installing again and it\'s not working!
KiKi RikerKiKi 2019-12-22

I love this game, but technical issues dragged down my rating. The sound & graphics are awesome. Very realistic. I particularly enjoyed the multiplayer option - until that feature inexplicably crashed - and not recovered. I select multiplayer game, am assigned a random opponent. Then no move by the opponent. Nothing until the board screen disappears into the main menu. It\'s not my issue. Wifi connected and strong. Three different devices. Uninstall/reinstall. Reboot. Nothing.
Karen Bachman 2019-09-02

Used to be 5*, but twice recently the game wouldnt let me select a category when i had a winning hand. It timed out and gave me a score of zero. Either someone has figured out a hack to \"steal\" the game away, or the game programming had new bugs! Not cool!
Adam Jones 2018-02-04

I downloaded an earlier version of Yatzee and it was super fun to play. I was then asked to update to the \"Yatzee dice.\" The new version has constant ads and they block the gaming screen. The game is at a point for me where it\'s more of a hassle to play than ever before. I hate the ads in their current locations. I do understand they are a necessary evil to keep games such as these free, but it defeats the purpose of game play if one cannot see the game board. 1 star rating.
Jan Boland 2017-12-31

I love the game. Couple of criticisms, on occasions the same numbers keep rolling out time after time especially when you\'re needing a different number, it doesn\'t seem to be random. Also you can almost be guaranteed if you need a certain number on your last spin, you won\'t get any of them. Sorry but have taken one star away because of this 😔
Jeremy C 2020-11-05

Ads aside it\'s fun and free.
David Doerr 2018-03-16

Ads, rolls are staged