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Description of Yammer

The Yammer mobile app helps you stay connected from anywhere - driving employee engagement and participation across the entire company like nothing else can.

Yammer helps you connect with leaders and peers, share and discover knowledge and engage in org-wide communities that matter to you.

Yammer for Android keeps you informed and in touch while on the go to:

Engage with Leadership:

Yammer app enables leaders and employees to engage and co-create company culture.

You can watch and participate in Live Events, Townhalls, All-hands videos and to stay aligned with what’s top of mind for leadership.

Share Knowledge

Ask questions, share knowledge and feedback, crowdsource ideas using org-wide communities

Build community

Discover and participate in org-wide communities to connect with colleagues with similar interests and skillsets

Stay connected

with Yammer for Android you're just a tap away from leadership, coworkers, information and conversations whether you are in office or on the go.

Rich intuitive mobile experience

Yammer enables you to engage on mobile in a way that is intuitive on Android. Share photos and videos with your colleagues, respond with a quick GIF to welcome a new employee or praise someone.

Get interactive notifications that are tuned to the right amount of information you need. Access these notifications from your lock screen.

Get access to early versions of Yammer! Join the Yammer Beta program by visiting:


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lable: Business - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2022-01-11 Developer:Yammer, Inc.

User Reviews


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Thomas England 2020-09-08

This used to be a decent if slightly slow app, however, a couple of months ago someone on the design team decided that there shouldn\'t be a way of seeing your feed in chronological order. Now it is sorted in what appears to be random (although it is presumably involves some sort of clearly rubbish algorithm) that has literally never shown me something useful. If I want to see the latest message I now need to go through each \"community\" individually. Or I just use the website. Frustrating.
Rio艾維 2020-09-13

Used to work, until last week. Updated the app today and error message still persists. (9-12-2020) the developer team reached out after my grumpy 1-star review and offered to look into the issue. After I provided some info as they requested, they suggested some possible fixes. I tried the easiest one first, logged out of Yammer then logged back in. This was the solution to my problem of the past several months. I am very happy with the customer services I received. Well done!
Lexer_ 2020-03-15

It is supposed to be an app where you can communicate with your team but the notifications are not working, I have to enter the app and manually browse to see what my team posted and sometimes its too late.
Shazad Ali 2020-03-11

No continuity with the desktop version. Notifications aren\'t cleared if you read them on the desktop version. Conversations that you do read take a while to be cleared from the notifications. CANNOT unfollow or hide an ongoing conversation! MS are quick to shout about UI improvements but the basics aren\'t even there.
Simon Says 2020-02-22

Recently when pressing onto a subject into stream it now goes back to top of the stream instead of going back to the subject I was on. Now I have to scroll all the way down to the next post I want to read . Please fix. Thank you
Anthony Serrano 2021-01-19

\"An error has occured, please try again in a little while\". ....... This error message is pointless. Just tell me when it\'s going to work again or when to try again. Numerous attempts and same error. The error should just be changed to \"keep trying, maybe it\'ll work maybe it won\'t but don\'t stop trying until your thumb falls off\". This error message is just as effective but more informative. Seriously though, stop sending me alerts about new Yammer messages if it\'s not going to let me read.
Robin Beadle 2020-05-15

Yammer generally works well for our organisation and on the whole has been very beneficial in my opinion. I find there is some functionality available on the website that is missing from the app. Only minor things, but for example I can\'t seem to cut and paste text from posts using the app, and I might want to do this if a colleague has posted something I want to act on that needs to be transferred to my calendar. Also when writing a post I don\'t appear to be able to \"add additional people\" to be notified in the same way I can on the website. Another observation regards Yammer generally is I have quite often found the search function to be lacking, and have had difficulty finding documents for example using search.
Marcus Ferguson 2020-04-08

Very frustrating - the latest version of Yammer (Android, Apple & Windows Apps and web version) are refusing non-Microsoft account logins. Most people in my organisation are using Yammer to stay connected through the COVID-19 lockdown, but since the beginning of April, when attempting to login the system takes you to a Microsoft login screen where you are informed that the username is incorrect. We are not an Office365 organisation, so while staff have Yammer accounts through their work email, they do not have Microsoft accounts, so the requirement to sign in to a Microsoft account prevents access to Yammer. We have discovered a work around for the web version wherein signing up for a new Yammer account with your existing email address sends an email with a link to reset your password, which then logs in to Yammer, but this process has to be followed everytime you need to login again, and means that none of the App versions can be used. We\'ve queried our IT team about this, but their response is Yammer is a cloud-based system and therefore out of their control. Can someone from Microsoft please look into this as a priority so all organisations who are trying to maintain a degree of connectivity for staff working from home can continue to use Yammer as one of their tools.
Maxine Evans 2020-06-08

This app was working well but since the update, the new message number by groups doesn\'t clear when I\'ve read the messages! I get to the bottom and it\'s saying all read with the green tick but the number is still being displayed! Please can you fix this. I\'ve tried clearing the cache and data but it\'s still happening. Thank you.
Darija Tadin-Đurović 2020-11-25

There\'s an option to mark a conversation READ but some conversations keep reporting unread messages no matter what. Some of those messages won\'t even load and there\'s no way to work around this. It\'s very, very annoying. When I want to tag a person, EVERYONE with the same name and family name is in the drop-down, even if I go about it by entering their email address (which is always unique). I sure would not be using Yammer in any form or shape (web, Android, Teams) if I had any choice in this.