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Yahoo Mail – Organized Email

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Description of Yahoo Mail – Organized Email

Thanks for checking out the Yahoo Mail app—the best email app to organize your Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, AOL, AT&T and Yahoo mailboxes. Whether you need a clutter-free mailbox, added customization, different views for deals, and attachments, or even more storage, we’ve got you covered.

Favorite features:

Use any email address

Don’t make your other inboxes jelly. Add your Gmail, Outlook or AOL account and keep everything in one place. Custom settings, colors and notifications make it a breeze to keep your accounts separate.


Go forth and unsubscribe from the spam and junk mail you don’t want to see in your inbox. Yahoo Mail shows all the mailing lists you're subscribed to on one screen and makes it easy to opt-out in one tap.

Today view

Rain or shine, you’re one tap away from what’s happening. Find weather and news highlights right from your email app.

Attachments view

Looking for that one doc from that one person? Or, a photo from brunch three Sundays ago? Don’t panic, It’s right here. See all of your photos and files attachments in one easy view.


Your inbox, your vibe. Customize the bottom nav bar with the folders and views you care about most. Then, pick custom sounds, themes, swipes to add your own flavor and unboring your inbox.

Travel view

Travel stress-free. This view keeps all of your flight information in one organized spot. Smart Updates, from gate changes to delays and cancellations, will instantly appear in the app, so once you check in—you can check waaaaaay out.

Deals view

Expires today? Challenge accepted. See the deals from your inbox in one quick view or enable location permissions to see a map of deals near you and get notified in real-time as you walk into your favorite stores.

Groceries view

Win at groceries, every time. Add your grocery store loyalty cards to save coupons that will automatically get applied at checkout.

People view

Only see emails from your favorite people. Ignore the robots.

Sounds + notifications

Choose from several categories of notifications, custom sound alerts and visual settings—so, you get the reminders you need. And none you don’t.


Features high contrast themes, dynamic text resizing, and optimized for use with VoiceOver screen readers. Plus, folders at the bottom of the Inbox allow assistive technology users to navigate with less effort.

1000 GB storage

You can’t see your whole world without room to roam. Download the app and you’ll never have to delete memories to get your mail again.

Yahoo Mail Plus

Get ad-free mail, extra organization and privacy features, and 24/7 tech support across your Android mobile devices.

+ Available as an in-app purchase at $1.99/month

+ Subscription will auto-renew each month or year within 24 hours of your renewal date

+ Manage or cancel your subscription via Account Settings

Terms of service: https://policies.yahoo.com/us/en/yahoo/terms/product-atos/comms-mailadfree/index.htm

Privacy policy: https://policies.yahoo.com/us/en/yahoo/privacy/products/mail/index.htm

Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see www.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more information. You may also visit Settings in the app to opt-out of Nielsen measurement.

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lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-11-26 Developer:Yahoo

User Reviews


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Michele Carlzen 2020-12-23

Horrible email!!! They make ads constantly pop up and then try to make you buy their ad free version. They DON\'T have customer service at all, so you have to figure out everything on your own. It is extremely slow when loading emails, AND it does not deliver all of the them, and the ones it does deliver are delayed, coming days later frequently. I would never recommend this email! Too bad, because it used to be good.
Sara E 2021-01-05

I\'ve had this email for years & this is the first time I\'ve debated leaving them. It would be a huge pain, as I use this email address for everything! But would be worth it to get rid of the annoying ads! Other email services don\'t make ads pop up in the middle of your email list. Also, when I open emails, I can\'t scroll down on most of them. Yahoo has gotten pretty bad, I wouldn\'t recommend it to anyone! I plan to drop them as soon as I update everyone with my new email address.
H D 2021-02-14

It worked well until December. I have deleted and reinstalled once a month to be able to see my email in the app. Works fine on the internet. When the app works it is more convenient than Gmail or the native app on my phone. But when it doesn\'t, and I have to reinstall it... because it doesn\'t update?....then I wonder if Gmail would be a better option for my android phone.
Suzanne F 2021-02-10

UPDATE: From 1* to 5! All back to normal! Thank u so much😁!LOVE IT AGAIN! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ From 5 to 1* I have loved this email app since I had it, always worked fine for me, prefered it over my gmail, so I get my gmail on here.. but.. all of a sudden, when I press a link in an email - like \'view comment\' on facebook, -it has stopped opening up in the external app and goes to an internal browser, HOW DO I SWITCH THIS OFF??!! I\'ve spent hours trying, its annoying!! I just want it back to normal..😫
Ruth B. Evans 2021-02-27

I like the People feature, which allows you skip past the ads to emails from real people. Also the fact that you can create new folders, which you can\'t do in Gmail (as far as I can find). Update: the People feature has gone away, unfortunately, so I just subtracted a star. If you bring it back, I will restore the 5th star. Update: Thanks! I do like the People feature because my Inbox gets crammed with ads due to rampant selling of personal data. I really need features to help clean it out.
Laura Albanese 2020-12-21

Find this app so frustrating. Always buggy. Latest bugs: can\'t scroll to end of an email, it gets stuck and I have to exit and re-enter the emai in order for it to workl. And also, various emails disappear from the inbox. They can be found using the search function, but can\'t be seen when scrolling through the inbox. Can\'t understand why it is so hard to get a mail app to work??
A Google user 2021-01-17

The Yahoo team are always looking to improve and do respond well to criticism. I complained about not receiving notifications after an update a few months ago. They have fixed this bug now in the latest update and the app works perfectly again. Thanks, Yahoo.
David Lewis 2020-12-27

Been using Yahoo Mail App for years without any issues, until today (25 Dec 20). Today I had an alert saying my previous password was compromised, so using my PC, I reset it and made it longer. I go to the App to reenter the new password, and it says that the password has to be 16 characters or less. My new password is much longer. I understand the need for limits but at least make that limit universal across all platforms. update: still can\'t get in on phone because of this problem.
Deanna Pena 2021-01-16

This app sucks more after the last update!! Y\'all are supposed to make things better for the end user but instead they\'re constantly worse!! With your latest disaster I\'m no longer directed to the app I have installed on my phone from emails I\'m directed to a web browser. Why? Sure I can close your POS app and open the one I was directed to prior to your update but users shouldn\'t have to do that. Whomever took over at your company has ROYALLY screwed up what used to be a great app!!
Cath NZ 2021-01-02

Used to be ok. The ads are annoying, but I suppose it\'s part of a free service. What really gets to me is half the time I can\'t scroll down to the bottom of an email, so either can\'t finish reading it or unsubscribe. It then flicks to the next email. Also, if I click on an email notification, it doesn\'t open that email, it just opens whatever I opened previously. Edit: OK dropping to one star. I now have to force the Yahoo Mail app to shut before I can open it to look at any new emails.